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1. (A) Go to the movies with the man.

(B) Take her brother to the movies.

(C) Eat at her brother's.

(D) Cook dinner with Lois.

2. (A) The man should have offered his assistance


(B) She doesn't need the man's help.

(C) She didn't realize the boxes were empty.

(D) She wants the man to move the boxes.

3. (A) He'd like to have the windows open.

(B) He rarely leaves the windows open.

(C) He thinks the air is polluted.

(D) He'll help her close the windows.

4. (A) The results might be ready tomorrow.

(B) The man needs another test tomorrow.

(C) The results were called in last night.

(D) The doctor called the lab last night.

5. (A) She doesn't remember much about


(B) She's never been to Portland.

(C) She knows someone else who could help


(D) She'd be happy to talk to the man later.

6. (A) Turn down the volume.

(B) Help the man study for a test.

(C) Play a different kind of music.

(D) Speak louder.

7. (A) She forgot when the report was due.

(B) She'd like the man to help her with the


(C) She needs more time to finish the report.

(D) She hasn't included any data in her report.

8. (A) The cat is a lot of trouble.

(B) The cat is quite friendly.

(C) He doesn't get along with Debbie.

(D) He's glad Debbie gave him the cat.

9. (A) Try to get a seat next to the window.

(B) Find another passenger going to Cleveland.

(C) Ask for information about the departure


(D) Find out if there are any seats left on the


10.(A) She forgot to stop at the store.

(B) The man shouldn't eat the fish.

(C) The fish is safe to eat.

(D) The food shouldn't be reheated.

11. (A) She won't be able to go with the man.

(B) She doesn't think Frank is arriving until

tomorrow morning.

(C) She has to pick