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1. (A) Discuss the situation with the person in charge of the dormitory.

(B) Ask her roommate not to make so much noise.

(C) Go to bed after midnight.

(D) Send a letter to the residents.

2. (A) Now he understands the system.

(B) He has no use for technology.

(C) He has to do some calculations.

(D) He doesn't know how to operate the computer.

3. (A) He's growing very quickly.

(B) He's the tallest of three boys.

(C) He can jump high.

(D) He has to leave today at three.

4. (A) Nothing can help Debra pass the exam.

(B) Debra doesn't need to study at all.

(C) Being well rested will help Debra on the exam.

(D) Debra should get some fresh air in the morning.

5. (A) The woman's roommate went to get it.

(B) It was sent to the woman's roommate by mistake.

(C) The woman picked it up at the post office.

(D) The postal service delivered it to the woman's house.

6. (A) He has to wash a thousand dishes.

(B) He has more dishes than his brother.

(C) His brother takes too much time washing the dishes.

(D) He has asked his brother to wash the dishes many times.

7. (A) He'd like to reschedule the party.

(B) He and Jill aren't free next week.

(C) He's not sure if Jill is available on Friday.

(D) He doesn't know what to bring to the party.

8. (A) The bicycle is being repaired.

(B) The bicycle is new.

(C) She lent the bicycle to a friend.

(D) The bicycle is parked outside.

9. (A) She wanted to visit Joe's home.

(B) She doesn't understand why Joe left without her.

(C) Joe should take a taxi to her house.

(D) Joe didn't want to take the taxi to his house.

10. (A) He has always admired her.

(B) He wishes he could spend more time with her.

(C) She's taller than he is.

(D) She looks very different from him.

11. (A) Train service will return to normal in a few days.

(B) It's better to tak