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  The early years has a rightness of young men the matrimony in Alaska place in the United States, growing after getting married, his wife dies because I am difficult to produce, leaving one kid.

  His favour life, and then be occupied in watching the house, because no one helps to look after child, train a dog, that dog cleverness obedient, can look after a kid, bite milk bottle to nurse with milk to drink for kid, bring up a kid.

  One day, the host go out go to, call it look after a kid.

  He arrived another country, can't come back on that day because of meeting heavy snow.The second genius rush through to go home, the dog hears noise to greet host immediately.He opens an of doors to see, is a blood everywhere, raise head on hoping, is also a blood on the bed, the kid is missing, the dog is nearby and readily ising also a blood, the host discover this kind of situation, think the dog goes into action, eating up a kid, having a fit under, picked up knife come to once the dog's head split, killing a dog.

  Hear the kid's voice after and suddenly, and then see him descend to climb to come out from the bed, the is to start to embrace a kid;Although the body contain blood, do not get hurt.

  He is very strange, don't know to is what happened actually, seeing again a dog body, the meat of the leg had no, having a wolf side, the inside of still bites the meat of dog;The dog saved little host, but was killed one by mistake by the host, this was really the most astonishing misconstruction of world.

  Note:Misunderstand of matter is a person usually Be doing not understand, have no rational, impatience, be in need of a thinking and can not make allowance for the other party in many ways, self-reflection oneself, the affection extremely excites of circumstance under take place.

  Misunderstand in the beginning, namely always thoughted of the other party of thousand wrong ten thousand wrong;Therefore will make to misunderstand to sink more more deep, make not










  A young shoemaker left his village. Along the way, he found some ants, who were very sad because a bear had destroyed their anthill(蚁冢,人群密集的地方) . The shoemaker helped them rebuild it, and the ants offered to return the favor.

  The shoemaker followed his way and found some bees with the same problem as the ants. The young man also helped them, and the bees promised to help him in the future.

  Further along, the shoemaker learned that the king’s daughter was in the castle of a witch(巫婆,女巫) . The young man decided to rescue her. But the witch locked him up in a stinking(发恶臭的,非常讨厌的)dunge on with a sack of sand mixed with poppy( ) seeds and told him that if he wasn’t able to separate the two, she would cut off his head at dawn.

  The young man thought about his death. But his friends the ants came and helped him pass the test. The witch was astounded. Then she took him to a room where there were thirteen maidens with their faces covered: the shoemaker had to discover which one was the princess.

  The young man became discouraged but he saw a bee that landed on... the sweetest one, the true princess. When the shoemaker uncovered her face, the witch was changd into a crow(乌鸦) . The young people fell in love and lived surrounded by animals and poppies.





  又走了很远,鞋匠听说国王的女儿困在女巫的城堡里,年轻人决定去营救她。但女巫把他锁在恶臭的粪土堆旁,还扔给他一麻袋混合在一起的沙子和 种子。告诉他如果不能够在黎明前把这些区分开来,就要在黎明时砍掉他的脑袋。 年轻人想着他要死了。这时他的朋友蚂蚁来了,帮助他通过了这个考验。女巫大吃一惊,接着她把年轻人带到了一个房间,里面有蒙着面纱的是三个少女:鞋匠必须从中找出真正的王妃。

  年轻人有些灰心了,但这时他看到了一只蜜蜂降落在一个人身上……那人就是真正的王妃。当鞋匠揭开她的面纱,于是女巫变成了一只乌鸦。年轻人跟公主坠入爱河,动物们和 花都围绕着他们。


  There was once a farmer who had a fine olive(橄榄树) orchard(果园) . He was very hardworking, and the farm always prospered under his care. But he knew that his three sons despised(轻视,看不起) the farm work, and were eager to make wealth, trough adventure.

  When the farmer was old, and felt that his time had come to die, he called the three sons to him and said,

  The sons tried to get him to tell them in what part of the orchard the gold was hidden; but he would tell them nothing more.

  After the farmer was dead, the sons went to work to find the pot of gold; since they did not know where the hiding-place was, they agreed to begin in a line, at one end of the orchard, and to dig until one of them should find the money. They dug until they had turned up the soil from one end of the orchard to the other, round the tree-roots and between them. But no pot of gold was to be found. It seemed as if someone must have stolen it, or as if the farmer had been wandering(漫游,闲逛)in his wits. The three sons were bitterly disappointed to have all their work for nothing.

  The next olive season, the olive trees in the orchard bore more fruit than they had ever given; when it was sold, it gave the sons a whole pot of gold.

  And when they saw how much money had come from the orchard, they suddenly understood what the wise father had meant when he said,

  gold hidden in the orchard. Dig for it, if you wish it.









  A man was going to the house of some rich person. As he went along the road, he saw a box of good apples at the side of the road. He said,

  He began to go home. He had eaten no food that day. He began to want food. He came to the apples, and he was glad to take them out of the dust and eat them.

  Do not throw good things away; you may be glad to have them at some other time.