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1.You often go to church. Do you really believe the e ______ of God?

2.Rotten fish are s ______.

3.Stamp-collecting is an educational h ______.

4.The m ______ I saw him, I knew that there was no hope.

5.The patient seems more l ______; he must be feeling better.

6.In American English people use the word “m ______” instead of the word

7.His years in prison appear not to have a ______ him greatly.

8.I' m learning German, but I still can't speak it p ______.

9.It is no use talking. Let's take a ______.

10.All the people present were s ______ by his exciting speech.


1.Crowds of people were turned ______ for lack of room.





2.The workmen tore ______ the old houses and built a new on in its place.





3.If the tea ______ too strong, you may add some more hot water.

A.is tasted

B.is tasting

C.has tasted


4.This kind of shoes ______ well. It ______ out quickly.

A.sells, has sold

B.is sold, has been sold

C.sells , has been sold

D.sells, sold

5.The policeman ______ the pickpocket ______ and pushed him into the police car.

A.took, his collar

B.seized, by the collar

C.caught, by his collar

D.hit, in the collar

6.The guide made our visit interesting and ______ .





7.“I wonder why they' re late . ”“They ______ the train. ”

A.could miss

B.can have missed

C.may have missed


8.Today it is my turn to give ______ exercise-books.





9.What we have learned through experience ______ us greatly.




D.has much effect on

10.Mother was so ill last night we had to call the doctor ______ .





11.The more we know the world, ______ we will be.

A.the more success

B.the more succeed

C.the most successful

D. the more successful

12.Looking ______ , We can see where we went wrong easily.


B.back on


D.forward to

13.It was so dark outside that the child didn' t ______ .

A.dare to go out to fetch some water

B.dare fetch some water

C. dare to go out bring some water

D.to dare to fetch some water.

14.There was plenty of time then, he ______ .

A.didn' t need hurry

B.needed hurry

C. needn' t have hurried

D.would not hurry

15. Someone will have to ______ the hole in the roof.




D.fix up

16. ______ is not until everyone is seated ______ the lesson will begin.

A.It, that

B.That, that

C.This, that


17. ______ are in doubt about the plan.

A.The manager rather than the assistants

B.Neither the assistants nor the manager

C.Not only the manager but also the assistants

D.The manager, together with the assistants

18.With the help of his teacher he made ______ in spoken English.

A.many progresses

B.a many progress

C.lots of progresses

D.much progress

19. ______ we will go camping depends on the weather.





20. ______ you do, try your best.

A.No matter how

B.What ever


D.no matter what


About a year ago, I went to stay at a Detroit hotel, I didn't want to 1 too much money with me, so 2 the desk clerk to put a hundred-dollar bill in the safe for me.

The next morning, 3 the clerk said that he knew nothing about my 4 , I didn' t have any proof (证明) 5 I had given the man the money . There was clearly nothing left to do but go to the 6 lawyer at once.

The lawyer 7 me to return to the hotel with him and give 8 hundred dollar bill to the clerk. So we 9 . An hour later, I went 10 to the desk and asked for my money . 11 I had the lawyer as an eyewitness (证明人) to the 12 hundred-dollar bill, the clerk could not say he 13 nothing about it.

Another hour later, I put the second part of the lawyer's 14 into action. This time both the lawyer and I went to the hotel to 15 for the hundred-dollar bill once again, and 16 the clerk insisted he had given 17 to me, I said it was not 18 . The lawyer said to him, “I 19 this gentleman give a hundred-dollar bill. If you don' t hand it in immediately, I will be forced to call the 20 . ”The clerk realized he had been 21 , so he gave me back the first hundred-dollar bill.

“I don' t know 22 to thank you enough for 23 my money back” I said to the lawyer, “and what do you 24 answered?” He said, “Oh, don't 25 me, That will be one hundred dollars, please.”

1.A.carry B.lend C.spend D.hold

2.A.allowed B.asked C.made D.had

3.A.but B.yet C.however D.instead

4.A.lawyer B.hotel C.eyewitness D.money

5.A.where B.which C.why D. that

6.A.nearest B.farthest C.cheapest D.slowest

7.A.advised B.promised C.agreed D.followed

8.A.the other B.another C.other D.others

9.A.returned B.did C.gave D.acted

10.A.up B.over C.back D.along

11.A.Though B.When C.Unless D.Since

12.A.one B.last C.first D.second

13.A.believed B.had C.knew D.heard

14.A.law B.way C.plan D.words

15.A.search B.ask C.look D.beg

16.A.when B.though C.because D.as

17.A.these B.this C.them D.it

18.A.real B.good C.true D.exact

19.A.agreed B.saw C.let D. permitted

20.A.police B.officer C.official D.clerk

21.A.punished B.helped C.cheated D.understand

22.A.what B.how C.when D.where

23.A.returning B.giving C.getting D.asking

24.A.suppose B.find C.mean D.suggest

25.A.believe B.thank C.leave D.fool



Corporations(集团公司) as a group offer all kinds of jobs. Most large companies send people to colleges to meet graduating students with the required academic(学科 专业) training . A large university may have more than 500 companies a year knocking on its doors. Big firms are your best place for a job because their normal growth, employee retirements(雇员退休) , and turnover(缺额补充) offer thousands of jobs nationwide each year.

Corporations, however, explain the rule that the biggest isn't always the best. many small firms with just a few hundred employees have positions that many agree with your profession(职业) need, too. Such firms may not have the time, money, or need to send people around to your college; you' ll probably have to get in touch with them yourself either directly or through an employment agency(职业介绍所) . Don' t look down upon these little companies. Their salaries are usually competitive (竞争的) and the chances for advancement ( 提升 ) and recognition ( 认可 ) are even stronger than those of a big firm. You could become a big fish in a small pond, reaching a high-level position more quickly than you would if you had climbed the more competitive ladder of a group giant(巨人) .

1. The purpose of the passage is ______ .

A.to define(给……下定义) corporations and firms

B.to show the relation between firms and colleges

C.to tell the job-seeker(求职者) of the employment requirements

D.to give a description of corporations and firms for college students

2.Which of the following is true for large corporations?

A.They only employ college students.

B.They can offer many job opportunities(机会) .

C.They have more than 500 companies nationwide.

D.They send people to go to college each year.

3.The word “Their” (line 6, para. 2) refers to ______.


B.graduating students

C.small firms


4.Which of the following is not true for small firms?

A.It may be necessary for them to send people to colleges.

B.They cannot afford to send people to colleges.

C.Their employees may get a rise more quickly .

D.They may offer positions which you demand.

5.With whom is the passage most probably connected?



C.Graduating students



A:Thank you for your great help. B: 1 .

A:When can we expect you for dinner? Can you come tonight?

B: 2 .

A: 3 .

B:That sounds fine.

A: 4 .

B: I' ll be there . You are still good at cooking, aren' t you?

A:That'll be for you to decide. I've got a new dish that I want to try out on you.

B:I' m ready. 5 .

A.I think I won' t have anything all day Friday!

B.You' re welcome .

C.Not tonight. I promised to go to a concert with my sister.

D.Oh, no. Thank you.

E.How does Chinese food sound to you?

F.How about Friday then?

G.Good, Shall we say seven o' clock?


In America, that labour costs are so high, 1. ______

“do it yourself” is a way of its life. Many people 2. ______

repair their own cars, their own house and so on. 3. ______

Soon they may also be writing for their own 4. ______

books. In Hollywood there is a company 5. ______

that publishes children's books at the help of 6. ______

computers. However other book companies all 7. ______

publish that way, this particular company is very usual. 8. ______

It “personalizes” the book by having the computers made 9. ______

the readers the main characters in its story. 10. ______



说明:南方凯鹿公司(Nanfang Kailu Company)为加速开发,需招聘100人。





请你根据以上情况拟一则招聘启事。刊登在Economy Daily上。告之应聘者,速写信与公司联系。


Ⅰ.1.existence 2.Smelly 3.hobby 4.moment 5.lively 6.movie 7.affected 8.properly 9.action 10.striken

Ⅱ.1-5.DADCB 6-10.CCADC 11-15.DBACB 16-20. ACDBC

Ⅲ.1-5.ABCDD 6-10.AABBC 11-15.DDCCB 16-20. BDCBA 21-25.CBCAB


Ⅴ.1.that→ where 2.去掉its 3.house→ houses 4.去掉for 5.√ 6.at→ with 7.However→ Although (Though)

8.usual→ unusual 9.made→ make 10.its→ the

Ⅵ.One possible answer:

An Advertisement

In order to quicken construction step, Nanfang Kailu Company is to employ 100 people who can fit the following requirements:

1.About 175 meters in height and in health;

2.Unmarried and not more than 25 years old.

3.University graduate and over two years' work experience;

4.Good at English and can serve as a translator and an interpreter.

Please write to us as soon as possible if you wish to work in our company

Nanfang Kailu Company