This is my winter life英语作文

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This is my winter life英语作文

  在现实生活或工作学习中,大家对作文都再熟悉不过了吧,作文要求篇章结构完整,一定要避免无结尾作文的.出现。那么一般作文是怎么写的呢?以下是小编为大家整理的This is my winter life英语作文,希望能够帮助到大家。

This is my winter life英语作文

  After a semester of hard, finally put the winter. Although the winter vacation for children put the winter is especially good, but, winter vacation homework is not run away, this can let a person very distressed!

  A copy of a copy of a work, it almost makes me collapse; however, there are still many interesting happened during the Spring Festival.

  The Spring Festival, my new year together with their parents; second, my aunt came, sister brother sisters are coming. Aunts one by one all give me lucky money, lucky money although many, but are due to my mother.

  After the Spring Festival, I started my study life, although hard, but can finish my own dream! Do not feel very tired, but feel very good, particularly interesting, especially full.

  Winter will soon be over, a new term will begin, learning more tight. I have to work harder to learn!

  The Spring Festival, I play very happy. Especially full, especially interesting!

  The winter vacation I also feel very happy, especially full, especially interesting!

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