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1. (A) He wants to know which scarf the woman chose.

(B) He wants to know what color the jacket is.

(C) He thinks he selected a nice scarf.

(D) He thinks any color would go well with the jacket.

2. (A) Bob has been married for a long time.

(B) The woman should go to California.

(C) He plans to go to the wedding

(D) He hasn t been to California for a long time.

3. (A) He wants a glass of water.

(B) He won t do as the woman asks.

(C) He can t wait any longer.

(D) He s looking for the waiter.

4. (A) It s just past ten o clock.

(B) There s no time to talk.

(C) She needs a little more time.

(D) She has more than ten cents.

5. (A) She appreciates the man s help.

(B) Her presentation was somewhat long.

(C) She needed more time to prepare.

(D) She worked hard on her presentation.

6. (A) She wants to exercise before she runs.

(B) It s too hot to go running.

(C) Her jogging suit isn t warm enough.

(D) She already went jogging

7. (A) To tell him they are busy.

(B) To cancel an appointment.

(C) To invite him to go to a film.

(D) To ask him a question about homework.

8. (A) Keep looking for his wallet.

(B) Report the theft of the wallet right away.

(C) Put his wallet in his jacket pocket.

(D) Be more careful with his wallet.

9. (A) She is on a special diet.

(B) She doesn t like to walk to the cafeteria.

(C) She thinks the cafeteria is too expensive.

(D) She doesn t eat lunch anymore.

10. (A) The man should look into buying a new car.

(B) The car looks better than it used to.

(C) The man should fly to Florida.

(D) The man should get his car checked.

11. (A) Tickets are available for future performances.

(B) The performance has been canceled.

(C) She wants to see the show tomorrow.

(D) The performance has already started.

12. (A) What is causing the problem.