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Part 1

1. (A) He doesn't have enough money to buy a printer now.

(B) He's not sure how much a printer costs.

(C) He'll buy a computer later this week.

(D) He lost the money he was saving.

2. (A) Wait to play until after his 9 O'clock class.

(B) Ask Carol to play tennis.

(C) Ask Carol if she's going to class.

(D) Get a tennis lesson from Carol.

3. (A) They should ask for an increase in the budget.

(B) The calculations appear correct to her.

(C) She'll try to see what method was used.

(D) They need to make a copy of the budget.

4. (A) He could bring something to the woman.

(B) He'd be happy to go with the woman.

(C) He wants the woman to get him a newspaper.

(D) He'd like something to eat.

5. (A) The barbecue has been canceled.

(B) The weather will probably be cool.

(C) The man will not be able to attend the barbecue.

(D) Casual dress will be appropriate.

6. (A) He has bad study habits.

(B) He sleeps too much.

(C) He wakes up early.

(D) He's an excellent student.

7. (A) She dislikes fireworks.

(B) She has plans for the evening.

(C) She doesn't feel like going out.

(D) She has to get theater tickets.

8. (A) The library is closed tonight.

(B) He doesn't know how to get to the library.

(C) Jean is using his car.

(D) He won't be able to help the woman.

9. (A) He has received his telephone bill.

(B) His calls weren't listed.

(C) The woman has already paid for her call.

(D) He has received a long distance call.

10. (A) The man should take the stereo back to the store.

(B) The man should refer to the instruction manual.

(C) She'll go to the man's house and help him.

(D) She'll give the man her instruction manual.

11. (A) Candy has been ordered for the machine.

(B) They still have some candy left over.

(C) The machine isn't working right now.

(D) The machine was moved