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21. (A) He could check the shelves for the woman later.

(B) The woman's report is off the subject.

(C) He's sorry about the woman's problem.

(D) The woman is luckly to have found the books.

22. (A) She thinks the man has been away for a while.

(B) She wants to know when the man will be away.

(C) She thinks the man is taking a long trip.

(D) She doesn't think the man has packed enough.

23. (A) He isn't sure which of has photographs to submit.l

(B) He has no ideas for creative photographs.

(C) He's only going to submit one photograph.

(D) He didn't know about the contest.

24. (A) The man is exaggerating.

(B) The man should try to eat less.

(C) Food with a lot of fat should be avoided.

(D) People should worry less about their diets.

25. (A) She was working on a training schedule.

(B) She didn't get home until after midnight.

(C) She was busy with her guests all evening.

(D) She left too late to catch the train.

26. (A) He wants to keep informed while he's absent.

(B) The details of the report haven't been checked yet.

(C) He has just come back to work.

(D) He has to be away longer than expected.

27. (A) She wants a less expensive apartment.

(B) She is planning to buy a house.

(C) She wants a nicer view.

(D) She bought some audio equipment.

28. (A) She had her stereo repaired.

(B) She gave her speakers to a friend.

(C) She got some new records.

(D) She bought some audio equipment.

29. (A) She's looking forward to her weekend trip.

(B) She will accept the man's invitation.

(C) She would prefer to go to the aquarium alone.

(D) She thinks the children will enjoy the aquarium.

30 .(A)It' s been too cold to go skating this winter.

(B) The woman can go indoors if she gets cold.

(C) The lake may not have frozen.

(D) He also likes to skate in the winter.

31.(A) Membership