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As the development of modern technology, Smartphone has become quite popular all over the world with its outstanding functions. People can use phones to surf the Internet, update their personal micro blog, and upload their latest pictures at any place, anytime. It seems that smart phones have already become an indispensable part in people’s daily lives. However, some people are indulging in smart phones, which already have side-effect on their normal life.


Some people, especially teenagers, are easily fall for Smartphone for these reasons. First of all, nowadays, people are under great pressure, while cell phone provides a platform for people to relax themselves. By playing mini-games, vocal chatting with friends, watching movies and listening to music, people can easily forget their problems temporary. Second, there are always something new on the phone. It is can be interesting, mysterious and various. So people are eager to turn on their phones, want to know what is happening around them. When people spend too much time on the phones, they don’t have enough chance to communicate with their friends or parents. Their attentions have been drawn away by the virtual world. Lack of good self-control, they are fragile to the smart phone addiction, while they supposed to focus on their study and work.


I think people should take smart phone addiction seriously. Quitting addiction needs time and patience. People should turn off their phones, go outside and communicate with others face to face. Do more exercise and form optimistic attitude towards life! 我认为人们应重视把智能手机成瘾症。戒掉它需要时间和耐心。人们应该关掉手机,走出家门与他人面对面的沟通交流。多做运动,培养乐观积极的心态!

相关范文:Nowadays more and more students played their cell phone during the cla. and i think there are several key reasons for this occasion occurs. the first is that they think the teachers claare boring and this is a beautiful accuse . the second is that there is not a strict rule .the third one is that the students don’t have a goal of their life .And we all know that not only the phone has radioactive but also ruined the morale in studying .you just want to kill the time during the

class...we should take an action to incase its deteriorate .first we teachers should be vividly and humorous and know some basic skills of teaching students instead of reading the books for students in the class..the second

we need to make a strict rule about phone and the punishment will be needed too. the third students should be enlightened about ma-ki-ng their plan of their future . we all know that if we don’t have plan we cant make a difference ..we should be fast , accurate, and without mercy the situation will be changed and everything will fine.



Directions:Study the following graph carefully and write an essay in which you should

1) analyze the graph, and

2) give your comments on the trend.


In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the cell phones, which are now essential to millions of people as a convenient form of communication. In 2004 the number reached 315,000,000, with an average annual increase at 57,500,000. Some people can now no longer imagine life without their cell phones. The fact that they are so popular proves that they are useful and convenient. Cell phones enable people to easily and quickly communicate with one another; wherever you are, you can instantly reach somebody. Cell phones eliminate the trouble of not being able to meet someone in person, and therefore increase business's efficiency. Mobile phones necessarily also harbor disadvantages. The radiation such phones emit is hazardous to one's health. Furthermore, if people become too reliant on the use of cell phones, our face to face skills may decline. Any new invention has its drawbacks, and such negative aspects cannot always diminish its popularity. Despite the negative effects of television, for example, the number of people who own televisions continues to grow at a tremendous rate. This is also the case with mobile phones. People won't stop eating just because of the risk ofchoking. In addition, the swift development of science and technology will likely eliminate the hazards cell phones may cause. One can safely predict, therefore, that with the introduction of new techniques, mobile phones will have more applications and become even more appealing to customers.






As is shown in the chart, cell phones are becoming more and more popular within China. In 2000, the number of cell phones in use was 85,260,000; in 2001, the number was 180,000,000; in 2002 206,600,000; in 2003 269,000,000. In 2004, the number is

315,000,000. From these statistics, we can see the increasing use of cell phones.

Why have cell phones gained so much dominance in our lives? There are many factors contributing to this development. Firstly, a cell phone has no wires and can be carried everywhere easily. It is smart. If you need to ring someone, you can just dial a number and the phone will connect you to the right person. It can be a great help for you to be connected with the world. Secondly, a cell phone is something wonderful that we can have fun with: news, games, music and chat through sending short messages. Thirdly, the drop in price and the simultaneous improvement in the

functions have made it possible for an average person to make use of a cell phone.

The wide use of cell phones has made them more and more indispensable in people's daily life. The many functions of the cell phone have made certain people reluctant to separate themselves from their cell phone.

这个图表向我们展示了手机在中国变得越来越普遍。在2000年,全中国的手机使用量为8526万部;2001年为1.8亿;2002年为2.066亿;2003年为2.69亿; 2004年的手机使用量迅速增加到






From the cartoon given above, we can observe that there are many people crossing the