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大学英语作文 篇1

  Disney films are very successful. The films are produced in high quality and bring children a lot of fun. Since the fairy tales are brought into the screen, Disney company creates dreams for children and they become one of the most famous companies. Walt Disney starts it with Micky Mouse.


  Micky Mouse is the most classic cartoon character of Disney films. Since it came into being, it was favored by people soon. Micky Mouse is not exactly like a real mouse. It stands on two feet and wears white gloves on its hands. In the cartoon, Micky Mouse plays tricks all the time and makes people laugh out loudly. With the success of Micky Mouse, Walt Disney draws many cartoon characters to join the family, like Minnie, Donald Duck and Pluto.


  Walt Disney created Micky Mouse with the inspiration in his working place. At that time, he and his co-worker worked in an old building and the mice often ran out and in of the building, so he came up with the idea to draw such lovely image. Since then, the childen found their friend, and Micky Mouse grew up with them.


大学英语作文 篇2

  In your opinion,the mobile phone has made life easier.State your viewpoint and give reasons.

  I am of the opinion that the mobile phone has made our life much easier.Firstly,communication is made a lot easier with the advent of the mobile phone.A mobile phone is carried all over the places with us in pockets,attached to the belt or in handbags.

  Some even walk around with mobile phones in their hands.This will make it easy for everyone to contact us no matter where we are as long there is signal for the telecommunication service.We never have to worry about not being able to contact anyone.This is the first convinence we enjoy with a mobile phone.Secondly,short messaging service or in short SMS is a www.enzuowen.netpopular feature for mobile phones.Most mobile phone users send SMS regularly to friends,passing short messages,important data,greetings and jokes.

  This helps to strengthen their relationship with better communication.For professional purposes vital data can be sent without a fuss to the recipient or a co-worker who is out of the office.Previously,we would have to look for a fax machine to do the same task.That is a big hassle.Moreover sending SMS is cheap,hence the popularity is understandable.Finally,with sophisticated technology,mobile phones can be used to access the Internet,watch television pro grammes,listen to music,play games,join contests,check on cinema and restaurant listing,check on traffic summonses,confirm university acceptance and send image messaging service.

  Many features will be available as technology improves further.Therefore,I believe a mobile phone has brought innumerable convinence and ease to us.

大学英语作文 篇3

  In the campus, college students are so excited about the new life and they want to make friends with others who are coming from different areas. So taking part in activities can help them to improve their talents and also make more friends. But some people doubt that activities will distract students' attention. In my opinion, activity is part of campus life.


  It is obvious that campus life provides students more stages to communicate and show their talents, so they need to find the chance by joining the activities. Some students make a lot of friends who share the same interest, or find the stage to show their talents. The meaning of activities is to improve students' ability to communicate, which is of great importance to their future life.


  Activities can't be ignored in campus life, but students must keep in their minds that study is their top priority. They are in the stage of preparing for skills, which means major knowledge and the ability to deal with relationships. So both study and activities are indispensable part of college life.


大学英语作文 篇4

  in the last decades, the development of market oriented economy has brought a large number of newly emerging things into our daily life. yet when it comes to one of these new things lottery, welfare lottery in particular, some people believe that it creates a good social atmosphere while others argue that the opposite is true. there is probably a little bit of truth in both statements. but in recent years, lottery has done a lot to support the view that it does more good than harm.

  on one hand, welfare lottery encourages people to do small kindness for the welfare of others as well as for the profit of oneself. when we read the daily newspapers, we are frequently appraised of the "big kindness" performed by well-to-do philanthropists who donate large sums of money for the establishment of schools, libraries, free hospitals for the poor, orphanages,and the like. these, of course, are laudable acts of charity that deserve wide public acclaim. but in my estimation, not all the people have the financial ability to support these "big kindness",and those many minor acts of kindness performed daily in different situations by public minded citizens who receive no recognition or praise from the mass media are equally commendable.similarly, welfare lottery provide the majority of people a chance to perform this kind of small kindness.

  on the other hand, in a large city like shanghai, where the general tendency of the people is "to look out only for one's own", the atmosphere is cold and miserable for those unable to keep up with the rapid pace of competitions. by launching a personal campaign such as welfare lottery, we can try to remedy the present situation and to make our society a much better place to live in.

  however, every coin has two sides.lottery,inevitably,has some side effects. as to the general criticism that it encourages some people's opportunistic attitudes and makes them unwilling to make a living by finding a job, i believe that the ta system in our society will keep the necessary balance between the poor and the rich, thus maintains the stability and unity of our country.

  recognition of a problem is the first step toward its solution. since we are now generally aware of the advantages and disadvantages of lottery, it seems necessary that we improve this scheme to meet the public needs. if we are to succeed as a society in 21st century, a better society atmosphere should be created.

大学英语作文 篇5

  Falling in love with in college

  As it is known, when we are in high school, we all have a constant goal that is to get the entrance to college, and hard work is out of question for the following. So we gain the notice to college finally which we often dream of in the nights, which proves a proverb that the god doesn’t live up to someone who spends time and efforts, please memorize the sentence for good.

  Of course one day we went to college in August or September happily and proudly, but at the same time something happened that it made your heart pounding fiercely next, by the way, that is love for many college students. And then they mithe directions and their selves as well for their lives. Next I am to exprethat I am neutral for falling in love in college, however I have some ideas to illustrate of my own.

  Firstly, if you are passers-by, I think we will find a lot about several couples of boyfriends and girlfriends under the dorms or dim corners or in the classes without anybody for close postures, as youngsters, it is normal without asking cause about that.

  Secondly, even worth mentioning is that many young boys and girls couldn’t attend classes and courses instead of traveling to some sceneries and sight places or doing other things only to turn out them loved each other temporarily./

  Thirdly, especially to most of freshmen, please don’t be influenced by the phenomenon that a number of students who finds anther half called by them selves proudly, because I think persons are different from each other, different characters, backgrounds and aims.

  But there is one point to obey if you actually want to have an attempt the feeling for love at first sight: it is , whenever you and I am, the learning and the work is the most principle rather than love is the first and work second, for we aren’t children and teenagers anymore, in the future society needs a comprehensive qualifications, profound and extensive knowledge persons, meanwhile in college you are in the state of half foot to society which time is a most important proceto exercise and experience before stepping to complicated and complex society, and therefore we are supposed to spend much time in learning instead.