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1. Between 1870 and 1 890 the total population of tile United States---.

(A) that doubled

(B) doubled

(C) It doubled

(D) when doubled

2. Intended to display the work of twentieth-century artists, in 1929.

(A) the opening of the Museum of Modern Art

(B) so the Museum of Modern Art opened

(C) why tile Museum of Modern Art opened

(D) the Museum of Modern Art opened

3. The Earth has a tremendous amount of water, but--- in the ocean.

(A) almost all of it is

(B) it is almost all of

(C) is of it almost all

(D) all is of it almost

4. --- have sense organs in a canal known as the lateral line, which allows them to respond to changes in water pressure caused by nearby motion.

(A) That tile fish

(B) Fish

(C) When fish

(D) If tile fish

5. Direct information on the chemical composition of the Moon became available in 1969 --- of the first Apollo mission to land on the Moon.

(A) with tile return

(B) returning

(C) when returned

(D) and the return

6. --- completely harmless to the environment is very difficult and usually economically unsound.

(A) Cleaning products that

(B) Cleaning products are

(C) Cleaning products are made

(D) Making a cleaning product

7. One of Ulysses S. Grant's first acts as President of the United States was to name tile Seneca chief Donehogawa --- of Indian Affairs.

(A) as was Commissioner

(B) Commissioner

(C) was Commissioner

(D) him Commissioner

8. One of the most ancient arts,--- in different parts of the world.

(A) for weaving to develop independently

(B) the independent development of weaving

(C) weaving, to develop independently

(D) weaving developed independently

9. --- classified as a carnivore, the North American grizzly bear cats berries and even grass.

(A) Just as

(B) Because of

(C) Although

(D) Either

10. Not only --- muc