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大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students英语作文

大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students英语作文

大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students英语作文

作者/编辑:佚名 英语作文
  [大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students英语作文]

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大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students

Nowadays,social practice has been brought to great concern among colleges anduniversities increasingly. During summer or winter holiday, college studentsare encouraged and organized to participate in all kinds of social practiceactivities, such as part-time jobs, volunteering teaching and fieldwork.


大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students英语作文


Thereis no doubt that students can benefit a lot from social practice activities.First, they are provided with more chances and opportunities to contact withour real society and broaden their horizon. Second, it is a good chance forthem to apply their theory knowledge to practice and improve their ability. Third,students can enjoy the happiness of work and realize their value.


However,there are also some things needed to be noticed in the process of taking partin social practice activities. For example, students should take care ofthemselves well and interchange labor and repose during the work. In addition,they should not ignore their studies when they are working.


贝克汉姆造访同济大学发生踩踏事故 致多人受伤Beckham Visited Tongji University Causing Stampede Accident

Beckham visit Tongji University on June 20th. He is scheduled to Tongji Universityplayground to interact with Tongji team and Shen Xin youth team. However, thescene has been out of control before it starts because there are huge crowds offans there, some climb trees, some turn on the wall, and the guards maintainorder hand in hand. As the onlookers at the scene are too excited, there happensstampede. Students, staff and police are injured to varying degrees. As aresult, the activity is forced to cancel. David Beckham arriving there to left isless than five minutes. According to reports, there are at least five or sixpeople injured.


David Beckham arrives at the scene, with great popularity.The reporter at the scene sees the scene is packed with fans and audience. Thereare about a thousand people. Many people climb to the top of the building towatch, or climb over the wall to the stadium. The scene is out of control.


David Beckhamresponds to the iccident through Xinlang blog in4:39 p.m. I had an incredible response from everyone at Shanghai TongjiUniversity today; sorry I couldn't get out on the pitch to see the teams .Itwas impossible to get through the massive crowds. I heard there were a fewinjuries, hope the fans are ok and I wish them a speed recovery.



大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students英语作文》(。

提高大学生的心理健康 How to Improve Student’s Mental Health

Moreand more people has begun to consider their mental health that plays animportant role in our daily life. Nowadays ,many students suffer from mentalillness ,which seriously influence on their study and daily life.


Consequently,schools should take effect measures to solve this problem. The mental healthconsul department should be built in school to help those students who sufferfrom mental illness. In this way, those who are subjected to the mental illnesscan get rid of the unhealthy shadow and build up their confident. On the onehand, school can provide a chance for students to show their tension. On theother hand, president and teachers should try their best to help those students.In addition, giving more concentration on their physical health would help themto rebuild their mental health.


Fromwhat has been mentioned above, as students, we should try our best tocommunicate with our, friends, parents or teachers. Last but not the least; weshould not hesitate to go to the mental health consult room for help when wehave trouble in mental illness. Only in this way, can we reduce our mental illness,and we will become a strong and confident person in the end.


提高大学生出勤率 Increase Attendence Rate in College

Low attendance rate has been a big problem among colleges and universities. To avoid this problem and finish their teaching tasks, different teachers come up with various methods.There are two common methods as following.


Themost common-used method is to call over. Teachers call over each class or afteran interval of one or two classes and write down the names of the absentstudents. And usually, if someone’s name is written down more than three times,they will lose their qualification in taking part in the final exam of thisclass, which means they need to repeat the class next time. Another methodusually used in smaller classes is to ask questions at random. Teachers willask some students to answer the questions to check if they attend the class.


However,even though these methods force students to attend the classes and increase theattendance rate to some extent, it doesn't solve the problem throughout. In myopinion, the most important point is that teacher should improve their teachingskills, break through traditional teaching model and try to make their classesmore active and interesting so that students will attend the classes of their ownaccord. Meantime, students should try to improve their self-discipline abilityand learn to appreciate the advantages of their teachers.


  〔大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students英语作文〕随文赠言:【受惠的人,必须把那恩惠常藏心底,但是施恩的人则不可记住它。——西塞罗】
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中考作文,中考作文素材,中考作文题目 党员工作总结,党员总结 说课稿,说课稿范文,说课稿模板 优秀党员材料,优秀共产党员材料 后勤工作总结 一路有你作文,一路上有你作文 师德演讲稿 竞职演讲稿 竞聘演讲 竞选稿 学习报告,研究性学习报告,参观考察学习报告 评课用语,评课稿,评课稿范文,评课记录-评课 记叙文 整改方案 工程合同范本 承包合同,承包合同范本 看图作文 计划表 聘用合同,聘用合同范本,聘用合同书 用工合同,用工合同范本 国旗下讲话 零分作文 我的偶像,我的偶像作文 我最敬佩的一个人,我敬佩的一个人作文,令我敬佩的一个人 向你推荐一本书,向你推荐一本书作文 党在我心中演讲稿 党在我心中,党在我心中作文 运输合同范本 包饺子,包饺子的作文,我学会了包饺子,包饺子作文 我学会了感恩 我学会了游泳 我学会了骑自行车 转让合同范本 转让协议,转让协议书 自查报告,自查报告范文大全 财务自查报告 自检自查报告 作风建设自查报告 师德师风自查报告 买卖合同,买卖合同范本 快乐的六一,快乐的六一作文 三句半台词大全 施工合同,施工合同范本 议论文,议论文范文,议论文大全,议论文素材 通讯稿,通讯稿范文,通讯稿格式 保证书,保证书范文 论文致谢,毕业论文致谢 工作评语,工作评语大全 趣味活动 励志文章读后感 感言,毕业感言,获奖感言 大学毕业生自我鉴定 工作表现,工作表现评语,工作表现鉴定 个人评价范文 青春励志演讲稿,青春演讲稿 励志演讲稿 小学语文教学反思 党性分析报告 分析报告 岗位职责 委托合同 委托书,委托书范本 决议 专项整治工作总结 食品安全知识 食品安全论文 食品安全管理制度 食品安全 保育员心得 教师培训计划 社团活动方案 调查问卷 问卷调查 童趣,童趣作文 内勤工作总结 我的爱好,我的爱好作文 成长中的烦恼,成长中的烦恼作文 成长中的一件事,成长中的一件事作文 我的学校,我的学校作文 值周总结 交通安全作文,关于交通安全的作文 爱国名言,爱国名言大全 法制教育资料,小学生法制教育资料,中学生法制教育资料 安全在我心中,安全在我心中作文 快乐的节日作文 关于诚信的论文,诚信论文 班主任工作经验交流 工作经验,工作经验范文 给家长的一封信 情况汇报,情况汇报范文 情况说明,情况说明范文 党员自评,学生自评,员工自评,自评报告,个人自评-自评 我喜欢的小动物作文 做家务,帮妈妈做家务,做家务的作文,第一次做家务 经典语录 开场白 师生情,师生情作文,关于师生情的作文 寄语大全 单位工作鉴定 个人工作鉴定 工作鉴定,工作鉴定范文 节目串词 主持人串词 最美的风景,最美的风景作文 关于错误的作文 党校培训心得体会 写母亲的作文 转变作风心得体会 大学生实习报告,大学生实习报告范文 英语演讲稿,英语演讲稿范文 项目策划书 一分钟自我介绍,一分钟自我介绍范文,面试一分钟自我介绍 大学毕业寄语 劳动合同范本 高中生活,我的高中生活,高中生活作文,关于高中生活的作文 学生鉴定评语 采购员工作总结 教学经验总结,教学经验交流材料 幼儿园评语,幼儿园评语大全 工作经历,工作经历范文 自我剖析材料 个人剖析材料 二十年后再相会作文 领导发言稿 班主任论文 读书的乐趣,读书的乐趣作文 我的好朋友,我的好朋友作文 我爱妈妈,我爱妈妈作文 防灾减灾,防灾减灾知识 家乡的特产,家乡特产,写家乡特产的作文 个人成长经历,成长经历,我的成长经历 实习论文 留守儿童调查报告,关爱留守儿童,留守儿童问题 上半年总结 劳动节作文 租房协议 自荐书 党员转正申请书 五一作文 热爱生命的作文,关于热爱生命的作文 银行实习报告,银行实习报告范文 教师演讲稿 生产实习报告,生产实习报告范文 夸家乡的作文,夸家乡,夸夸我的家乡 生日作文,关于生日的作文 一个让我难忘的日子 我爱我的祖国,我爱我的祖国作文 我爱我的家乡,我爱我的家乡作文 我爱我家,我爱我家作文 欣赏自己,欣赏自己作文 尊严作文,关于尊严的作文 有你真好,有你真好作文 写给自己的一封信 品味人生 影评,影评范文 感谢妈妈的作文 感谢作文,关于感谢的作文 放飞理想,放飞理想作文 致老师的一封信 介绍自己的作文 信任作文,以信任为话题的作文 身边的风景,身边的风景作文 励志签名 励志故事,励志故事大全 励志书籍 我不想长大,我不想长大作文 就这样慢慢长大 献爱心,献爱心作文 市场调查报告,市场调查报告范文 关于道德的作文 当国旗升起的时候 美丽的春天,美丽的春天作文 美丽的校园,美丽的校园作文 我学会了做饭,学做饭,我学会了做饭作文 妈妈的眼睛 给妈妈的一封信,给妈妈的一封信作文 妈妈的手,妈妈的手作文 宁夏高考分数线 新疆高考分数线 西藏教育网,西藏高考 内蒙古高考分数线 广西高考,广西高考分数线 安徽高考分数线 贵州高考分数线 陕西高考分数线 四川高考分数线 山西高考分数线 海南高考,海南高考分数线 福建高考-福建高考分数线 云南高考分数线 广东高考分数线 浙江高考分数线-浙江高考 江西高考分数线-江西高考 湖南高考分数线 湖北高考分数线 江苏高考分数线 爸爸的爱,爸爸的爱作文 妈妈的爱,妈妈的爱作文,关于妈妈的爱的作文 这就是我,这就是我作文 学会坚强,我学会了坚强 坚强的作文 勤俭节约,勤俭节约的作文 节约用水,节约用水的作文,关于节约用水的作文 低碳生活从我做起,低碳生活作文 振兴中华演讲稿 不忘国耻振兴中华 振兴中华 从我做起 复兴中华 从我做起 蜕变,蜕变作文 河南高考分数线-河南高考信息网 青海高考分数线-青海高考 甘肃高考分数线 吉林高考分数线 黑龙江高考分数线 辽宁高考成绩查询,辽宁高考分数线-辽宁高考 我的一天,我的一天作文 我长大了,我长大了作文,我长大了作文600字,500字 我的妹妹 我的弟弟,我的弟弟作文 我的姐姐,我的姐姐作文 我的爷爷,我的爷爷作文 夸夸我的同学,夸夸我的同学作文 我的妈妈,我的妈妈作文 春景,春景作文 我的青春我做主,我的人生我做主,我做主作文 母校作文 背影作文 清明节扫墓作文,关于扫墓的作文
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