On Children Bringing Cellular英语作文

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On Children Bringing Cellular英语作文

  with the rapid development of mobile communications industry, many children are bringing cellular phones to school. this has its advantages as well as its disadvantages.

On Children Bringing Cellular英语作文

  parents used to have difficulty finding out the whereabouts of their children after school. when children bring phones with them, parents may keep their children under control, thus reducing chances of mischief. in this sense, the effect is positive.but phones at school have roused much controversy. many children use phones for purposes other than what their parents expect. the worst case is cheating on exams with the help of phones. some of such tricks are difficult to be detected. another nuisance is the sudden telephone ring in the middle of a class. the unfortunate child gets stared at by the teacher as well as his classmates. and when many have phones, the haves may look down upon the havenots, and they keep pressing parents for more expensive phones. this is certainly not good for their character development.

  the disadvantages of children bringing phones to school evidently overweighs its advantages. so more and more schools are banning phones at school.

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