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【 - 公共英语】


  1.表明事件发生的时间顺序:then, first, at once, next, after that, previously, while, when, the following day, etc.


  1)Listing: firstly, in the first place, secondly, thirdly, my next point is, last/finally, etc.

  2)Illustrating: for example/ for instance, to illustrate, an example/ instance of this is, let’s take….., take…. for example, etc.

  3)Re-stating: in other words, that is to say, to put it another way, let me put it this way, or rather, namely, etc.

  4)Referring: in this respect, in that connection, as we said, apart from this, etc.

  5)Resuming: to resume, to return to the previous point, getting back to the argument, etc.

  6)Summarizing: to sum up, in short, it amounts to this, what I have been saying is this, etc.

  7)Emphasizing: it is worth noting, I would like to direct your attention to, let us consider, we must now turn to, I shall begin by, etc.


  1)Introducing( or emphasizing) further evidence: moreover, furthermore, in addition, what’s more, as well, etc.

  2)Cause: because (of), since, owing to, on account of, due to, as a result of, etc.

  3)Effect: as a result, hence, therefore, consequently, thus, so, etc.

  4)Contrasting: in / by contrast, on the contrary, on the other hand, nevertheless, whereas, while, yet, however, but, etc.

  5)Comparison: in like manner, likewise, in the same way, similarly, in comparison with, etc.

  6)Purpose: to this end, for this purpose, with this in mind, in order to, so that, etc.

  7)Intensification: indeed, in fact, in any event / case, at no time, to tell the truth, etc.