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作者/编辑:自考中心 自考试题


  Ⅰ.Find the items in the right column which fit the left column the best and write the letters on the answer sheet.(10%)

  1.Because I could not stop for Death

  A.William Wordsworth

  2.local colorist

  B.sentimentalists theme

  C.Ezra Pound

  4.Graveyard School

  D.Mark Twain

  5.worshipper of nature

  E.William Faulkner

  6.A Rose for Emily

  F.Henry James

  7.Charles Lamb

  G.Emily Dickinson

  8.The Sketch Book



  I.William Blake

  10.Songs of Innocence

  J.Washington Irving

  Ⅱ.Complete each of the following statements with a proper word or a phrase according to the textbook.Then write your answer on theAnswer Sheet.(20%)

  1.____was the first American writer toconceive his career in international terms.

  2.In the plays of Shakespeare's last period,there is a prevalent ____ teaching of atonement.

  3.John Bunyan wrote his ____ during his second term in prison.

  4.____'s essays is the frist example of that genre in English Literature,which has been recognized as an important landmark in the development of English prose.

  5.Henry adopted ____,in which the author becomes the “all-knowing God.”

  6.____is regarded as the first American prose epic.

  7.This particular concern about the local character of aregion came about as “____,”a unique variation of American literary realism.

  8.Human sexuality was,to Lawrence,a symbol of ____.

  9.The characters in Charles' works are impressive not only because they are true to life,but also because they are often ____.

  10.As a leading Romanticist,Byron's chief contribution is his creation of the “____,” a proud,mysterious rebel figure of noble origin.

  Ⅲ.Each of the statements below is followed by four alternative answers.Choose the one that would best complete the statement and write you answer on the Answer Sheet.(10%)

  1.Shakespeare's ____ are mainly written under the principle that national unity under a mighty and just sovereign is a necessity.

  A.history playsB.tragedies


  2.Wordsworth thought that ____ is the only subject of literary interest.

  A.nationB.past experience

  C.common lifeD.nature

  3.____ is the first important English essayist and the founder of modern science in England.

  A.Francis BaconB.Edmund Spenser

  C.William CarxtonD.Sidney

  4.Which of the below is NOT written by James Joyce?


  B.A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


  D.Leather-Stocking Tales

  5.____is regarded as the first American prose epic.


  C.Song of MyselfD.The Scarlet Letter

  6.____has always been regarded as a writer who “perfected the best classic style that American Literature ever produced.”

  A.Washington Irn


  7.Which is not the main concern of Emily Dickinson' poetry?

  A.her own experienceB.nature


  8.The Catcher in the Rye is regarded as a ____.

  A.Jewish's's classic

  C.student's classicD.student's herald

  9.Fitzgerald never spared an intimate touch in his fiction to deal with ____ of the American Dream.

  A.the bankruptcyB.the success

  C.the fulfillmentD.the forming

  10.____ is Hemingway's first true novel.

  A.In Our TimeB.For Whom the Bell Tolls

  C.The Sun Also RisesD.The Old Man and the Sea

  Ⅳ.For each of the questions listed below please give the name of the author and the title of the literary work.Then write your answer on the Answer Sheet.(20%)

  1.“For oft,when on my couch I lie

  In vacant or in pensive mood,

  They flash upon that inward eye

  Which is the bliss of solitude;

  And then my heart with pleasure fills,

  And dances with the daffodils.“

  2.“It is a truth universally acknowledged,that a single man in possession of a good fortune,must be in want of a wife.

  However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on hisfirst entering a neighborhood,this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families,that he is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.“

  3.“Do you think I can stay to become nothing to you?Doyou think I am an automaton?-a machine without feelings?And can bear to have my morsel of bread snatched from my lips,and my drop of living water dashed from my cup?Do you think,because I am poor,obscure,plain,and little,I am soulless and heartless?-You think wrong!”

  4.“…Oh sir,she smiled,no doubt,

  Whene'er I passed her;but who passed without

  Much the same smile?This grew,I gave commands

  Then all smiles stopped together.“

  5.“But she began to spare her hands.They,too,were work-gnarled now,the skin was shiny with so much hot water, the knuckles rather swollen.But she began to be careful to keep them out of soda.She regretted what they had been-so samll and exquisite.”

  Ⅴ.Give brief answers to the following questions.Write your answer on the Answer Sheet.(20%)

  1.What are the major themes of modernist literature?

  2.What's the theme of The Waste Land?

  3.How do you philosophically define Transcendentalism?

  4.What's the style of Emerson's essays?

  Ⅵ.Short Essay Questions:Write the answer on the Answer Sheet. (20%)

  1.List the main qualities of Edmund Spenser's Poetry.

  2.Give a brief discussion of Whitman's style and language.


  第2篇 “邓小平理论概论”试题特点和答题方法
  〖预览〗要学好《邓小平理论概论》,首先一定要掌握《邓小平理论概论》的教学体系,把握该课程教学内容的全貌,以及各章的分工及联系。  《邓小平理论概论》自学考试试题的特点,总的来说是题型较多、题量大、覆盖面广。高等教育自学考试应考者,首先应该了解本门课程试题的题型及其特点,以有助于临场考试的正常发挥。下面针对各种不同题型的特点、要求及应注意的问题,作简要的说明和分析。  (一)单项选择题  题量大,占总分比重大,达30%.单选题一般容易回答,应考者必须力争多拿分,这是能否通过考试的重要一环。但它覆盖面广,这就要求全面复习,切不可只抓重点。  如何答好单项选择题呢?  首先,必须认真审题,弄清题干要求回答的究竟是什么问题,有的放矢去选择正确项。对题干必须仔细阅读,全面分析,决不能粗心大意,马马虎虎看一下,就急忙去选择答案,否则十有八九要出错。如,题干是,“解决我国民族问题的基本原则是”,就应选择“坚持民族平等、民族团结和各民族共同繁荣”这个正确项;如果题干是,“解决我国民族问题的出发点和归宿是”,就应选择“各民族的共同繁荣”;题干是“解决我国民族问题的基本政策是”,则应选择“实行民族区域自治制度”。这三题同样都是问解决我国民族问题,如不认真审题,很容易答错,丢分。  其次,要仔细辨认四个备选项,根据题干的要求找出其中一个“最符合题意……【全文阅读:“邓小平理论概论”试题特点和答题方法
  第3篇 自考生最需考的三类证书
  〖预览〗托业考试8月26日考,保险资格电子化考试8月中旬报名,外经贸经理人职业资格认证项目全国统考正在进行网报,9月中旬考全国注册会计师、司法考试……度过了相对平静的7月后,下半年资格考试开始逐渐进入报名、考试的密集期。行业准入、以考代评获取任职资格、多拿证书增加就业竞争力等3方面原因,催生了目前的考证热。  作为行业准入的条件之一,国家级职业资格考试近来发展迅速,一些技术性强、服务质量高的行业大都实行职业资格准入证,相关从业人员必须参加对应的资格考试才能“入行”。比如司法考试,根据国家司法考试制度规定,从事律师、法官、检察官、公证员这4种职业,必须先通过国家司法考试。考生李晓斌法律专业本科毕业后,想到一家律师事务所实习,被问的第一个问题就是:是否通过了司法考试,在得到肯定答复后,他才被允许进入律师事务所实习。  一些行业实行专业技术资格考试制度,以举行资格考试的形式,代替职称评审,也在一定程度上带动了资格考试报考升温。自2001年起,卫生专业初、中级资格已不再进行评审,在单位业务考核合格的基础上,通过“以考代评”方式确认其专业技术资格。自2008年起,英、法、日等7个语种的二级、三级翻译人才聘任资格只能通过参加全国翻译专业资格水平考试才能取得。   为了在求职竞争中有更多优势,不少考生参加了资格考试并取得了相应证书……【全文阅读:自考生最需考的三类证书】   〔2002年7月自考英美文学选读试卷
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