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  中考英语作文 Asking the Way 问路




  Asking the Way

  Mrs. Green: Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the museum?

  Policeman: Certainly. Just go up this street and turn left at the second crossing. The third building from the corner is the museum. You can’t miss it.

  Mrs. Green: Oh, let me see. Go down this street, turn left at the second crossing. and the museum is the third building from the corner. Am I right?

  Policeman: Yes, that’s right.

  Mrs. Green: Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

  Policeman: You are welcome. Bye-bye.








  Can Distance Love Last Long? 远距离恋爱能长久吗?

  Distance love has been a hot topic among young people; most of them have such experience. Some people believe that if the couple loves each other, the distance is not a big deal, while some others believe that it is hard to keep the distance love relationship, because distance frustrates communication. As for me, we should think twice before making decision.


  One the one hand, distance love means loneliness and torment. When the couple is in different places, they need to keep communication through computer or cell phone; they can’t be face-to-face in a long time. While when two people are falling in love, they want to see each other every day and share happiness and sorrow. The long distance distresses the couples, when they need each other, their partners are always absent, and then they will feel lonely and sad.


  On the other hand, distant love enhances trust issues. When couples are deciding to start to begin distance love, the first problem they worry about is temptation. As they can’t see the other everyday, they will think about what will happen to their boyfriends and girlfriends, maybe others are chasing them or we will break up soon. If the couples can hold on these, it means them they trust each other deeply, their love is strong.


  Distance love is so suffering, but it also brings happiness. If you can defeat loneliness, then you can start distance love.


  新闻与人们生活的关系 The relationship between news and people

  The advent of the information age has bombarded the public with too much information, much of which has little connection with people’s daily life. In this sense, some believe reading news on newspapers or watching news programs on TV is a waste of time. However, in my opinion, being informed of the latest events can still bring great benefits to people. Obtaining the news information is instructive to people’s life. Frequently reading the news reports, no matter in newspapers or on TV programs, citizens can be enabled to understand clearer the policies of the country, and thus can behave accordingly, without worrying to be lagged behind. Also, knowing what is happening around or over the world, people can be motivated to grasp more chances to realize their dreams. Reading news helps people to enjoy better communication with the others. Always being connected with the news, people can be broadened in their horizons and thus are enabled to have more topics to share with their friends or relatives. Moreover, when something urgent such as disasters or other forms of tragedies happen, people may not only offer their help to show humanity, but also gain some experience in tackling the problems. Admittedly, with the help of computers and the Internet as well as the mobile phones, people are surrounded by the popping out of news reports. In this case, people are already besieged by too much information, making the reading of news in newspapers and TV programs seemingly pointless. However, this cannot deprive people of their rights to enjoy the time with their family members and this does not mean they can select out the right information. Therefore, getting news that is selected for them from newspapers or TV programs can still be of great value to the public. To sum up, newspapers and TV news programs are still significant in delivering news reports. As for how to take advantages of them, it depends on inpidual’s judgment, rather than just an assertion of a waste of time


  信息爆炸 Information explosion

  Ways to Get Over Information Explosion As a popular saying goes, "A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention." Nowadays we are in an era of information explosion. More and more people complain that they are lost in the information age. Admittedly, no one can deny the fact that the new information age has brought us so much convenience that we are allowed to get plenty of information just with a simple click sitting in front of the computers. Nevertheless we are also confused, annoyed, distracted and upset by an incredibly large quantity of information. For example, when searching for something online, people are easily misguided by irrelevant information and forget their original plan. Besides, some information often turns out to be useless. Therefore, it may be time-consuming and troublesome to search information online. Then what can we do to avoid being distracted by irrelevant information? Here are some useful tips: Firstly, make a list of what you really want before your searching. You can avoid some appealing, yet irrelevant information by this way. Then, find some credible and professional sources or websites and then save and categorize them. In this case, you can easily leave some advertisements and useless information behind.


  高考英语满分作文 Note 便条

  Dear Alice.

  I wonder if you eould lend me your Chinese-English dictionary. I will return it three days later. Now I am translating an important Chinese article into English. However, I often meet some Chinese words which I dont know how to say in English. So I have to turn to the Chinese-English dietionary for help from time to time. But mine is lost. I will take good care of your dictionary. I will definitely not damage it. Thank you very much!






  May 15th

  Dear Alice,

  Would you please lend me your Chinese-English dictionary? I will give it back three days later. Now I am translating an important Chinese article into English. In the article I often find Chinese words which I cannot translate into English, so I often need a Chinese-English dictionary But I

  myself have no one. I will cherish your dictionary very much and promise not to damage it. Thanks a lot!




  The Discomfort of Silence 沉默的不适之处

  Many Americans find silence uncomfortable. They will murmur on to fill any quietness if it extends for more than a moment. Students often study with their radios singing;housewives leave televisions on for the companionship of sound even though they may be working in some other room. If you are silent for long periods,they will do their best to draw you out or will ask if you feel all right or if there is anything that they can do to help you. Sometimes silence can be puzzling, however; if Americans disagree with what you are saying, many of them will remain quiet. This may not suggest agreement; often it only means that they consider it impolite to argue further.