My favoriter TV shows英语作文

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My favoriter TV shows英语作文

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My favoriter TV shows英语作文

  I guess everyone are all have your favoriter TV shows,today, i want to discussion my favoriter TV shows. I like watching news,although they're boring for someone i know,i think they are interesting ,because we can learn some information around the world and learn some important things ,so i hope everyone can try to watch them every weekends.And i like watching comedy shows,about "Jia you er nv",it brings the happiness for me,so i think it fun .Also ,i plan to watch a sports show tonight,because i like it too,and we can learn some exercise ways,so we can get stronger and stronger. However ,i have a dislike shows,i don't like watching game shows,i think they are really boring,so i can't stand them. How about you?What your favorite TV shows?Please share your favorite shows with me.I expect your answer.

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