TEM-4 Exercise 1

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Grammar & Vocabulary)

1. _____    all our kindness to help her, Sara refused to listen.

A. At

B. In

C. For

D. On

2. ____ before    we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.

A. Had they arrived

B. Would they arrive

C. Were they arriving

D. Were they to arrive

3. ____ conflict among city-states caused the eventual decline of Greek civilization.

A.    Continuous

B.    Continual

C.    Constant

D.    Contrary

4. ____ he's already heard the news.

A.    Chances are

B.    Chance is

C.    Opportunities are

D.    Opportunity is

5.____ his knowledge and academic background, he is basically stupid.

A.    But for

B.    According to

C.    For all

D.    Thanks to

6. ____ man can now create radioactive elements, there is nothing he can do to reduce their radioactivity.

A.    As

B.    Whether

C.    While

D.    Now that

7. ____ of the burden of ice, the balloon climbed up and drifted to the South.

A.    To be free

B.    To free

C.    Freeing

D.    Freed

8. ____ should any money be given to a small child.

A.    On no account

B.    From all account

C.    Of no account

D.    By all account

9.____    the advances of the science, the discomforts of old age will no doubt always be with us.

A.    As for

B.    Despite

C.    Except

D.    Besides

10. ____ the claim about German economic might, it is somewhat surprising how relatively small the German economy a