My school life英语作文

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★My school life英语作文

  在平平淡淡的`日常中,大家都尝试过写作文吧,作文要求篇章结构完整,一定要避免无结尾作文的出现。那么你知道一篇好的作文该怎么写吗?以下是小编帮大家整理的My school life英语作文,欢迎大家分享。

★My school life英语作文

My school life英语作文1

  I think my school life is very colorful. Every day, I go to school to have classes with my classmates and dear teachers. I like be there with them.

  Not only have I learned knowledge, but also share the happiness together.

  In the spare time ,we also do some sports games. I enjoy my school life very much.

My school life英语作文2

  My school life is colourful.

  Every day,I have eight classes. I can learn Chinese, Maths, English, P.E. and so on. All the classes are interesting and my teachers are all very kind. I can learn a lot from them.

  During the break, I can play with my classmates. They are friendly. If I have some problems, they will help me. I really enjoy my school life.

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