my lucky day的初中英语作文

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my lucky day的初中英语作文(精选26篇)

  在我们平凡的日常里,大家对作文都不陌生吧,根据写作命题的特点,作文可以分为命题作文和非命题作文。还是对作文一筹莫展吗?下面是小编帮大家整理的my lucky day的初中英语作文,希望对大家有所帮助。

my lucky day的初中英语作文(精选26篇)

  my lucky day的初中英语作文 1

  I cannt never belive that it is so a lucky what I face today.for what? you know that I felt upset for the pass day because Icannt find a work which working on summer holiday.but now I get a work,and get it by unexpectedly.

  This morning I got on the bus to the middle of the city to look forthe job ,when I sat down I saw a woman who seem sick get on the bus,but that time there arent free seats,thought for a momment ,I stand up to let the woman sit down,the woman seem felt grateful,and we started to talk . when I told her that I wanted to look for a job which working on the holiday,the woman smole ,and she told me that her company wanted to recruit several employees if I wanted she can introduce me to her company. lessoning this information I felt so exciting that time. and now I feel so a lucky day ot is this day!




  my lucky day的初中英语作文 2

  Remember the first time to go skiing a super cool episode happened.

  In preparing to take a cable car up the hill ski resort in the thick white snow I inadvertently looked down at: "twinkle twinkle little star whats that?"

  I cant help but wonder began to dig up where day! Is really to treasure. That is the five one round coin also dont know who is out so qiao is snow buried by half the curious baby observant discovered by me little hair a windfall I was so happy. So ah! Curiosity is very useful! Hee hee!

  Put the lucky coin pocket slip through the snow I immediately rushed to shopping in a souvenir shop. Bought a packet of milk slice and it is a bumper harvest.

  Back to the hotel dad said take out your milk tablets to treat to share my lucky.

  Eating the milk tablets hard my sweet in my heart always cant help but want to smile!







  my lucky day的初中英语作文 3

  Today, I wake up early in the morning, because it is New Years Day, when I go out to greet the elders, they will give me lucky money, I have received a lot of lucky money.

  Whats more, when I was walking in the street, I happened to meet my old friend, we had lost contact with each other for many years, it was a surprise to me.



  my lucky day的初中英语作文 4

  Today is a fine day.And I am very lucky.

  In the morning,I’m go fishing in a river with my parents.As time goes by,I am fishing a big fish.I am very happy,but my parents have no one fish.Next,I am fishing a small fish,but I still happy.Because my parents still have no one fish.It’s time to go home,I am fishing ten fishs,but my parents are only fishing a small fish.

  In the afternoon,I am playing football with my buddies.MingMing has the ball,he is kicking it to me.I am kicking the ball.It’s a beautiful goal. Next, PingPing has the ball,he is kicking to Mike.Now,Mike has the ball,he is kicking it.It’s a goal.Now,we are winning.

  Today I am very lucky.And I am so happy.





  my lucky day的初中英语作文 5

  It was my birthday yesterday.I didnt go to school.I stayed at home and prepared my birthday party.I got up at about 7 o’clock.I weared a new orange jacket and a pair of black jeans.I was putting some sweets and fruits on the table when my friends came at 10 oclock.They gave me a lot of presents.Such as storybooks,a beautiful wallet and a pen.We were singing and dancing when my parents came,they bought me a big birthday cake.Then we ate birthday cake and watched TV.We all had a good time.My best friend Lily told me that my English was 100.What a big surprise!What a lucky day!


  my lucky day的初中英语作文 6

  My name is libin.I am a lucky boy.I am in childhood by now all very lucky.Because worried never for feelings evil deed of me.So I am very happy.

  for me as long as isnt so over sensitve happily annoyed affair very lucky.

  Woke up in the morning see my mama in prepared the breakfast formeand see the schoolI think myself very luckyI lucky have the schoolmate myselfI lucky have the relative myselfSo is lucky every day a day.




  my lucky day的初中英语作文 7

  I was so lucky today.

  In the morning I lost my wallet on the way from home to school. I did not noticed this until I got into our classroom. There was almost 100 yuan in my wallet. I grew panic and decided to go back to find my wallet when I met my friend Xiao Ming. He told me he found a wallet exactly looks like mine on his way to school and it was mine.

  How lucky I am today !




  my lucky day的初中英语作文 8

  Today must be my lucky day. This morning our headteacher told us a thing: because my bedroon was very clean the teacher gave us 10 points, and I became the best cleaner. I learnt a lot of English grammer when I have the English class of Miss Zhang’s enen though it is a little difficult to understand.

  The best thing I met in the day time is the australian teacher gave me an English name. It is sally, I think it is a beartiful name. Do you agree?after the two-day-study, I found that Mr. Williamson is very funny and my classmates are friendly.

  I’m happy today and I think I will be happy everyday during the summer camp of the English studies.




  my lucky day的初中英语作文 9

  Today,when I am going shopping with my friends,we decide to buy the product that is on sale. If we are lucky,we can gain the prize. We believe that none of us have such luck. When we pay the bill and check out the number,we are so surprised that we win the small prize. What a lucky day.


  my lucky day的初中英语作文 10


  This morning, my parents and I went to Xiaonanmen to buy mobile phones for my mother.


  There are so many shops selling mobile phones! My parents and I watched and watched each other. We saw a lottery. I saw three ping-pong balls drawn by others. I also drew three. It was a coincidence. I drew three 8. I showed them to my uncle. He said, "little friend, you are so lucky." My uncle gave me an electric fan. At that time, I was so happy that I wanted to make it a gift for my parents labor day. Then we went on to show mom our mobile phones. My parents and I finally saw a mobile phone suitable for mom. Dad bought it. The model of the mobile phone is Nokia 6300. This mobile phone can take photos, and the photos can be saved on the computer.


  After buying it, my parents and I went home happily.

  my lucky day的初中英语作文 11

  Today is Wanhua Plazas ninth anniversary. My aunt invited us to a big dinner and let us go to the raffle. Xiaohan and I joked: "Such a good day, must draw a big prize home!"

  After dinner, we came to the lottery place, it is a sea of people, are fast growing dragon! After a long queue, it was finally our turn to draw the prize. The first time, I drew a bag of rice, the second time, I silently chanting: "Come to a big prize! A big prize!" So I took out the lottery ticket, holding it in my hand really cant believe my eyes, I looked at it again, it was the first prize! I shouted happily: "First prize! First prize! I got it!" At this time, the place of the lottery was immediately boiling up, and everyone was saying: "This child is very lucky!" He won the first prize." People gave Seo Yihan and me envious looks. Xiaohan also gave me a thumbs up: "Xiao Le, you are very lucky, great!" I got the first prize!" My mother hurried to redeem the prize, got back the first prize of a new battery car, and carefully drove the battery car home.

  I feel so lucky today!




  my lucky day的初中英语作文 12

  Today, I fell on the way to school, fell particularly painful, I thought: today will certainly be very unlucky, the precursor of the fall.

  To school, I speed quite fast, finished the homework, seriously in class, after the second class we on the playground to do exercises and jump rope, but I listen, jump rope, rope, more and more surprised, I suddenly understand, I did not bring a rope, as the sports committee unexpectedly did not bring, suddenly my face became a red apple, dare not look up. "Not with me! I didnt bring it again! Zhou Wenbao, you must be laid off!" My classmates scolded me angrily again. I had to dance with the girls. Thanks for the girls or Id be screwed.

  At noon to school, I went home with supplementary exercises, but the stairs are very crowded my book was squeezed out, only the shell, but I did not find. When it was time for class, it was found that it was gone, and then the teacher was punished to stand, suddenly there was a loud voice, it was Wang Xun, "I found Zhou Wenbaos book, here", I took it and said thank you and ran away, put it back to the teacher there.

  After school, I went home, recalling what happened that day, thinking that today is quite lucky, there are still good people in the sky. Say thank you to them! Be sure to do good next time, dont rely on luck, or you will suffer big losses.





  my lucky day的初中英语作文 13

  That was a lucky day!

  On the way to Yuhuatai, I accidentally fell, and when I got up, I saw a piece of one hundred dollars next to my feet. Ah! I shouted, my mother did not know what happened to me, a look also shouted, we drew the passers-by next to us. I thought they were going to say give the money back to the owner, but instead they said, "You keep it. Its okay." $100 in Moms hands. "She was lucky enough to pick up 100 bucks!" "This boy is really lucky!" Almost everyone around us envied our good fortune.

  When I arrived at the hotel gate, I was tripped by a stone, looking back, there was a 20 yuan card under the stone, my father joked: "What happened today, first picked up 100 yuan, and then picked up 20 pieces, Yi Bing, are you lucky today?"

  How is it that when you fall today, you pick up money? I also want to walk outside for a while, and maybe fall down a few times, you can pick up the gold!





  my lucky day的初中英语作文 14

  It was a Sunday afternoon, cloudy, I walked out of the cram school, ready to go home. The mood is the same as this ghost weather, "gloomy", because the cram school teacher criticized, is pressing the heart. Looking up, the sky suddenly fell a few drops of bean big rain, I was scared to back back, then, the rain is getting bigger and bigger, fell on the ground "bang bang" sound, I panicked: no umbrella can do? Also can not take shelter from the rain, the more and more such as the rain, I hurried to the direction of home walked quickly, but this distance is not close ah! Usually I always walk home by myself, now its raining, mother will not come!

  Thinking and speeding along: "Alas! What bad luck! Being scolded by the teacher does not say, but also become a drowned chicken, really!" At this time, I dimly saw a distant figure, when she walked into a look, ah! Its Mom! I ran to meet up, mother himself with an umbrella and handed me one: "not wet?" I smiled and said, "Not wet!" At this moment, I feel that today is my luckiest day! I am so happy!

  那是一个星期天的下午,天阴沉沉的`,我从补习班里走出,准备回家。 心情跟这鬼天气一样,“阴沉沉”的,因为被补习班老师批评了,正压着心。抬头一看,天空中骤然落下几滴豆大的雨点,我吓得往后退了退,接着,雨越来越大,落在地上“啪啪”的响,我慌了:没带雨伞可怎么办?也顾不得避雨了,越等雨越大,我急忙向家的方向快步走去,可这距离也不近啊!平时一向都是我自己走回家,现在下雨了,妈妈会不会不来呀!

  边想边加速走着:“唉!真倒霉!被老师骂了不说,还又变成了一个落汤鸡,真是的!” 这时,我模模糊糊看见远处一个身影,当她走进一看,啊!是妈妈!我跑着迎上去,妈妈自己打着一把伞又递给我一把:“没湿透吧?”我笑着说:“没湿透!” 此时,我觉得今天是我最幸运的一天!我很幸福!

  my lucky day的初中英语作文 15

  "Ah! Oh, were going to be late!" I looked at the clock and cried nervously, "Hurry up, hurry up, Dad, hurry up." But Dad is still sleeping in bed!

  In the morning, it was time to go to school, I looked at my watch again and said, "Its 7:30, and Im still 5 minutes late." Looking at the school is in front of me, but I cant move, my heart is like an ant on the hot pot - round and round.

  Finally to the school, a big stone in my heart "call" a sound, slowly put down, just, I "landed on time" just to the seat, the bell rang, I took a deep breath, ready for class.

  In the evening, I was happy on the way home, I secretly thought: hoo...... What a lucky day!

  But next time be sure to prepare in advance, otherwise every time you go to school in a hurry, heart tired ah... Suddenly someone slapped me hard. "Snap" to a sound, I was scared to jump three feet high, look back is a classmate of our class ah, scared me, so I hit him, he shot me, we rough-and-tumble, happy to go home, I thought: today really happy, I must write a diary.

  Finally, to the donut composition class, I excitedly grabbed the pen in my hand and began to write about my lucky day...







  my lucky day的初中英语作文 16

  Saturday is my lucky day, because every Saturday I get lucky. Now, let me tell you what lucky thing happened to me on Saturday this week!

  On Saturday morning, after I had breakfast, I went outside to play, and I took 50 yuan pocket money when I left. After about five minutes walk, I came to the street.

  The street is bustling, there are selling steamed buns, there are selling sausage powder, there are selling fruit, there are also placing vegetable stalls... Its everything.

  I unknowingly walked to the door of a supermarket, I suddenly saw a box of Transformers toys. I did not hesitate to go over and pick it up, did not expect that the supermarket is on special today, this box of Transformers was originally to sell 50 yuan, today only sold 25 yuan. The others did not know that this box of toys was on special offer, and all thought it was too expensive to buy, but fortunately I asked. I cheered to myself, "This is great, the only box of Transformers toys in the supermarket is now mine." With my toy in my arms, I excitedly went to settle the bill.

  I happily walked on the way home, met a boy about my age, because he walked in a hurry, the ten yuan in his pocket suddenly fell out, I rushed to pick it up, and then chased it back to him, he said: "Thank you, anyway, I have more money, I do not lack this money, this ten yuan money will give you." When I heard it, I jumped for joy. I took the ten yuan, ran home at lightning speed, and shared it with my mother.

  This is my lucky day.







  my lucky day的初中英语作文 17

  One day, when I was at school, I used to walk with my head down, walk, walk... Suddenly, something shiny and round rolled past my eyes.

  I stared curiously at the round thing. As it rolled, I followed its path, step by step... Walking faster and faster, my body also followed the tension, the pace became faster. With every step I took, I felt like something hard was about to fall out of my body.

  I thought to myself, "Could that be a gold?" Finally, it was blocked by the road and stopped. I lunged up and quickly stamped on it with my foot for fear of being seen by people passing by. I looked around and was relieved that no one was paying attention. Slowly raised his feet. "Oh!" It turned out to be a silver shiny one dollar coin, I picked it up carefully, put it in my pocket, and ran to the campus.

  When school was over at noon, I was full of joy with the coins and ran to the supermarket, thinking of buying a snack to eat. However, I hesitated, thinking: "Maybe the children who lost money are looking for money all over the world!" I was cruel, turned out of the supermarket, just heard two children talking about their lost money, I summoned the courage to change the money to them.

  In this way, I had a lucky day!






  my lucky day的初中英语作文 18

  Yesterday, God seemed to treat me like the apple of my eye.

  The Chinese paper was handed out today. My heart was very nervous, afraid of not doing well in the exam, because I thought I had always been bad, often swimming in the middle. Sent to me, I actually got 92 points, fortunately almost got 89 points.

  Whats even happier is that I only deduct three points from my composition, so I dont have to rewrite it. The essay loses one point, two points and three points, do not rewrite. I was scared. I was one point away from rewriting my essay. My deskmate was not so lucky, he got 89.5 points, just 0.5 points short of 90 points. Ah, the composition deduction of four points, one point is going to rewrite the composition, the more terrible is the test of more than 90 points, including 90 points, you can get a book and a candy award, but also became the Chinese leader.

  Today I went to the second hospital to find my mother, usually to the second hospital feet will be tired, today and inexplicably walked to the second hospital, and feet are not tired at all. Probably because there is a candy in the mouth, sweet.

  Found the mother, after the mother pointed to the grass said, this is the last one, is I deliberately left for you, the rest of the people were urged, this one was I left to blow for you. I picked up the dandelions and blew the seeds off to the rest of the grass with the little umbrella.

  What a lucky day!







  my lucky day的初中英语作文 19

  One evening, my mother and I came back from a relatives house, I saw my father was not at home and asked my mother: "Dad is not home?" Mom said, "Dad is still at work and comes home late." In order to have dinner with my father, my mother and I went to take a bath. I washed the mother then wash, I went to sit in the living room to watch TV. After a while Dad came back with a big box in his hand. I said, "Dad, what is this?" "Said Father; "Guess what! How should I know! "Its a TV." "Dont you have a TV at home?" "This is a prize call at the company." "Really?" "Of course its true." I shouted happily, "Mom! Today is really lucky dad hit a prize hit a TV back ", when the mother was still in the bathroom at the end of the bath. We had a wonderful time.

  Dad put down the TV, we ate, he said while eating: "Although won the second prize, but is the luckiest person in the company, the company held a year-end summary meeting in the afternoon, and raffle activities, awards with special prize and first prize, but no one drew, so it is the luckiest."

  I am eleven years old, my parents have never won any awards, this day is the luckiest day in my family, I hope that from this day on our family every day lucky, so that lucky I get good results next year.




  my lucky day的初中英语作文 20

  Luck is a word in everyones life, and you will feel happy when it comes to you.

  Ive had the same experience. This morning, the weather is sunny, we finished the radio exercise came to the playground to play happily. I cant feel happy today because I lost 50 cents this morning. This 50 cents is the money left over from my shopping today, and I have to give it to my mother when I go home! Looks like Im gonna get scolded again today. Im walking around the playground, thinking of a good idea. Suddenly, the ground shot a dazzling golden light, I bent down, with the hand to block the golden light "Ah, it is 50 cents." I was excited, "It seems that God is helping me!" I picked up the fifty cents and was about to put it in my pocket and claim it for myself.

  At this time, there is a song in my mind: "I picked up two cents on the side of the road, to the police uncle in the hand" Yes, we picked up something should be handed over to the public, and the teacher also taught us that we should pick up the money! I took out 50 cents to the teacher, the teacher praised me in front of the whole class, I was happy. At this time, a classmate pulled me and said, "I found this for you this morning, and now I will return it to you." I should learn from you." I took the money, patted him on the shoulder and said, "There you go."

  Today is really lucky, not only was praised by the teacher, but also found the lost money.





  my lucky day的初中英语作文 21

  Today, I thought it was a bad day, but now it turned out to be a lucky day.

  Last night, I stayed at my grandmas house and didnt find my school uniform. School uniform may be in run city new home, but mom and dad did not come back. So, Im gonna have to wear something else today.

  As soon as I walked into the classroom. Aaargh! Many of my classmates are wearing school uniforms. Those girls in school uniforms came up to me and asked me why I wasnt wearing school uniforms. I was not happy, and then asked a question, more uncomfortable, but not good attack, had to silence. But those female students did not give up, to the end. I dont say it, but I swear in my heart: "Youre not paparazzi, why dig into the bottom of it!" So I continued to be silent, and they could not ask for an answer, so they left. I breathed a long sigh of relief and began the morning reading, but my heart was full of worry, afraid that the teacher would criticize me.

  It is strange that the teacher did not say "go to the nursing home" in the morning reading class, and did not mention "go to the nursing home" in the second and third classes. But I have been nervous heart or not settled down. "Afternoon, perhaps?" I thought, reading is a little absent-minded, has been entangled in the "today whether to go to the nursing home" problem.

  By the afternoon, until school, the teacher still did not mention "go to the nursing home", I think today is definitely not to go! Those students who wear uniforms are also very curious, why the teacher does not count? They were so disappointed that I comforted them by saying, "Maybe next Thursday." They said, "Maybe."

  Today is a lucky day!







  my lucky day的初中英语作文 22

  At dinner time, my mother suddenly said to me, Chenchen tonight we have a cram school, a total of two hours and 30 minutes...

  What? My food almost came out of my mouth. Dont go, I shouted in my heart, I already have two cram classes, but also to go ah, and it is so long, I have to do homework. Huh, it is just too bullying, I was just about to cry out, today I just bought a new book, special forces school and I am ready to read it at night, huh, actually have to go to cram school? My heart went cold. But I cant say that, because if I dont, the lioness is gonna freak out again.

  I followed my mother down the stairs with a dirty face. Got into the battery van. I groaned the whole way. Electric car about 20 minutes, we came to a very big gate, I looked up, hey, this is not a movie theater? A new thought is like a small seedling, drilling out of the mud of depressed mood. My heart beat like a hundred little rabbits. Cant be too excited. Its not a movie today, is it? But is it really so? Then why did my mother say to me that I would go to a cram school tonight? Before I had time to think, my mother already smiled at me and said the answer, "How surprised?" The movie we are watching today is called Galaxy Cram School!"

  Ah, long live Mama! Today is my luckiest day! So this is "cram school" ah! Ha ha ha...





  my lucky day的初中英语作文 23

  Every day in life is like colorful candy, there are happy times, there are sad times, and that day is a very lucky day.

  Remember it was a Wednesday morning, I was my mother woke up from sleep, she called me again I got up, so my mother looked at me with a smile and said: "Today the sun from the west?" I cant believe our little slacker isnt in bed! Commendable." I cant say how happy, to know that early in the morning can be praised by my mother, is not easy.

  So I went to school with a good mood. Just walked into the canteen, a glance saw my favorite breakfast, meat porridge and sausage package, I happily came to the dining car next to the canteen aunt asked "good morning". When I was ready to take the meal, I saw that the plate was still loaded with a light purple taro cake, it seems that aunt is intentionally to give me a little more, aunt can be really kind! But I thought a bowl of porridge and a sausage bag can already eat enough, this taro cake can not be eaten and thrown away, it is too wasteful! So I said to my aunt: "Aunt, I can not eat so much, it is better to take out for breakfast did not eat the students?" The aunt answered with a smile, "Of course, pretty girl! What a kind little angel you are!" I smiled shyly. It was the second praise I had received this morning.

  After a while, the bell rang, came in from the classroom door is a substitute teacher, although I have never seen the teacher, but she gave us a lively and interesting English class, I actively speak in class, after class I also got the strange teachers small reward! This is my great luck!

  In the evening, I lay in bed, counting the whole days experience, feel that today is really their most lucky day!






  my lucky day的初中英语作文 24

  After school in the afternoon, I scampered to my mother, ready to go home. However, when I came to a tree, I suddenly looked up and shouted to my mother, "Mom, there is a toy in the tree!" As soon as the words stopped, my mother ran over with surprise and joy and raised her head. Of course, Mom saw the toy, too. However, we are in trouble, in the end what can be used to get it down? Or mom is smart! Mom took the car keys in her hand and threw them hard into the tree. "Snap!" The key directly touched the tree, but we all anxiously hoped that the key would not hang on the tree, for if it did, we would not have to go home! Finally, the key fell from the tree, but the toy did not fall. We threw it over and over again in frustration, hoping that the key would never hang on the tree.

  Fortunately, God helped me, although the toy did not fall, but the key did fall. But we looked at the toy lying in the sun on the tree, and racked our brains. Finally, Mom suggested knocking the toy down with a rock. But I was immediately puzzled: there are not many stones in our school, let alone to find a larger stone? But because he wanted to shoot down the toy quickly, he reluctantly agreed. I ran to the grass and was turning the grass inside when my mother called me over again, "Whats wrong?" "I asked." Take your shoes off! Im gonna throw it with my shoes! "Mother said happily." What? I dont want it! "I refused. But my mother coax me like a baby: "Hurry up, this method is the most useful, dont you want to get it?" I couldnt take it anymore, so I reluctantly agreed. Sure enough, or this method is the most useful, only threw once, the toy fell down, I took the toy happily home. No wonder my friends always say to me, "How can you pick up such good things every time?" It was a lucky day.



  my lucky day的初中英语作文 25

  What was my luckiest day? It must have been July 30 of last year. It was a day of good luck and good fortune. The weather that day was sunny, sunny and cloudless. As usual, I went to the park to play after doing my homework. After a while, I was sweating.

  My mother saw me playing full of sweat, and bought me a Popsicle to cool down, I cant wait to open the Popsicle into my mouth, greedy to enjoy its coolness, and scratch the prize area on the package, "Wow, won!" I shouted out, this is good, you can cool off for a while. I hurried to redeem the prize, one by one happy to eat. After eating, I scraped to the winning area again, actually won again, I was happy to almost jump up, when the good luck to really want to stop also stop, I won in succession, and finally won a total of 4 roots, a hand to take over, my mother also repeatedly surprised, sigh my good luck. Suddenly, a crying sound came, not far away a little brother fell down, crying grievously, I saw, I gave him my Popsicle stick, and loudly said to him: "A man is not free to cry." I dont know if my words or Popsicle sticks played a role, little brother stopped crying, I pulled him up, and he played happily. After a while, we became very good friends, and have a chance to play together.

  After returning home, I was still happy for todays luck, I was happy not only to win four popsicles in a row, but also happy that I could share with others and make good friends. That was a very lucky day!




  my lucky day的初中英语作文 26

  On Wednesday, the teacher announced in class, "There will be an exam in the first class this afternoon. I have to review my lessons after I go home." When we say this thing, our classmates originally blooming face, suddenly ten thousand flowers withered.

  In the first class in the afternoon, the teacher said: "Who has written the afternoon, will come to get the third unit test paper." I came late, which tube three seven twenty-one, after writing the afternoon, immediately took the paper, sat back to the seat, picked up the pen to write the paper.

  In the process of writing my left eyelid has been jumping, is todays exam I can take a full mark? Ah, finally finished the paper. The teacher put the papers up. After class, I quickly followed the light snow who was reading the answer, I did not expect her to write only one question inconsistent with me. We went to ask the monitor, found that we both wrote wrong, I said: "Alas, have to accept." The paper was issued in the first class on Friday, and my heart wanted to hold a small rabbit like, my heart beat very fast, holding the paper in my hand, I did not dare to look with my eyes closed, for fear that I would see a paper with a lot of wrong words and wrong questions. Later thought about it, or just look at it, just look at it, one eye opened, when I was nervous, my deskmate Xiao Rui shot me for a while. Ah! I shouted, and the classmates next to me were shocked. "Open your eyes. You got 92 points." Deskmate bored said. Its really a 92-point paper. I am very happy, haha, I will go home to tell mom and dad, they must be very happy. It is really a good thing, in the third class to write the first book, there is no my homework, I quickly asked the teacher, the teacher said; "Your work is on display in another class." I was stunned, and I felt indescribably happy.

  This is my lucky day!





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