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8points In our modern social life,there are many examples around us show many people are cheated.Advertisements cheat people,salesmen cheat people,even one's closest friends cheat him or her.So many heartbreaks are heard everyday that we cannot help asking:where is our honest exist?

Everybody is taught honest in the primary school or even in the kindergarten.Honesty does good not only to ourseives,but to others as well.If we are honest to others,we will be happier and be in abetter mood.Otherwise,we'll feel guilt at last.To acompany and its advertisement,honesty will bring it more consumer and more profit.If we cheat others,friends will not believe you and they will leave you alone.To acompany,no consumer will buy your product again!

So,as the above is said,it pays to be honest.Let's create amorally outstanding social.


5pointsWith the development of modern economic and industry,competitive is becoming more and more obvious.At the same time,the performance of dishonest is becoming more and more clearly.

Nowadays,there are many dishonest performance in our society.For example,some people found that he saled goods had past the preservation date.Not throw them away,the revised the preservation date,and saled them again after several day.Another case in the point,a pair of shoes was made from goat.However,in order to sale at ahigh price,the salers would say they were made from cow which has good quality.

From the foregoing,we can see that dishonest does not only harm to yourselves but also harm to others.And it is no use only realize the harmness of dishonest.We should be honest from now on and be honest on our daily life.It is only that people all over the world are honest then our country will be beautiful and wealthy.

2pointsNow in our society,many people are not honest in doing soming.we often can meet with soming happened cause by people who are not honest.For example,Now we take the bus need carry cents own,and when you upstairs the bus,you should put the cent into the money box.Every people do that,but some of the people put the other things instead the cents.For another example,it is more normal that in the exams we can always find some students see others.

I consider that every people should be honest.As apeople,honest should be first,because it can make us to be increase and make our society develop.In doing everything we should be honest all,study,work,life and so on.If you re honest,every people will be friend to you,and who will regard you good people.But if you don't be honest,people must unwilling to trath with you.So if you are want to be agood people,remember honest first.




一是许多题目只有几个词,是文章的高度概括,要搞清楚要求写什么,就需要仔细阅读内容提纲甚至求助于指示中其它有关线索。比如这样一个题目Advertisement on TV,这个题目很大,虽然所给的提纲:1,present state 2,reasons 3,my comments把题目的范围缩小了,但还是不能确定reason写什么。好多考生都写了人们为什么喜欢看电视广告。实际上根据指示中your composition should start with the given opening sentence:"Today more and more advertisements are seen on the TV screen",应当写广告为什么会越来越多地出现在电视上。

二是许多学生缺乏全局观念,缺乏分析和理解所给的几条内容提纲之间的内在联系和与题目的关系的能力,习惯性地按提纲怎么说就怎么写。结果写出来的文章各段之间没有联系,歪曲了题意。如1994年六级作文考试的题目we need to broaden our knowledge所给的三条提纲是:1)科学技术是社会发展不可缺少的,2)社会科学和自然科学互相渗透,3)现代大学生需要广博的知识。如果仔细分析一下就会发现前两条是通过阐述自然科学和社会科学知识的重要性来说明第三条为什么大学生需要广博的知识。但为数不少的考生根本没有认识到这一点。特别在写第二条时不是去写社会科学知识同样重要,而是大谈社会科学与自然科学的相互关系,喧宾夺主,偏了题。

1995年6月的四级作文题Advantages of aJob Interview.所给的三条提纲是…,很清楚,要求写的是一片论说文,论述找工作面试的好处。但不少考生对题目和提纲不加分析,贸然动笔,竟写了一封应聘求职信,还有的写成一篇面试者和应试者的一篇对话。结果,尽管他们的文章写得较好,都因文不切题,最后得分都是零分。

再举一个例子,题目是What Would happen if There Were No Power?要求学生根据所给的三个段首句写:

1,Ever since early this century,electricity has become an essential part of our modern life.

2,If there were no electric power.





提纲既可写成句子,也可写成词组,但是由于时间关系,最好写成词组。我们来看看以"My Best Friend"为题的作文提纲该如何写。

1,I like one of my friends.

2,A.He possesses profound knowledge.

B.He likes supplying everybody.

C.He is quiet and gentle.

3,My best friend's name is"book".

这帖是继四级作文训练(一)的 再看一篇My Ideal Job为题的作文提纲:

1,Teaching is my ideal job.

2,Why do Ichoose teaching as my job?

Teaching is learning.

Teaching means freedom and independence.

It offers acertain peace of mind.

3,Nothing can change my mind.








[1].When asked about.,the vast/overwhelming majority of people say that.But Ithink/view abit differently.

[2].When it comes to.,some people believe that.Others argue/claim that the opposite/reverse is true.There is probably some truth in both arguments/statements,but(I tend to the prefer/latter.)

[3].Now,it is commonly/generally/widely believed/held/acknowledged that.They claim/believe/argue that.But Iwonder/doubt whether.



[1].Recently the rise in problem of/(phenomenon of).has cause/

aroused public/popular/wide/worldwide concern.

[2].Recently the issue of the problem of/the phenomenon of.

has been brought into focus.(has been brought to public attention)

[3].Inflation/Corruption/Social inequality.is yet another of the new and bitter truth we have to learn to fa ce now/constantly.



[1].Never history has the change of.been as evident as.

Nowhere in the world/China has the issue/idea of.been more visible/

popular than.

[2].Now people in growing/significant numbers are beginning/

coming to realize/accept/(be aware)that.

[3].Now there is agrowing awareness/recognition of the necessity to.

Now people become increasingly aware/conscious of the importance of.

[4].Perhaps it is time to have afresh look at the attitude/idea that.



[1]."Knowledge is power."such is the remark made by Bacon.This remark has been shared by more and more people.

"Education is not complete with graduation."Such is the opinion of a

great American philosopher.Now more and more people share his opinion.

[2]."."How often we hear such statements/words like theses


In our own days we are used to hearing such traditional compla