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8. (A) He likes the woman's idea.

(B) He can meet the woman in the afternoon.

(C) He will discuss the idea tomorrow.

(D) The next issue of the paper is already planned.

9. (A) He'll have to pay a fine.

(B) He's taking good care of the book.

(C) He returned the book to the library.

(D) He's worried about the book.

10. (A) Take her to another exhibit.

(B) See the exhibit when it goes to another city.

(C) Go to the museum before it opens.

(D) Apply for a job at the museum.

11. (A) The bakery closed down a while ago.

(B) The bakery's business has doubled in a year.

(C) She hasn't done much baking recently.

(D) The bakery was busy last week.

12. (A) She wants the man to pay the cleaning charge.

(B) She has done the same thing to someone else.

(C) She doesn't want another glass of orange juice.

(D) She isn't upset about the incident.

13. (A) He only wears blue jeans to exercise.

(B) He hasn't bought new pants in a while.

(C) He's gained weight lately.

(D) He used to be an athlete.

14. (A) Looking out the window.

(B) Choosing a new desk.

(C) Building a bookcase.

(D) Rearranging furniture.

15. (A) He hadn't heard about it.

(B) He's not enthusiastic about it.

(C) He's curious to know how it works.

(D) He hopes it has more than 500 channels.

16. (A) He didn't get the clothes.

(B) The store closed while he was cleaning the car.

(C) He'll clean up when he has more time.

(D) The clothes aren't ready.

17. (A) He has an ear infection.

(B) He doesn't always listen.

(C) He's never missed a meeting.

(D) He had to attend another meeting.

18. (A) She hasn't seen John.

(B) She doesn't like John's new glasses.

(C) John looks different.

(D) John has been away for quite a while.

19. (A) Wait a while to see if she feels better.

(B) Go to bed early.