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my family英语带翻译作文(精选10篇)

  在学习、工作或生活中,许多人都写过作文吧,作文是从内部言语向外部言语的过渡,即从经过压缩的简要的、自己能明白的语言,向开展的、具有规范语法结构的、能为他人所理解的外部语言形式的转化。那么问题来了,到底应如何写一篇优秀的作文呢?下面是小编为大家收集的my family英语带翻译作文(精选10篇),仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。

my family英语带翻译作文(精选10篇)

  my family英语带翻译作文 篇1

  My name is Claire and I’m in my fourteen years old.

  I live a happy life because I have a warm and harmonious family. There are four people in my family. They are my parents and my elder brother. My parents both are teachers so that my brother and I have been well educated. I am four years younger than my brother who always cares much about me. We have a good relationship though we quarrel even fight sometimes.

  Actually I am likely to consider it as a sign of love. In one word I really love my family. How about yours?




  my family英语带翻译作文 篇2

  Hi, Im Nick. Im 14, and I live in Chongqing.

  Its a fantastic city. I have a sister and two brothers. My sisters, Lily. Shes 18. We hardly ever meet each other. And my brothers jordan and Mike. Jordan is 16 and Mike is 8. We dont do much things. My father is jared, and hes 42. Hes a worker. My mothers name is Rebucca, shes 39, and shes worker too.

  So, this is my family.




  my family英语带翻译作文 篇3

  There are four people in my family.They are my father,my mother,my brother and I.My mother is very beautiful.She is an engineer.She is very kind to me.My father is a worker.He works hard.He is strict with me.My brother is a 12-year-old boy.He is very naughty.He likes playing computer best.I am a middle school student.I like singing best.My dream is to be a singer.

  This is my family.It is warm.I like it very much.



  my family英语带翻译作文 篇4

  My family members: father, mother, my two younger brother and I, my father looks serious but inside very gentleness, and my mother? Although love scold me very much, also very "I shout do the west, but he will also go shopping with me, and my two younger brother ah ~ can only use one word to describe, that is naughty.

  Remember on one occasion, our whole family together to play in the water, because I will travel all the way into my very uncomfortable, at the end of the fresh water, dad parked the car in the parking lot, then our family together walked out of the parking lot and the result to the first for a long time did not come out to play, so they cant wait to the end of the road to rush in the past, because they are small cant see the car, so narrowly missed being hit by a car, my dad saw while no car immediately after the younger brother went to that, of course the father to the other side must be very angry scold brother, mother saw dad angry face and appease dad, call him dont be angry, but dad also because dont want to delay the time we play, leave my brothers fault, and then we open happy heart to go to the old street of fresh water. Although we harmony harmonious get along, but dad to my expectation very high so for I am with a special focus on results, but every time I test scores, always not satisfied, because I was careless, so there are a lot of points were lopped off, but dad would say to me the next time continue to work hard, can take an examination of is better, and my mother always call me to do to do more of the west, let me take a rest during the holidays will not, but I know she is good for me, and the first brother will only make me angry, let every time I have to go on the rampage, then every time dad because I quarrel with my brother scold me, so I had to endure down because they are my brother after all!

  Although our family is not like villa luxury, but we everyone has a happy face on the face also is very harmony, as the saying goes: "mend cultivate crossing" in one hundred, and we can become a family, should be the ancients says "predestination"! So we decree by destiny to become a family should have to cherish it well to not to other children had no parents, we should better than many of their so we cherish it rather than complain that their parents there is bad for you.




  my family英语带翻译作文 篇5

  I have a happy family. There are three people in my family, my father, mother and me. My father is a businessman. He is always busy with his work and he often goes to business trips. But when he is free, he stays with us. My mother is a worker. She works hard, too. She works hard to take care of our home. I love my parents.

  我有一个幸福的家庭。有三个人在我的家庭,我的爸爸,妈妈和我。我的父亲是一个商人。他总是忙于他的工作,他经常去出差。但是,当他是自由的,他留下和我们在一起。我的母亲是一名工人。她努力工作了。她工作努力,把我们家的照顾。 我爱我的父母。

  my family英语带翻译作文 篇6

  I love my family,because I have a happy family.

  My father is an English teacher.His name is Jacky.He is thirty-eight.He likes playing basketball.What’s my mother jop?Is she a teacher?Yes,you’re right!My mother is very kind and nice,she is thirty-seven.My mother is always laborious work.I love my parents!

  On Staurday and Sunday,I often go to the library and play the piano,My father go to play basketball.Sometimes,we watch TV and listen to music at home.

  I love my family.Because I’m very happy to live with my parents together!

  我爱我的家庭,因为我有一个幸福的家庭。我的父亲是一名英国teacher.His名Jacky.He是30 - eight.He喜欢玩basketball.What是我的母亲约普?是她是老师吗?是的,你说得对!我的母亲是非常友好和漂亮,她是30 - seven.My母亲总是费力work.I爱我的父母!论Staurday和星期天,我经常去图书馆和弹钢琴,我的父亲去打basketball.Sometimes,我们看电视,在家中聆听音乐。我爱我的family.Because我很高兴能与我的父母住在一起!中文翻译:我的家庭我爱我的家庭,因为我有一个快乐的家庭。我的爸爸是一名英语教师,他的名字叫杰克。他今年38岁。他非常喜欢打篮球。我的妈妈是赶什么呢?她是一名教师吗?是的。你说对了!我的妈妈是一个很亲切,友善的人,她今年37岁。我妈妈总是勤劳的干活。我爱我的父母。在星期六和星期天里,我经常去图书馆和弹钢琴。我爸爸去打篮球。有时侯,我们都在家看电视和听音乐。我爱我家。因为我和爸爸妈妈一起生活得很开心!

  my family英语带翻译作文 篇7

  Family, is a home to return to of our heart, is our umbrella body, is our...

  Our family, is my island, every day I wander in the islands. My family and I go to maoming shopping, we taste delicacies, we had a fish shop, selling the fish eggs, 58 yuan to leave, we finish eating.

  Mom dad asked: "how much money?" Dad big surprised: "I havent money." Dad walked back to the fish eggs quickly spread to money.

  That day, I and my brother to sell shoes, we buy shoes in the shop, it was the Spring Festival, shine at the moment, suddenly saw a red envelope, we walk over and pick up the red envelopes, open and see is 100 yuan. Then I thought: if the 100 yuan according to for yourself!

  Brother said: "elder sister, go". "Where to?" "Go to reception." "Why?" "The red envelope in front desk." "You stupid! The ground pick up to treasure, dont ask him to find less than." "Elder sister, if this money is you, what do you think?"

  Then we will give a red envelope to and desk there.

  My family is really very good, very good!








  my family英语带翻译作文 篇8

  I love my family. There are three people in my family. They are my mother, my father and I.

  My mother is a housewife, she has to a lot of things in my family. She has to wash the dishes every day. She has to polish my shoes every evening. She doesn’t have time to watch TV, because she very busy.

  My father is a policeman. He works in the P.S.B. He likes smoke, likes watch TV too.

  I’m a student. I haven’t else chores, I at once do my homework.

  I love my family!






  my family英语带翻译作文 篇9

  I have a very perfect family!Why?Because every one in my family is friendly and humor.My mom is a beautiful and soft woman,she does good cook.My father is the most person inmy heart.He works hard,but that never reduce our playing time at all!All the people in my family know that the money we need to earn is unlimited,the time we get together to enjoy is limited.I always think that I am luck to have the wonderful family!


  my family英语带翻译作文 篇10

  my familyI have a happy family. My family have five poeple:grandpa, grandma, father, mother, and me.

  My parents and me live in city. My father is a worker. His work is hard. My mother is a high schools Chinese teacher, She take bicycle go to work at sevenclock. In the afternoon, she doesnt go home. In the evening, she make supper. The food is delicious. I am a student. I have Chinese, math and English everyday. That is boring. I have many friends. After class, I play with my friends.

  We are tried, but we are very happy. I love my family.




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