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1. (A) His mother was on her lunch break.

(B) His mother can t talk about her new job.

(C) His mother doesn t like going to lunch.

(D) His mother s new job keeps her busy.

2. (A) She thinks the man should drive to town.

(B) She likes to pass cars.

(C) The man should mind his own business.

(D) The traffic won t be detoured after tomorrow.

3. (A) See his professor about the paper.

(B) Try to get better grades.

(C) Be on time for his appointment.

(D) Pick a different topic for his paper.

4. (A) She doesn t like fresh vegetables.

(B) She doesn t have time to go to the market.

(C) She has already been shopping.

(D) She only has enough for herself.

5. (A) She prefers to exercise in the morning.

(B) It s important to warm up before exercising.

(C) The man should start running daily.

(D) The man should continue his exercise


6. (A) The party doesn t interest him.

(B) He may already have plans.

(C) He d like to bring a guest to the party.

(D) He d rather come another time.

7. (A) She is embarrassed.

(B) She had forgotten all about the test.

(C) She just got one question correct.

(D) She is very pleased.

8. (A) He prefers to go to the concert tonight.

(B) He doesn t like to go to movies at night.

(C) The others should do what they like.

(D) They should go to more movies and concerts

this year.

9. (A) The books slipped off the table.

(B) He forgot to get the books.

(C) He reminded Ron about the books.

(D) Ron should pick up the books.

10. (A) She left them at home.

(B) She needs them right now.

(C) They might be hard to read.

(D) They are incomplete.

11. (A) Wait until the sale is over.

(B) Watch for the ad on television.

(C) Return his suit to Conrad s.

(D) Buy a new suit.

12. (A) The woman should return his tape player by Friday.

(B) The woman