English campus life_1200字作文

English campus life_1200字作文

时间:2016-05-12 初中二年级作文

  The school, but also see the help of friends.

  Once I thought the school life in addition to reading or reading, boring.However, I was wrong......

  I had three subjects are good, but spent two years of math and English I, ofthese two families are some unfamiliar, also dare not raise your hand in class. (scared.)

  This semester, the teacher came up with a let those didn't love raised your hand has a large group of the most active fraction, plus two, the big group of second, plus 1 points, this also ignited the youth in our blood, our One's blood boils with indignation.!

  These points can make those leaders (Curve Wrecker) play advantage.Also can let us this group of members (learn slag) there is a class of responsibility. Glory in seven grade school teacher said: "primary schoolgrades do not represent the school also bad bad!"

  In the teacher's class, is full of our laughter, sometimes the teacher's chalk broke, the entire class was laughing, because leaves the teacher recentlyteased a classmate's strength is too deep, the chalk are written off, butleaves the teacher did not forget to take a deep breath movement!