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  There are big and small back, there are sad and reluctant. What moved me most is the back of the angels in white in 2020.


  The new year is coming In the past, the Spring Festival was full of bustle, streets and alleys were full of people, supermarkets and vegetable farms were even more crowded, people could hear people's laughter in every corner.


  Novel coronavirus came to our side light of heart from care and the carefree holiday.


  The novel coronavirus is named after a crown. He was like a proud and ignorant king who locked people in his home and could not go out.


  The wind knows the grass, the waves show the hero. Grandpa Zhong Nanshan led the medical team to study drugs, and Grandma Li Lanjuan also made a great contribution to the epidemic. If one side is in trouble, support from all sides. Countless medical staff rushed to Wuhan from all directions to support when they heard the news.


  Whenever I see angels in white wearing 7 thick protective clothing in the news, I want to say to them: Thank you, you've worked hard! In the airtight protective clothing, the doctors are sweating profusely. They have little rest time because they have to fight against the clock to take the patient's life back from death.


  I hope the war will be over as soon as possible. Angels in white, you work hard!



  Pay New Year's call to novel coronavirus, or NCP, which is cancelled in the year of the rat. The new year's Eve is different from usual. Mom and dad cancelled the new year's Eve dinner and dinner, cancelled the holiday travel and cancelled all outdoor activities, because there is a new virus that is called a new coronavirus, or NCP. The virus comes from wild animals. Due to accidental reasons, when people contact with wild animals, the virus is transmitted to humans.


  It is difficult for human beings to resist this new virus, so when they are ill, they will have fever, dry cough, dyspnea and other emergency symptoms. The most serious place of this virus is that it can be transmitted to people. Therefore, in order to prevent the virus, we should go out less, wash our hands frequently, wear masks when going out, and do not go to densely populated places. Not getting sick is the best contribution to this campaign.


  Now there are many brave and professional doctors, aunts and nurses in the hospital. They are diagnosing, treating and caring for the infected patients day and night, regardless of the risk of infection. We want to thank these angels in white, because of them, we have a comfortable life.


  I believe that as long as we all stick to it, one day, mom and dad will tell us, "we finally won the battle of the virus!"



  The epidemic, like a big quagmire, people fell in one by one. This new year is an unusual one. Every day, we are fighting against the virus. In normal times, we may be strangers or friends, but in the battle field against the virus, we are all comrades in arms!


  Look at the bravest and loveliest people on the battlefield - Angels in white. In spite of the danger, they perform their duties as doctors and stick to their posts all the time. They infect everyone in the battlefield with fearless courage, firm belief and amazing perseverance. When we enter their hearts, we will know that the angels in white are not easy, they also have family members, they will also have concerns about home, and there will be a flash of worry in their hearts: in case I am infected, what should my children do But more importantly, as a white angel, their sense of mission and responsibility made them sacrifice too much and insisted on the belief of saving lives. They rush to the forefront of the battlefield and fight directly against the virus. Let's salute the angels in white!


  Although we ordinary people can not go to the front line, no matter where we come from, no matter where we go to the ends of the world, we are all family, we can use a heart full of love to refuel each other. So, let's take care of each other with warm eyes, optimistic smile and beautiful encouragement, and rush forward with firm steps, and work together to win the virus eradication war. As long as we are heart to heart, hand in hand, United, let the virus taste the power of unity, we will be able to win!


  This winter must be tough, but spring always comes. Even if the night is long, the day will come. When the spring is bright, you guys go out together, play together, compare hearts together, and then shout "we win!"