The Days Studying in England

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The Days Studying in England (文磊)

“What a wet day!” When a gust of noise was trickling in my dream, I dimly recognized what happened.

It is the weather of early spring in Shanghai no sooner than you have been delighted by a warm and clear day; you’ll certainly be disappointed by a chilly and wet change!

 In spite of this, I had to get up early to visit one of my old friends, Mr. Fang who I have not met for more than 20 years, ever since he completed his advanced study and left the University of Bath in England.

The shower was getting heavier and heavier and the wind was swirling everywhere. The avenue leading to underground station was flooded. Lots of large and small streams were splashed by vehicles running to and fro.

With our distorted umbrellas, my wife and I were trekking hard in the wind and downpour. After a while we both got wet. However, the bitterly coldness never dominated my warm feeling for meeting my old friend.

The underground train journey had lasted about half an hour. We arrived at our destination 20 minutes earlier than we expected. I decided to get out of the station and to find Mr. Fang’s place by ourselves rather than calling him as we had discussed on phone yesterday.

After about 20 minutes search and walk, we had found our target, a 32-storey building where Mr. Fan’s apartment is located in. I called him, than a familiar voice appeared. ”Are you Wenzili?”

“Yes, I am here.”

“Ok, I’ll meet you at the Gate No.3 of the station.”

“No, no need to bother you. We are outside your building now.” I said with obvious satisfaction.

“Why didn’t you call me before, so that I could have met you at the station? You see, your impulsive temper has no change at all!”

“I just want to confirm if I can find my way by myself.”

As I was explaining, the lift door opened. An old man with slightly bowed body and worn-toil face appeared in front of us.

As if we had flown through a time tunnel, I was almost petrified by what a saw.

“My God! Is it the handsome man who was known as Prince Charming in Bath?” I thought silently. But I hardly had time to exclaim over it, when Mr. Fang came towards me.

Four hands held each other firmly and tears wetted our eyes and then ran down our wrinkled faces.

“Ha-ha, my friend, you haven’t changed much.” We said to each other simultaneously. But we clearly understood it was a gentleman’s greeting, a typical English politeness.

“Mr. Fang I could never imagine, the parting in Bath would be in a 20-years time span.” I still indulged in deep sentiment.

“No, neither do I. But, should we go into my home first, then, we’ll have a specific talk.” Mr. Fang suggested.

It is a luxury apartment with floor area about 150 square meters. Looking through its windows, there is a spectacular view. The prosperity of down