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大学英语作文 篇1

  When I have free time, I wouldlike get up early to walk in the forest in the morning, because I want tobreathe the fresh air. I think it's a good way to keep healthy.


  In the afternoon, in order toembrace our nature, I'm going to take a ride around the countryside. Since everythingcomes from our nature, nothing is more beautiful than our nature. We must learnhow to appreciate her.


  In the evening, I want to gettogether with my friends who I talk and play with. At night, I would like tomake some beautiful pictures on computer. And then I will send them togetherwith my best wishes to my best friends.


  On weekends, I usually to gofishing with my friends, for it's not only a good exercise, but also a goodentertainment.


  What's more, I will climb themountains and enjoy the beautiful flowers in Guangzhou in spring days. As forsummer, I'll go to Zhuhai. There I can enjoy myself at the seaside. It must bea wonderful experience for me. In autumn, I'll go boating on the West Lake inHangzhou. In winter, I plan to go to Shenzhen. As it's in the tropical zone,it's warm and comfortable all the year round.


  If I can live such a happy life,I will be the happiest man alive.


大学英语作文 篇2

  Time spent at a university is a most worthwhile period in a young person's life. This is a time when a student begins to form his or her ideas about life in general. Attending classes and studying in the library keep a student busy and provide him or her with access to valuable information, adding to his or her knowledge base.

  Campus life can also be rich and colorful. Most universities offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports events, contests, and other social gatherings, enabling the students to experience relief fi'om study and homework. Students often form lifelong friendships through the varied experiences of university life.

  During the time a student spends at university, he not only develops his intellectual ahilites,he also develops social skills as well as knowledge and wisdom necessary for choosing a future career. By learning how to balance intense study and recreation, a student will be well prepared for the challenges of future responsibilitie.

大学英语作文 篇3

  题目要求:Student Investors in the Stock Market




  China's stock market is luring students looking to sec how their textbook teachings fare in real life. While there arc no concrete data on the student- investor, business professors say tbe market boom has boosted the number of students looking to play around with stocks. They invest in the stock market with money from parents and sometimes with amount equal to several times their annual tuition.

  Some people are alarmed at the trend. As investing in the stock market involves many risks, they say,college students are very likely to lose, which may put students' &miiy assets at risk. However, some are supportive. As more and more students become sbarebolders, they will help raise tie general quality of shareholders and there will be more rational stock buyers in securities market, which is actually a good thing.

  In my view, college students may give stock investment a try if possible. Stock investment may be a way to make fast money and help finance students* schooling. Even if the students are likely to lose in the stock market, it may still bring about valuable investment experience — they can、learn if they don't tiy.

大学英语作文 篇4

  单身是最好的升值期 Single is The Best Time to Improve Yourself 发表日期:20xx-06-30

  Nowadays, many people are single in their twenties and they feel anxious as many people around them are married, they think they also should get married, especially for girls. Some of them choose to get married with the one seems suitable in a hurry, while some complain that there is no boy for them.

  人一定要结婚吗 Should We all Need to Get Married? 发表日期:20xx-06-28

  In the traditional view that everyone’s life is the same. After they were born in the world, they need to grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, have babies and then grow old.

  我们应不应该购买苹果手机 Should We Buy iPhone 发表日期:20xx-06-26

  iPhone is made in USA, but extremely popular in China. It is public cognition that iPhone is a high level smart product. It is good but expensive. Some people even joke that they will sell one of their kidney to buy an iPhone.

  多吃水果的好处 The Advantage of Eating Fruit 发表日期:20xx-06-22

  It is well-known that fruit is good for our health and we should have more. Do you really understand what benefit it brings to us? Let me show you some.

  医生工作的利弊 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Doctor 发表日期:20xx-06-20

  Doctor is a common profession, but its content and duty make this profession not common. Different people have different views towards this job. In my opinion, being a doctor has advantages and disadvantages.

  夏天如何保护皮肤 How to Protect Skin in Summer 发表日期:20xx-06-16

  The desire to look attractive is universal. For many girls, skin problem is the biggest headache. Especially in summer, girls’ skin is easily get bad, such as stain, dark, wrinkle and rough skin.

  别适应穷日子 Don’t Get Used to The Poor Way 发表日期:20xx-06-14

  In Chinese tradition, it is a great merit for people to be frugal. Our parents have gone through the hard time when our country’s economy is not good.

  富人的作息表 The Rich Man’s Timetable 发表日期:20xx-06-12

  Recently, the timetable of Chinese richest man was exposed by the media. As the rich group, they are seemed to be so myserious for the public and what they do attracts the media all the time. The public is so surprised by the schedule and it proves the words of no pain, no gain.

  新的表情包走红 New Facial Expressions are Hot 发表日期:20xx-06-08

  There is no doubt that Rio Olympic Games is the hottest topic at that time. The world’s watching the exciting match and everyday we can find funny things. Recently, a Chinese female swimmer is really hot on the Internet, because people love her facial expressions.

  寻找灵魂伴侣 Finding Soul Mates 发表日期:20xx-06-06

  Recently, the news reported that a school invited masters and doctors to join the activity, which aimed at helping them to find the right ones.

  充足的睡眠有助于健康 Enough Sleep Stays Healthy 发表日期:20xx-06-02

  Nowadays, it is the common situation for the young people to stay up, some are addicted to the computer games, and some are going out and find fun with their friends.

  米老鼠 Micky Mouse 发表日期:20xx-05-31

  Disney films are very successful. The films are produced in high quality and bring children a lot of fun. Since the fairy tales are brought into the screen, Disney company creates dreams for children and they become one of the most famous companies.

  关于学习普通话 About Learning Mandarin 发表日期:20xx-05-26

  In China, every kid has to learn English, which is the compulsory subject. What’s more, as it is the international language, so the parents pay special attention to it.

  培养业余爱好 Develop Hobbies 发表日期:20xx-05-24

  When students go to the university, they always feel very excited to start the new chapter of their lives. As they have so much spare time, some choose to join the clubs and some find a part-time job, but most students have nothing to do and search the Internet all the time.

大学英语作文 篇5

  Volunteers Needed

  As it is necessary for college students to take an active part in social activities,the Student Union decides to organize a social practice during the summer holiday and is now recruiting volunteers.

  We will show the plan and the arrangement to all the students who want to join us.Our plan is to depart next weekend,when the summer vacation officially begins.And,

  our purpose is to supply our service to the Olympic Games.The first destination is Nanjing,the world famous city for its beauty and mild temperature.We’Il take the train and stay there for

  l day,and then we’ll head for Shanghai.During the 3-day stay there,we will help the coaches there,SO that the game can go smoothly.In Beijing we will undertake a lot of work,and we

  will stay there for about a week.All together,our trip will last about two weeks.

  Those interested please contact as either through email(XXX@126.tom)or phone call(12345678).

大学英语作文 篇6

  weeks ago ,I had a military training . Many students think military training is not only boring but also terrible .but I don't think so .In my opinion ,military training life is wonderful .At first ,I'm afraid of joining military training ,at that time ,I think military training is scaring ,but I have to take part in it ,because I'm a student .I have to obey the school regulations .But in fact ,we are wrong,military training is cold .but at the same time ,military training also brings happiness for us.For example , in our spare time ,the commander taught us singing songs,or had a singing match with other classes .On September third ,we had a match with Class Five .

  First ,one of the girls from Class Five sang songs ,she sang very well,I thought . Next, other students also performed the programmes ,some sang ,some dancd ,and another students told jokes . Finally ,our class won the first prize ,the other class' students are also very happy ,although they failed in the match .

  All in all ,all of us were very happy .What a happy day it was ! I've never forgotten that day.

大学英语作文 篇7

  Over the past couple of years, a variety of talent shows have emerged on TV channels across the nation, from Super Girls to Happy Boys and so forth. This type of entertainment program is intensely popular, especially among young adults and has produced profound impacts on their studies and life.

  There are a couple of reasons behind the tide. To start with, young folks need role models to learn from. So many of them are crazy for contestants participating in these programs. This gives rise to the increasing emergence of these shows because TV networks naturally need to cater to young audiences. Plus, thanks to economic and political reforms carried out by the government, this crop of young generation have more freedom and desire to express and showcase themselves. Therefore, a growing number of young people desire to get involved in these shows.

  This is a divisive topic. On my personal level, the talent show is a superb means of relaxing and amusing and can hugely relieve our strains. As college students, however, we could not afford to indulge in them and should be aware of the utmost importance of studies.

大学英语作文 篇8

  Bringing with expectation,I imagine my college life should be very good. The college is an interesting and fantastic place for us to study and live in.Campus life can also be rich and colorful. Every day a series of outgoing people get into my eyesight. I will talk to them heart to heart. Here I make friends with my new classmates from everywhere around China. What's more, I will enjoy sports with my classmates on the playground, tired but happy. sometimes I will choose to read news online and sometimes watch a film for relaxing. Of course,I will study harder than before.During the college's time,I not only develops my intellectual ahilites,but also develops social skills as well as knowledge and wisdom . learning how to balance intense study and recreation.

大学英语作文 篇9

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30minutes to write a composition on the topic OnlineGames. You should write at least 120 words, andbase your composition on the outline below:





  Online Games

  As a product of modern computer and theInternet, online games have become very popular among college students. A great manystudents have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction from these games. But as we see,some students lacking self-discipline are too much indulged in these games so that their healthand academic performances are affected. This phenomenon has caused much worry fromthe teachers and parents.

  However, some others argue that online games are not always harmful. They can train theability of youngsters to respond to things quickly. Moreover, they can stimulate theirimagination and their interest in computer science. More importantly, it does bring collegestudents much pleasure and release their pressure greatly.

  From my point of view, online games are a wonderful entertainment if you play them in areasonable way. When they interfere too much with your study, it is better for you to givethem up at once. Yet if you have enough self-control over them, you can certainly obtain realpleasure and benefit a lot from them.