高中一年级Body Language过关测试题

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高中一年级Body Language过关测试题



高中一年级Body Language过关测试题


1.juice/ / 2.proud/ / 3.gesture / /4.manage / /

5.host/ / 6.comfortable / /7.Asia// 8.guest/ /

9.communicate // 10.distance / /


1.It is the c____ in China to eat dumplings during the Spring Festival.

2.We can c____ with people in most parts of the world by telephone.

3.The invitation was meant as a friendly g____.

4.He couldn't m____ his horse,and it threw him to the ground.

5.There is still a long d____ to cover before they arrive there.

6.____(礼貌)are important for happy relations among people.

7.I hope you feel as____(舒服)as you are at home.

8.He is between the jobs and now he is busy____(打印)his résumé in order to find a good job.

9.They had to put off the meeting because of the____(意见不一)among the leaders.

10.They____(数)the number of times that people touched each other.



1.There is nothing ____ but ____down and wait for him ____ back.

A.to be done;to sit;coming

B.to do;sit;come

C.to do;to sit;to come

D.to do;sit;to come

2.____ ,one needs much practice.

A.To succeed B.Succeeding C.Succeed D.Success

3.Would you ____ do me a favor when I move to the new house?

A.be kind B.be so kind

C.be so kind as to D.be as kind as

4.—I'd like to buy an expensive sport car.

—Well,sir,we've got several models ____ .

A.to be chosen from B.to choose C.to choose from D.for choosing

5.—Do you know what ____ next?

—Sorry,I don't know what is ____ next.

A.to do;to be done B.to do;to do C.to be done;to do D.to be done;to be done

6.The farmers showed us ____ the vegetables.

A.how to pick B.to pick C.pick D.picking

7.I remember ____ to the seaside by my uncle when I was a child,we forgot ____ an overcoat and felt very cold.

A.being taken;to take B.taking;taking

C.to take;taking D.taken;to take

8.He was made ____ a lecture in the hall.

A.give B.to give C.giving D.to be given

9.I feel it an honor ____ here.

A.ask to speak B.to ask to speak

C.to be asked to speak D.to be asked speaking

10.We must find a room big enough ____ .

A.for all of us to live B.for all of us to live in

C.to live in for all of us D.of all us to live


1.It is not decided where we should give the party.

2.He was so angry that he was not able to speak.

3.Is there anyone who will take care of the children?

4.You have to wait till you see the results of the examination.

5.It is very kind of you that you come and see me off.

6.It is important that you should learn a foreign language.

7.Who put forward the plan that a railway should be built to connect the two cities?

8.She was excited when she heard the news.

9.It happened that you had known each other before.

10.They suppose that he is a manager.


1.It is difficult____________(照顾这么小的一个孩子).

2.I pretended____________(睡着了).

3.Mr. Green seemed____________(越来越不喜欢他).

4.He decided____________(成为物理学家).

5.The woman came out____________(看看在发生什么事).

6.I mean____________(完成这个任务),one way or another.

7.The enemy is believed____________(已被击败).

8.He appears____________(是你的朋友)but I doubt if he is.

9.I happened____________(在挨着他站着)when he was shot.

10.The teacher wanted the composition____________(在课堂上完成).



1.If you go to Britain,you must ____ British customs.

A.have B.follow C.take D.share

2.Dark clouds are a ____ of rain while a smile is a of friendship.

A.gesture;sign B.sight;method

C.sign;gesture D.mark;way

3.It is a ____ to celebrate Christmas on December 25th in some English-speaking countries.

A.custom B.manner C.habit D.holiday

4.It is strange that the creature should(居然)____ to live without eating for so many months.

A.turn on B.keep on C.manage D.try

5.The speaker couldn't make himself ____ because of the great noise.

A.heard B.hearing C.hear D.to hear

6.Mr Smith felt more nervous with so many people ____ him.

A.watch B.watching C.watched D.to watch

7.How could you leave the classroom with all the lights ____ on?

A.turn B.turned C.turning D.to turn

8.It is well known that British people seldom ____ when they meet.

A.kiss hello each other B.say hello each other

C.kiss each other hello D.say each other hello

9.The animal is dangerous.____ from it.

A.Keep on B.Keep out C.Keep off D.Keep away

10.Your account can't be accepted ____ the true version.

A.for B.about C.by D.as


1.He spoke so fast.So I didn't understand what he said.

He spoke so fast that he didn't ____ ____ ____ .

2.Some of the students in our class are good at English,while some aren't.

____ ____ ____ ____ in our class are good at English.

3.If you call me up,I'll come tomorrow.

I ____ come tomorrow ____ you call me up.

4.They are friendly to us all.

They treat all of us ____ ____ ____ ____ .

5.Do your children kiss you before they go to bed?

Do your children ____ you ____ ____ ?





4.不要靠近那栋房子,那儿有只恶狗。(keep away)



1.“Thank you for helping me.”“With pleasure.”( )

2.He tried to get to the bus stop and caught the first bus.( )

3.A person who often tells lies can't make himself believing.( )

4.Not Mary but Jeff were invited to the conference.( )

5.The two sisters were caught in a strong storm .They encouraged one another all the way.( )

6.The celebration of Christmas is a habit.( )

7.We saved the boy from the water. He was shaking in cold.( )

8.We are always proud for being Chinese.( )

9.I don't like to talk with him.He has no good manner.( )

10.With a boy to lead the way,they started towards the village.( )


Geoffrey Hampden has a large circle of 1 and is very 2 at parties. Everybody 3 him for his fine 4 of humor—everybody, 5 ,except his six-year-old daughter Jenny.Recently,one of Geoffrey's closest friends asked him to make 6 at a wedding reception(婚礼).This is the 7 thing that Geoffrey loves.He 8 the speech carefully and went to the wedding with Jenny.He had 9 a large number of 10 stories in the speech and,of course,it was a great 11 .As soon as he had 12 ,Jenny told him she wanted to go home.Geoffrey was a little 13 by this, 14 he did 15 his daughter asked.On the way home,he asked Jenny if she had 16 the speech.To his surprise,she said she 17 .Geoffrey asked her 18 this was 19 and she told him that she did not like to see so many people 20 at him!

1.A.workmates B.friends C.girls D.men

2.A.excited B.famous C.active D.popular

3.A.admires B.praises C.believes D.requires

4.A.eyes B.poems C.sense D.look

5.A.for example B.such as C.that is D.besides

6.A.fun B.a speech C.a joke D.faces

7.A.piece of B.such a C.wrong D.sort of

8.A.recited B.prepared C.did D.worked at

9.A.included B.remembered C.discovered D.invented

10.A.old B.surprising C.funny D.new

11.A.number B.experiment C.strength D.success

12.A.spoken B.finished C.begun D.started

13.A.disappointed B.pleased C.astonished D.suffered

14.A.and B.but C.or D.even

15.A.as B.that C.whatever D.when

16.A.heard B.disliked C.thought of D.enjoyed

17.A.had B.hadn't C.didn't D.wasn't

18.A.when B.what C.why D.how

19.A.much B.so C.that D.such

20.A.laughing B.looking C.shouting D.pointing


Do animals communicate?

When we think of communication, we normally think of using words—talking face to face,writing messages and soon. But in fact we communicate far more in other ways.Our eyes and facial expressions usually tell the truth even when our words do not.

Then there are gestures ,often unconscious(无意识的):raising the eyebrows,rubbing the nose,raising the shoulders,tapping the fingers,nodding and shaking the head.There is also the even more subtle(微妙的)body language of posture(姿势):are you sitting or standing with arms or legs crossed?Is that person standing with hands in pockets, held in front of the body or hidden behind? Even the way we dress and the colors we wear communicate things to others.

So,do animals communicate?Not in words,although a parrot might be trained to repeat words and phrases which it doesn't understand.But,as we have learnt,there is more to communicate than words.

Take dogs for example.They show their teeth to warn,shake their tails to welcome and stand firm,with hair upright,to fight.These signals are surely the equals of the human body language of facial expression,gesture and posture.

Color can be an important means of communication for animals.Many birds and fishes change color,for example,to attract partners during the mating(交配) season.And mating itself is commonly done after a special dance which both partners take part in.

Here,again,there are striking similarities to young men and women who dress up to meet partners at parties,where the music is often too loud for word communication.Communication there takes place through appearance and movement.

The most carefully planned dances in the animal kingdom are those which bees use to communicate.With body movements alone they can tell other bees the direction and distance of a newly discovered food.

All these examples may suggest instinctively(本能地)rather than intelligent communication.But human body language is largely instinctive,too.And, in many ways,body language says far more than intelligent,word communication ever can.

1.Nodding and shaking the head is a ____ .

A.gesture B.facial expression C.posture D.1anguage

2.Dogs shaking their tails means ____ .

A.warning B.welcoming C.fighting D.laughing

3.Which of the following is true?

A.Color is not a way of communication for animals.

B.Many birds and fishes change color to show that they don't want to mate.

C.A special dance often takes place before mating itself.

D.Word communication is better at parties where music is so loud.

4.Bees use body movements to ____ .

A.attract partners to communicate

B.communicate where they have been

C.te1l other bees where to go and how far it is

D.show their victory


A cat fell in love with a young man, 1.____

asked Venus to change her into a girl.

Venus had a pity on her and changed her into 2.____

a beautiful girl.The young man was struck

by her beauty and led her home like his wife.3.____

Venus wanted to know that she had changed 4.____

her nature before she had changed her form.5.____

As they sitting in their bedroom,Venus put 6.____

a mouse before her.The girl forgot her 7.____

new condition,got up off her seat,and 8.____

jumped upon the mouse.Venus was anger 9.____

at this and immediately turned it into a 10.____

cat again.






B)1.custom 2.communicate 3.gesture 4.manage 5.distance 6.Manners 7.comfortable 8.typing 9.disagreement 10.counted


B)1.It is not decided where to give the party.

2.He was too angry to be able to speak./He was so angry as not to be able to speak.

3.Is there anyone to take care of the children?

4.You have to wait to see the results of the examination.

5.It is very kind of you to come and see me off.

6.It is important for you to learn a foreign language.

7.Who put forward the plan to build a railway to connect the two cities?

8.She was excited to hear the news.

9.You happened to have known each other before.

10.They suppose him to be a manager.

C)1.to look after such a little baby

2.to be asleep

3.to dislike him more and more

4.to become a physicist

5.to see what was happening

6.to complete the task

7.to have been defeated

8.to be your friend

9.to be standing next to him

10.to be finished in class


B)1.make himself understood 2.Not all the students 3.won't,unless 4.in a friendly way /manner 5.kiss,good night

C)1.Waving one's arms can be accepted as crying for help.

2.Tom can't read or write in English,but can speak English well.

3.You should follow the rules of the lab when you are doing experiments.

4.Keep away from that house.There is a dangerous dog there.

5.There is a certain distance between the village and the bus sttion.

D)1.With→My 2.tried→managed 3.believing→believed 4.were→was 5.one another→each other 6.habit→custom 7.in→with 8.for→of 9.manner→manners 10.to lead→leading



C)1.逗号后加and 2.第二个a去掉3.like→as 4.that→whether 5.before→after 6.they后加were 7.√?8.off→from 9.anger→angry 10.it→her

D)One possible version:

Dear Tom,

Thanks for your letter.It's interesting to learn your story.Now I'd like to answer your questions.

In China,we have our own way to greet each other when we meet.In your country,friends may say “Hello!”or “Hi!”to each other.In China,people,especially old people love to ask “Have you had your meal??or “Where are you going??In fact, they really don't want to know whether you have had your meal or not,or where you are going.They just express their care or attention to you by saying so.Of course,you may feel embarrassed to hear these words.But if you stay in China a little longer,you will get used to it.

OK,does my explanation sound reasonable?

Best wishes!


Zhu Feng