The initial dream

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The initial dream

  Looking at the stars of today, who will think of the old customs, once upon a time, we are in front of many people, after many years, experienced difficulties, you will find that the fall in the time of not only the time like running water, and disappointments, and uncertainty about the future.

  You in the distance, for the initial dream, those blue color or black and white, there it and can't touch.

  Here I am, bound to enjoy a person's thoughts, a person suffering, a person's flustered, this world is perfect, but I have too much is not perfect, so, make the aversion and regret, panic and anxiety, whenever the dead of night, only the text in the wanton revelry, gently touching, have your story, my fairy tale, with our world, all in my words, the brain, the role of conversion, lights dim, the sad, out of the window bed cry, my hands began to tremble, so lonely met lonely empty words, unable to determine their own position, swung, put all the time, finally, scattering.

  In fact everyone and the rest of us, always walk in the road.

  Across the world of mortals, slightly with happiness, and ten million kinds of sadness.

  Cause, you are in, out, you're not here.

  On the edge of the road, I have your casual meet, meet in the lace.

  Because past decree by destiny, will meet in this life, because this life love, to have the opportunity to grow together.

  And meet, murphy in the bustling crowd, pull the line of sight of you to my heart, my hands to have the door, you are selfish, but I have to do so, I only want to deeply rooted in your castle, watching silently years of popular system.

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