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Structure and Written Expression

Time: 25 minutes (including the reading of the directions)?Now set your clock for 25 minutes.


1. A microscope can reveal vastly ______detail than is visible to the naked eye.

? (A) than (B) than more (C) more than (D) more

2. Narcissus bulbs ______ at least three inches apart and covered with about four inches of well drained soil.

? (A) should be planted (B) to plant (C) must planting (D) should plant

3. Industrialization has been responsible for ______ most radical of the environmental changes caused by humans.

? (A) a (B) the (C) some of which (D) which are the

4. In many areas the slope and topography of the land ______ excess rainfall to run off into a natural outlet.

? (A) neither permit (B) without permitting (C) nor permitting (D) do not permit

5. Color and light, taken together, ______ the aesthetic impact of the interior of a building.

?? (A) very powerfully influence

?? (B) very influence powerfully

?? (C) powerfully very influence

?? (D) influence powerfully very

6. ______ that Rachel Carson's 1962 book Silent Spring was one of the chief sources of inspiration for the development of nontoxic pesticides.

(A) There is likely (B) Likely to be (C) It is likely (D) Likely

7. Total color blindness, ______, is the result of a defect in the retina.

(A) a rare condition that (B) a rare condition (C) that a rare condition (D) is a rare condition

8. ______ no conclusive evidence exists, many experts believe that the wheel was invented only once and then diffused to the rest of the world.

(A) Even (B) But (C) Although (D) So

9. Wherever there is plenty of rain during the growing season, life is ______ in various forms.

(A) abundant (B) the abundance (C) an abundant (D) it abundant

10. In her time, Isadora Duncan was