Changes in My Hometown作文

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Changes in My Hometown作文

  无论是身处学校还是步入社会,大家总少不了接触作文吧,借助作文人们可以反映客观事物、表达思想感情、传递知识信息。那么你有了解过作文吗?以下是小编为大家收集的Changes in My Hometown作文,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。

Changes in My Hometown作文

  My home town is in the center of Xuzhou which was a quiet and beautiful place. In the past, there were many animals. They were lovely and nice. The air was fresh and there were many birds fly in the sky.


  Over the past years, it has changed a lot. At the present, it becomes a modern town and develops a lot. Now, the people in Xuzhou are richer than before, so most of people go to work by bus or by underground. Sometimes, they also drive their private cars to work. Many people sell out their old houses and move into new flats.


  In some ways, the development has brought some good things, but it has also causes much environment pollution. I think we should take action to reduce the pollution.


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