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英语作文 1

  The usage of Internet becomes one of the most controversial topics in the society. As a college student I believe Internet is beneficial to me more than the way it harms me. There are many advantages for using Internet.

  First I can best use my time to find information online instead of going to different libraries. Also the information can be dated back in decades ago. It is very helpful to use those information as reference and historical proof. In the library it is hard to find so much "old" information. Another advantage to use Internet is that I can stay home and have a lecture online. It is much more convenience to me because I can stay warm to have class in the winter time instead of spending two hours on the bus and physically attend class.

  In addition Internet provides me a better way to communicate with my friends and professors. I can get response from my professor in a few minutes instead of waiting outside of his door for hours. Some of my friends are living in a foreign countries I can simply just drop him an email whenever I can and get a message from him very quick. It is much better than waiting for letters. Also the email will not lose while the letter might be losing in the process of delivery.

  However there are also disadvantage of using Internet. For example I might spend too much time on the Internet to concentrate on my study. Also there is a chance that I am cheated because of the Internet purchasing. Last Internet has lots of information both helpful and harmful. There might be too much tempatation that I will access some of the harmful information I can on the Internet.

  Even though the usage of Internet has both positive and negative effect to me I still consider Internet is a symbol of technology development. I believe I can use the Internet very well as long as I know how to control myself.






  英语作文 2

  Along with the rapid step of science development, men have got more and more achievements. Especially in biological field, scientists are creating miracles every minute. In recent years, they are decoded the gene code of human being. People all over the world are astonished and excited. However, at the same time, it evokes many things which we should and must think carefully.

  What is gene? I think we should know sometimes about DNA first. DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic nucleic acid. It s the most important heredity substance in our bodies, which almost decides all the shape and properties. On it are there thousands of genes arranged in sequence. Each of them carries a genetic message that decides your appearance, intelligence or any other character. So there s no doubt that decoding the gene code will do an great effect on us and has a profound and far-reaching meaning.

  This scientific fruit would absolutely bring some advantages. If it was in use, agriculture would benefit from it a lot. The output of crop would increase. They could resist all kinds of diseases and have a strong ability of disaster-proteeting. Animals may be safe because scientists can continue a plant by genetic optimization or cloning when it is in danger. For humans, it will contribute to medicine. Hereditary diseases reduces a lot. Many incurable diseases can be treated. We will enjoy our lives without pain.




  英语作文 3

  We all know a story similar to this: Two Men and a Bear.

  In the forest,when a bear attacked them, the thinner man quickly climbed up to the top of atree and forgot his promise to the fatter guy, who could not climb the tree,about helping each other when in danger. Luckily, the fatter man saved himself.The fatter mat was very disappointed, and when they got together again, he saidto the thinner man, "You are not my real friend. Only a friend in need is afriend indeed".

  This is a very familiar story. It illustrates to us what a friend should be like. It is, however, just a story.




  英语作文 4

  Before I was five years old, my parents gave me what I wanted, but as I became bigger, they changed their attitude towards me. My parents no longer satisfy me with all I want. When I want to buy a new dress, my mother won t buy for me directly, she asks me to do something to exchange for it. Such as doing the housework or making progress in the study.

  What s more, when I meet the difficulties, my parents won t solve them for me immediately, instead, they will leave me to think about them and help me to solve them.

  What my parents do to me is right, it is my road to grow up.




  英语作文 5

  David Beckham is the only football player I can recognize. It is said that he is famous for his great skills of playing soccer and also his handsome outlook. I first know him from my big brother who is a crazy fan. In his bedroom one of wall is covered with Beckham s pictures. And my deskmate is a crazy fan of Beckham but she pay more attention to the gossip and news about this famous football player.

  Considering these people, who like David, around me, so it is too hard to know him.



  英语作文 6

  Water is very important to humans. We can t live without water. The water suitable for drinking is becoming less and less. But some people don t seem to care about this. They waste a lot of water. They pour dirty water into rivers and pollute them. They throw rubbish into them,too.

  Many rivers and lakes are seriously polluted. We must do something to stop the pollution. We must protect the water as well as find ways to reuse it. If we don t ,the last drop of water will be a teardrop.



  英语作文 7

  Last weekend, we took part in a picking activity. We drove from the school, and the farm was about 2 kilometers away from our school. When we arrived at the farm, there are all kinds of animals, green fresh vegetables and fruit trees in the farm.

  We were divided into two groups. One group was responsible for picking fruits, the other packed up the fruits. Time flying quickly, the activity was over. But it was a meaningful day, when we learn a lot form it. Through this activity, we know how hard the farmers are and how precious the food is. We should treasure the food planted by the farmers.



  英语作文 8

  I have some habbits, some are good, but some are bad.I like reading very much. From reading science books, I get a lot of knowledge. From reading novels, I lose myself in the stories. I like doing sports, too. It helps me keep healthy. Also I never put todays work till tomorrow. They are all my good habbits. They help me a lot in my daily life.

  However, I also have some bad habbits. For example, sometimes I do my homework slowly, and stay up till very late. During meals I prefer meat to vegetables. And sometimes I play computer games too long without having a reat. They are all harmful to my health.

  From now on Ill try to keep my good habbits, and give up the bad ones. Then Ill live better.




  英语作文 9

  Taking care of our environment is very important. It is well-known that man,as well as living things,can t live without water or air. However,many factories pour waste water directly into the rivers or lakes. They also give out a lot of smoke directly into the air. Some people throw rubbish everywhere. So our environment is getting worse and worse. Polluted water or air is harmful to us all.

  It is our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy. We shouldn t throw about waste things. We must plant many trees,flowers and grass. If everyone protects the environment,the world will become more beautiful.



  英语作文 10

  Last night, I saw an interesting movie, it told about a boy and a girl who were at the same age, but the way they thought was so different. The boy was skin-deep, he judged the person by their faces, while the girl could think much further, she found the beauty of life.

  During their process of growing, finally the boy became mature and started to have the real talk with the girl. I learn that boys and girls indeed think in a very different way, so misunderstanding always happens. It is important to have the communication, so that they can know each other s thoughts.



  英语作文 11

  The friend is a piano, playing a wonderful, friend is tea, the fragrance of the world, the friend is a pen, the happiness and happiness of the life, the friend is a song, singing out a lifetime.There is friendship in life, you will not feel lonely, the days will become colorful.

  Because friendship is the editor of dreams, it blooms bright youth in life, release charming fragrance.Friendship is the most holy spirit, she will be born in the same sex, germination, will also flow in the opposite sex.Have an understanding, friendship can stay; with friendship, life is worthless.Let us understand light.



  英语作文 12

  On the New Year s Eve, after finishing the dinner, for most Chinese people, they will sit at home, watching the Spring Festival Gala with their families.

  The show has been a tradition for us, in our parents generation, Spring Festival Gala is popular, even though today many new forms of amusement are invented, which makes the gala less popular, yet the traditional show still wins people s attention. It has become part of people s life, most people will open their TV and watch it in the big day.

  I will watch the show, maybe most of the parts do not attract my attention, but it is the happy time for me to stay with my family. I enjoy the moment.




  英语作文 13

  Do you think there is still honesty in the world?I think most people in the world are honest.There are many examples.If you get out of the taxi and you leave your wallet on the taxi,if there is much money in your wallet,you need not worry about it,because the taxi driver will give you back a few days later.This driver is an honest man.

  This is only one of many examples.Just think there are more honest men than dis-honest men in the world.We mustnt tell a lie.We must be honest stu-dents at school and honest children at home.




春节的英语作文 1

  Thank you for your letter. I’m glad to hear that you are coming to China for Spring Festival.

  In China, there are many people could not often have meat, rice or other delicious food. They could only eat these during the Spring festival. So every year they hoped that the Spring Festival would come soon. Now, although people‘s life is much better, and we can eat the delicious foods everyday. People still like the festival. Because most people can have a long holiday, and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friends or have parties with our family. In the evenings, we can have a big meal in the restaurant or stay at home with family and watch the TV programmes.

  I like the Spring Festival very much.




  春节的英语作文 2

  The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West. All people living away from home go back, becoming the busiest time for transportation systems of about half a month from the Spring Festival. Airports, railway stations and long-distance bus stations are crowded with home returnees.

  During Spring Festival, the most improtant days are Spring Festival Eve and the first three customs accompany the Spring Festival.

  During Spring Festival time, you can see kinds of can go to temple fairs and enjoy superb performances of the dances, stilt-walking and amazing acrobatic i like it.




  春节的英语作文 3

  The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people.

  All family members will get together to have a big meal on the New Years Eve. Well watch the fireworks and eat dumplings. And some families will sit together to chat or watch the get-together of CCTV. Its a big and special programme. Almost every family will watch it until 12 oclock. During the spring festival, people can visit their relatives or friends.

  Its also a happy time for children. They can get a red package from parents and grandparents, or relatives, and there is money in it. So the children are very happy during the festival. Isnt it interesting? Write to me soon.




  春节的英语作文 4

  Chinese Spring Festival celebrating the end of winter and the warmth of spring. It began in the last day of the lunar year, end in the 15th day of lunar New Year, also is the Lantern Festival.

  During the Spring Festival, people use red lantern and Spring Festival couplets decorate a house, put on all kinds of colored clothes, often visit friends and relatives or together eat dumplings, fish, meat and other delicious food. The children are looking forward to receiving red envelope money, and together they play each other the fireworks, with happy. Street with dragon and lion dance and some other carnival activities, CCTV will held the grand Spring Festival gala.



  春节的英语作文 5

  The first bell ringing is the symbol of Chinese New Year. Chinese people like to go to a large squares where there are huge bells are set up approachcelebrate together.

  The people believe that the ringing of huge bell can some people have begun going to mountain temples to wait for the first ringing. Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, is very famous temple for its first ringing of the bell to heraldto Hanshan Temple to celebrate Chinese New Year.



  春节的英语作文 6

  When the New Years bell, fireworks flying, like the petals of the fairy and, like flowers blooming on the sky. . . , grandpa took my New Years gift, I open a look, a beautiful scarf, grandpa said: "dont catch a cold in the winter is very cold, wear a scarf, " ah! Grandpa sent him to my care, sent to my care. In my heart silently thinking about, when I grow up, I will care about you too.

  The atmosphere of the Spring Festival at home is full of joy!

  当新年的钟声敲响的时候, 礼花漫天飞舞, 有的像仙女撒下的花瓣, 有的像天空上盛开的花……, 爷爷拿来了送给我的新年礼物, 我打开一看, 一条漂亮的围巾, 爷爷说:“冬天很冷, 戴好围巾别着凉了, ”啊!爷爷把他对我的.关爱送来了, 把对我的关心送来了。我心里默默的想着, 等我长大了, 我也一定会关心你们的。


  春节的英语作文 7

  Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. Before the Spring Festival People clean their houses, put red couplets on their gates, and set off firecrackers to drive away the legendary monster “Nian”.

  On the eve of the Spring Festival, families get together and have a big dinner. Dumplings are the most traditional food.

  The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long le visit relatives and friends with the words “Happy new year”. People enjoy the Spring Festival, during this time they can have a good rest.

  Children like the festival very much, because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes can also get some money from their elders. This money is given to children for good luck.





  春节的英语作文 8

  To tell you the truth, I don t like the Spring Festival at all. When I was young I liked it very much, because I could had something tasty to eat during the Spring Festival, and I could enjoy very wonderful TV programmes, too. I also could had much free time during which I could did something I liked to do.

  Firstly, I can t have a good time during the Festival. Once I quarreled with my second brother.

  Secondly, I can t relax myself during the Festival. I have to do many things, watch so many TV programmes, meet so many people, all these things make me very tired.

  Thirdly, spending one Spring Festival means that I bee one year older, I don t like to be old. I want to live longer and be young all the time.





  春节的英语作文 9

  The Spring Festival is a very important festival in China. Its on the first day of the first lunar month. Before the Spring Festival, people have bought presents, like, meat, fruit, flowers drinks and somethings for themselves.

  The children are very happy because the Spring Festival is coming. Mothers have bought clothes for them child. The clothes are very beautiful.

  At the Spring Festival night twelve oclock, people eat dumplings with money, stand for safe.

  It is really a happy festival.


  春节是一个非常重要的节日在中国。它在农历的'第一天。在春节前, 人们都买了礼物, 像, 肉类、水果、鲜花饮料和运转。

  孩子们很高兴, 因为春节即将来临。妈妈为他们买了XXX的孩子。衣服非常漂亮。

  在春节晚上十二点, 人们吃饺子和钱, 代表安全。


  春节的英语作文 10

  The happy spring festival spring festival is on the first day of the first lunar month. chinese people most like the spring festival.

  During spring festival,Chinese people like having meals with their families,playing fireworks in the open air. My sisters and iplayed fireworks on that day. We had many fireworks. they were very beautiful. they were running into the sky and breaking into pieces. they looked like flowers in the sky. We were very happy and excited.

  After that,I made awish. I hope that,we can have ahappy and healthy life next year and everyone in my family can be happy. I enjoy the festival very happy!





介绍自己的英语作文 1

  My name is Frances. I am 13 years old, I was bron in January. I am from Beijing, China. I can speak Chinese and a little English. I have black straight hair and is of mediun bulid. I like reading. My favorite movie is "Black September". I think is funny. My favorite food are hamburgers. Because they are delicious.

  My favorite animal are koalas. Because they are very cute. I want to be a reporter. I think it is interesting.



  介绍自己的英语作文 2

  Hi, I am Ye Zijie. I am a schoolboy. I am in Shanghai. I am in Class 5, Grade 3. I have two big eyes. I can see with my eyes. I have a small nose. I can smell with my nose. I have two big ears. I can hear with my ears. I have a small mouth. I can eat and drink with my mouth. Am I beautiful?

  I like English and Chinese. But I don t like maths and music. I like eating meat and ice-cream. I don t like fish and coffee. I can stand on my head, but I can t fly. I am very short, but I can run very fast.



  介绍自己的英语作文 3

  Hello, everyone. Im glad to introduce myself to you.

  Im from Chongqing. Iam a teacher. I have many hobbies, such as taking notes, reading, listening tomusic, dancing, singing, playing basketball and swimming. I think we shouldtreat everyday as the last day for us to live in the world. That is me. I likemaking friends.

  I hope I can be your friends.




  介绍自己的英语作文 4

  Hello everyone, I am a girl, my name is xx, I come from grade xx class xx of xx school.I like sport very much and my study is good in my class.

  I am a very lineliness girl and very good at mathematics, but my English is not very good. I believe if I try my best, I will learn English very well. I wish I can study in this school, get more friend and learn together. I really with I will be a member of this big family.

  Thank you.




  介绍自己的英语作文 5

  My name is Lynn. I am a junior high school student. I am fifteen years old. My father is open-minded and my mother is smart. So am I. My brother is cute. I have a warm family. I go to school five days a week. But I like to study. My favorite sport is swimming. I like the ocean and collecting sea-shells at the seashore. I want to be an English teacher just like my cousin.

  This is all about me.



  介绍自己的英语作文 6

  Hello everyone. My name is xxx. I am xx years old.

  There are three people in my family. My father is a manager in a company.

  He works from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. everyday. My mom is a nurse. She works in the hospital. Sometimes, she has to work at night. I sometimes watch TV shows with my family. I am in Class xx Grade YY. There are xx people in my class.

  I sometimes play ballgames with my classmates after class.





  介绍自己的英语作文 7

  My name s Lin Yanyi, I m eight, I m a boy.

  I have short hair. Im in Class One, Grade Two. I m a student. I m a Young Pioneer. I like sports. I like Chinese, maths and English. My father is 36 years old. He is a clerk. He is tall and fat. He likes reading newspapers. He knows lots of news.

  My mother is a clerk too. She is not tall. She has big eyes. She loves me very much. She always buys some books for me. My brother s name is Lin Zhou Ying, He s a boy, He is nine, He is in Class one, Grade three. He s a Young Pioneer too. He likes sports too. He likes playing basketball. I have a happy family.




  介绍自己的`英语作文 8

  Hi, Good morning, boys and girls.

  Nice to meet you, here. My name is XX. I am from Tai Ping town, Hui Longsi primary school. I am in Grade Four. I am ten now.

  Today I will talk about the "clothes" . I know many kinds of clothes. Such as: coat, sweater, dress, shirt, skirt. Shoes. As a child, I like clothes very much. . mother often buys clothes for me. I like white . and I study hard at school.

  Today I am wearing school clothes and white shoes. It fits for me. I like it . Ok. That is all. Thank you ! Goodbye.






我的梦想英语作文 1

  I have many dreams, such as I am rich in the future. Therefore, I can buy all what I want, But my greatest dream is that I want to be an astronaut. Our country develops fast and our space make great progress in the last several decades, It has great achievements.

  All of our country are proud of it. Therefore, I want to be one of this amazing area. In order to make my dream e true, I must work hard now. So that I can go to a good university to learn more knowledge.

  I hope my dream can e true one day.


  我的梦想英语作文 2

  My dream is to grow up being an excellent astronaut, thats because when mom and dad gave birth to my name have astronauts on the word "yu". When I speak, I saw the astronauts were to fly to space, originally I dont like astronauts, slowly like in this profession. From then on, I would like to watch the news about the aircraft, rocket, and animated films.

  Remember once, we went to the schools computer to see inside the first class of the second class, there was a man with a paper airplane of the table, he used a paper airplane to fly to the audience in the sky fly like a boomerang back again, I think of my dream, when I grew up a good astronaut.



  我的梦想英语作文 3

  When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world . AS I grew older and wiser . I discovered the world would not change, so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country . But it, too, seemed immovable.As I grew into my twilight years, in one last desperate attampt, I settled for changing only my family, those closest to me, but, also, they have none of it .

  And now as I lie on my deathbed, I suddenly realize :If I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family .From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country and who knows, I may have even changed the world.



  我的梦想英语作文 4

  When I was alittle child, I had many dreams. I wanted to be rich, so that I can live in abig and beautiful house. I can go everywhere by car. But now, my dream seems tobe better and more realistic. I hope I can have a good job. It will not takemuch of my time, although I can t earn much. Every year, I have holidays totravel. Traveling is my favorite and it can reduce my pressure. It s good formy life. Therefore, I hope traveling can be a part of my future life.


  我的梦想英语作文 5

  What do I want to do when I grow up? Someone wants to be a doctor. Someone wants to be a basketball player because they are good at sport. Someone wants to be a writer and to make the writing. Someone wants to be a teacher because they like teaching children.

  I like playing the piano and I good at it. So I want to become a piano player. Play the piano is very interesting. And you can learn something of music. Piano can make you like music. A lot of musician and singer are love playing piano.

  I play the piano when I m ten years old. Now I m in grand five. I hope when I m sixteen years old , I can become grand eight. I ll be harder and harder to practise.

  Become a piano play is a hard job. But I believe I can do it.





  我的梦想英语作文 6

  I have many dreams. My brother says I am a dreamer.

  I want to fly to Beijing to see how long the Great Wall is. I want to fly to Lhasa to see how blue the sky is and how majestic the Potala Palace is.

  I am eager to become a painter, to show the great rivers and mountains of our country in front of people all over the world. I am eager to be a writer and write down my flying dream without missing a word.

  I have too many dreams, so I need to study hard now. When I grow up, I will realize every dream one by one!





  我的梦想英语作文 7

  I m now living in a small house with my parents. Life for us is hard but happy. I must study hard so that I can buy a big new house some day. I call it a dream house.

  It has three floors with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two big dining rooms and two living rooms. When my friends e to visit me, I will have enough bedrooms for them. We ll have a good time. Besides that, we will have a swimming pool behind the house and a garden in front of the house. In the morning, my parents can do some exercise in the garden. The air must be very fresh. When we feel tired, we can have a swim in the swimming pool. Life will be easy for us.

  I ll study harder than before so that the dream can e true.




  我的梦想英语作文 8

  I dream when I grow up I will be a doctor who is called “a While Angel”. In my impression, an Angel is kind and beautiful. So I ll take care of patients more carefully and help all the people who feel miserable just like an Angel.

  If I were a doctor, I would offer my service free of chare to the people who don t have enough money to pay for the medicine. And I would look after the aged and kids more carefully, because they are too weak to tend themselves well.

  Moreover, I should be serious in work and avoid mistakes, because a small mistake might affect one s life.

  Of course, I am glad to see the people getting better and better.





  我的梦想英语作文 9

  My dream is to be a police.

  The police is the real hero in the world.They arevery handsome and brave.Theyalways fight with the crime and protect us.I admire them.

  I wish I can be a police when I grown up.

  I do sports everyday to keep a good body,and stay far away from the computer to protect my eyesight ,so I will be able to shoot the criminals at the critical moment.And I will study harder to enter a police academy.

  I believe my dream will come true one day.






  我的梦想英语作文 10

  Doctors can save people who cant move, make them healthy, and make them happy. The doctor can also be disabled people from the clutches of the disease to save. To make the blind see, see clearly the nature of the good time; make the deaf normal, hear Nature delicious echo; let stand without limbs in this colorful, cute and beautiful earth again.

  In order to make this great and ambitious dream come true, I should study hard, try hard, think actively and be good at finding. Cultivate yourself from childhood. We should have the spirit of constantly striving for self-improvement and perseverance. Make the world colorful! Now, lets make progress together and try our best to achieve our best wishes.







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