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l. Helium is _____all gases to liquefy and is impossible to solidify at normal air pressure.

(A) more than difficult

(B) the most difficult of

(C) more difficult of

(D) most difficult

2. Every year Canadian ______ about 75 percent of their exports to the United States.

(A) businesses that sell

(B) selling businesses

(C) businesses sell

(D) that sell to businesses

3. An innovator, ballerina Augusta Maywood was _____ a traveling company.

(A) to form the first

(B) the first to form

(C) who formed the first

(D) forming the first

4. When water freezes in the cracks of rock, ___ expands, causing the rocks to break


(A) it

(B) but

(C) then

(D) and

5. With x-ray microscopes scientists can see through live insects ___ even through

solid pieces of metal.

(A) however

(B) nevertheless

(C) or

(D) yet

6. Dennis Chavez of New Mexico ____ to the House or Representatives in l930

and to the Senate in 1918.

(A) when elected

(B) elected

(C) who was elected

(D) was elected

7. ____ are not leached out of soil, reclamation procedures are needed to restore

the land s productivity.

(A) For concentrations of salt

(B) Salt concentrations that

(C) If salt concentrations

(D) With concentrations of salt

8. ____ social crusade aroused Elizabeth Wi1liams enthusiasm more than the

expansion of educational facilities for immigrants to the United States.

(A) No

(B) Nothing

(C) Not

(D) None

9.____ as 2500 B.C., the Egyptians used mirrors made of highly polished metal.

(A) In early

(B) As early

(C) Early

(D) Was as early

10. The quantum theory states ____ , such as light, is given off and absorbed in

tiny definite units called quanta or photons.

(A) energy that

(B) th