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  英语推荐信 1

  As the Director of theBay Area Community Center,I work closely with many of the community volunteers. I consider Michael Thomasto be one of the most studious and responsible members of our organization.After three years time, I have come to know him well and would like torecommend him as a candidate for your undergraduate program.

  Michael is a dedicated member of the Bay Area community and has donatedcountless hours of his time to the Center. He has not only worked with membersof the community, he has also helped to implement plans and programs that willenrich the lives of those around him.

  Michael’s leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to theseprograms, most of which have been started from the ground up.

  For example, the children of the Bay Area are now able to benefit from amultitude of new after-school and tutoring programs, while the elderly membersof our community can now apply for grocery deliveries that did not existpreviously.

  In my opinion, Michael’s unwavering devotion to his community exemplifiesstrong moral fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual and would bean excellent candidate for your school.

  Sincerely,John Flester

  Director, Bay Area Community Center

  英语推荐信 2

To Whom It May Concern:

  Cheri Jackson is an extraordinary young woman. As her AP English Professor, Ihave seen many examples of her talent and have long been impressed by herdiligence and work ethic. I understand that Cheri is applying to theundergraduate program at your school. I would like to recommend her foradmission.

  Cheri has outstanding organizational skills. She is able to successfullycomplete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. Aspart of a semester project, she developed an innovative collaborative novelwith her classmates. This book is now being considered for publication. Cherinot only headed the project, she ensured its success by demonstratingleadership abilities that her classmates both admired and respected.

  I must also make note of Cheri’s exceptional academic performance. Out of aclass of 150 students, Cheri graduated with honors in the top 10. Herabove-average performance is a direct result of her hard work and strong focus.

  If your undergraduate program is seeking superior candidates with a record ofachievement, Cheri is an excellent choice. She has consistently demonstrated anability to rise to any challenge that she must face.

  To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for CheriJackson. If you have any further questions regarding Cheri’s ability or thisrecommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information onthis letterhead.

  Sincerely,Professor William Dot

  英语推荐信 3

  To whom it may concern,It is indeed a pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for xiong Chengchen, a student of mine for the past two years in Guizhou College of Finance and Economy.

  During her three years study in the Department of Foreign Language, she has distinguished herself in this university, and shows great potential for future accomplishments.

  I have been pleased to know Miss.

  xiong when she was under my instruction in the course of America Literature.

  While attending this requirement course, xiong has left me with the impression as an intelligent and hard-working student who is highly motivated in her coursework.

  Unlike most of her classmates, who acquired knowledge merely from school lecturing, xiong has spent a plenty of effort and time on reading advanced articles and textbooks and therefore has developed a firm grasp of this subject.

  As far as I know, she taught herself Japanese in her spare time.

  She had won the first price for our university in the knowledge Competition of Sino-Japan Cultural Exchange which annually held by Guizhou University (the only one "211 Project" university in Guizhou), and now she is preparing her Japanese N4 Test.

  Owing to her interests in many fields, she has collected much information and material for her study.

  She is not only a good student whose GPA ranks upper 10% among 70 students of the same grade, but also do well in sports.

  Once she had led the women basketball team of her

  grade to win the second price in the basketball game which held by Department of Foreign Language.

  She is a student with strong sense of responsibility and amazing capability.

  She could successfully deal with both her courses and student’s work.

  She did a very good job when she was once the representative in the student union, in charge of the studying section.

  She gained the trust and respects from her classmates.

  Now I am eager to recommend her to you because she is excellent in many aspects.

  And I am fully convinced that she will make more achievements under the influence of the education of your university.

  英语推荐信 4

Dear Bieber

  Words cannot express how excited I feel at this moment when I hear that you are going to visit China, and it is also my honor to recommend Beijing, one of the most popular traveling cities, to you.

  Beijing, as the capital of 7 dynasties, is full of ancient relics. Architectures, towers and sculptures which reflect the profoundness of history can be seen everywhere. Moreover, snacks in Beijing, such as Roast duck, Soybean cake and Stewed Liver will offer a wonderful experience of tastes. Besides, you will be surely welcomed in this strange city, because people here are always friendly and warm-hearted.

  When it comes to the way of traveling, you can choose a group tour. However, to get more fun, you might as well select self-service tour. I sincerely hope that you could take my recommendation into consideration and that you could enjoy your staying in Beijing.

  Truly yours,Li Ming

  英语推荐信 5

To Whom It May Concern:

  It is my great pleasure to recommend Miss xxx to you, as she was one of my finest students in our department.

  Miss xxx began attending my English classes in the Department of International Trade University in 19xx and graduated in spring of 19xx. Though it has been over eight years since I last saw her, the deep impression she made on me has not faded in the least. She is very intelligent, honest, creative, articulate, adaptive person. Her high academic achievement speaks for itself: she consistently scored in the top 5% in class.

  I am certain that Miss xxx would make great contributions to your company, and I strongly recommend her for the position. Please do not hesitate to inquire further if I can be of help to you.


  英语推荐信 6

Dear Professor

  My name is xxx, a PH.D candidate of xxx(university).

  I got your email address from the web and I am very interested in your research field. This message is to ask for the information of the PH.D and Postdoctoral program of your group. I have published 5 papers(see the attachment for my paper list written by Latex convention) since 1996, including different topics: Controlling Chaos, Dynamics, and Bio-membranes. The two papers of Bio-membrane were both finished in this year, one is to discuss the pattern formation of periodic square texture(egg-arton) in Lipid bilayers; the other is to discuss the Complex vesicle under the framework of the spontaneous rvature energy model.

  I am also interested in Polymer dynamics, DNA structure transition and have read many related papers. In fact, I have started to do some calculations in this field.

  Would you please to consider my application to join your group, especially as a graduate student under your guidance? The reasons I want to obtain my PH.D there are:

  1)A PH.D obtained in such a famous University will be helpful to get a good research position when I come back;

  2)I want to be educated at a high level since my dream is to be a successful researcher in the future.

  Looking to your message.

  Best regards!

  英语推荐信 7

Dear Prof. Dr.

  I take great pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation for Dr. to support his application for a postdoctoral position in your lab. Dr. is an outstanding graduate student working for the M.S. degree under my supervision. In my contact with him in the University, his creativity and attitude to research work gave me deep impression. He always proposed new ideas on his research and could

  resolve problems by himself, I was very satisfied with him. Dr has been working on molecular luminescence research about six years. As I know, most of his researches have been concentrated on bioanalytical chemistry in his Masters work, such as protein and nucleic acids assays etc. In these fields, Dr. has strong background and research ability. He has and would be published several papers in international journals. I am often interested in reading his papers in publication and discussing with him. I am very appreciated of his research ability. Dr also possesses very fine character. He is a devoted research worker. He works on weekends. He is an honest and smart, reliable and responsible person, and is very cooperative too. Based on these qualities, I believe this young man will achieve greater academic success in his future work. Therefore, I strongly support his application, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could give him your favorable consideration.

  Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any additional questions about .

  英语推荐信 8

Dear Madama/Sir:

  When Miss xxx requested a letter of reference from me to support her application for graduate studies at your esteemed university, as her teacher, I am pleased to write this letter for her.

  I got to know xxx when she took part in National School of Mathematical Modeling Contest in 20xx

  Exactly, the time was one hour before the contest be over.

  At that time other groups already handed over the paper and program to person in charge and only her group around the computer amended something, I came to remind them of hurrying up and found that they were amending the map which I felt very good and also accorded with the paper requirement.

  When I asked her what she did, she said that she put several cities on the wrong places so she must correct them.

  She checked it again and again, before ten minutes the contest would be over and her group handed over the map.

  I was impressed by her clinging spirit which made her group win the second prize in the mathematical modeling contest.

  The second time of meeting her was that I reviewed practices things in her class.

  When I saw her, she only one stayed in the class to consult materials, I asked her why other students couldn’t stay with her, she said that other students were cold and she let them go to back to have a rest.

  She already foundout a new arithmetic but didn’t use it masterly, so she used three computers to check the results by changing parameters.

  The quantities of data were so large that I couldn’t believe she was able to finish the task, while I was surprised by her confidence and ability, she finished them on time.

  I was impressed by her spirit on academy again.

  At her junior year, I taught her mathematic modeling course, she treated it very earnestly and she always finished each practical subject perfectly.

  Such as, after I gave her some key guidance, she classified the knowledge needed for study and listed the best methods to acquire knowledge on this field and finished it efficiently.

  Recently I got to know she will apply for financing engineering and I was glad to tell her that if she connects theory with practice, she will exert mathematical character better.

  I strongly support her decision and hope my recommendation will receive your favorable consideration.

  Sincerely yours

  Professor xxx

  英语推荐信 9

Dear sir:

  It is my pleasure to recommend mr.

  xxx for his application to work in your school.Mr.xxx has been an english teacher in my school (new generation foreign language school) since september xxx.

  His major responsibilities include information collecting, analyzing, teaching and translating.He is an enthusiastic and progressive young man with extremely high potentiality.

  He often participated in extracurricular activities contributing a great deal to school.Mr.xxx is not only quick at learning and good at solving difficult teaching problems, but also with a logical mind that enables him to effectively analyze difficulties.All the work handed to him was completed satisfactorily.

  Actually, he is so reliable that i assign him with heavy responsibilities.

  With his help, I have been able to spend more time in making student’s excellent english speaking ability.I really consider myself very fortunate to have such a capable teacher.I am certain his diligence, coupled with a good competence and pleasant personality, will assure him of big achievements for your school.

  I strongly recommend this promising young man without any reservation and your favorable consideration and assistance to him will be very much appreciated.

  英语推荐信 10

Dear Sir or Madam:

  In capacity as Professor of Mathematics at Fudan University?Im writing to recommend Mr. Wang?Gesintosyour PhD program in Computer Science. I have known Mr. Wang since his sophomore year of college?and have acted as his thesis advisormentor. In my experience?he is a gifteddiligent student and an admirably hard worker. Wang is an impressive student because he has been forced to overcome the significant challenge of a serious illness during his freshman year. When I first met Wang in my Discrete Math class, he did not appear to be anything special to me. While his exam scores were good, they were not as high as I would now expect of him. What I didnt know then was that due to his illness. Wang was attempting to take all of the difficult early mathematics courses at one time including Discrete Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra and Possibilities. While most students found preparing for just one set of these exams difficult?Wang was overwhelmed by four of them. But in the end?he achieved an impressive score on the final exam which made me conscious of his unusualdetermination he demonstrates when confronting difficult challenges. Mr. Wang I have often talked about a variety of mathematicscomputer science conceptsproblems. During these discussions?I always found him to be delightfully intelligent. Not only does he quickly understand the conceptsproblems presented to him, he is able to analyze these problemspresent solutions. But perhaps most important is that Wangs thinking is intensely rigorous. When looking at anyquestion; he carefully scrutinizes itif he finds any uncertain issue; he clears them up immediately. I believe this kind of thought is essential to become an excellent computer programmer. Serving as his thesis advisor, I had a first-hand opportunity to observe the way in which Wangs mind works. In his senor thesis?Mr. Wang mainly discussed two challenging questions in regards to″ANN″。 In our books in China?knowledge of ANNits uses are very rare. Few people in China have studied this to picconse quently?the materials that are available on ANN are limited. Workingon this difficult project?not only did Mr. Wang rise to the challenge?but he went abovebeyond the call of duty to analyze his secondary sourcestest them for accuracy in practice. In this way?he found mistakes in the book that we use. His diligencehard work made me extremely proud of him. Sincerely yours, Prof. xxx