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1. (A) She plans to send out all the invitations.

(B) She's a new student.

(C) She thinks the man is right.

(D) She invited the man to a party.

2. (A) He didn't know what hospital Bill was in.

(B) He took Bill to the hospital.

(C) He's sorry the woman hurt herself.

(D) He forgot to call the woman.

3. (A) She hasn't heard from the professor in a week.

(B) The class has extra time to complete the assignment.

(C) She only just found out about the economics paper.

(D) She won't see the professor until next week.

4. (A) The doctor has stopped seeing new patients.

(B) The doctor's office will be closed tomorrow.

(C) The doctor's schedule is filled tomorrow.

(D) The doctor can seek the man tomorrow.

5. (A) Where the meeting is being held.

(B) Where Joe will meet her.

(C) What the topic of the meeting is.

(D) What Joe was wearing.

6. (A) She doesn't know the person calling.

(B) She'll pay for the call.

(C) She'll charge the purchase.

(D) She'll call Mike back.

7. (A)Go to the library.

(B)Check her calendar.

(C)Attend the performance.

(D)Get some exercise.

8. (A)They're extremely noisy.

(B)They should have arrived by now.

(C)They should be allowed to fly there.

(D)They're not on a definite schedule.

9. (A)She's very interested in the idea.

(B)She thinks they should invite more people.

(C)She can't afford a holiday in June.

(D)She's doubtful about the weather in June.

10. (A)He bought the woman some chocolates.

(B) He will get angry soon.

(C)He's also ready for dinner.

(D) He wants to buy some candy.

11. (A) She didn't clean the apartment.

(B) Her roommate is messy.

(C) She needs to clean the lab.

(D) She's help the man clean his apartment.

12. (A) She thought the man's lawn was to dry.

(B) She thought the man's laundry was done badly.