Whats the weather like?

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Whats the weather like?

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Whats the weather like?

  (1)The boy is tall.

  (2)They are working hard.

  (3)It’s very hot today.

  (4)He listened to the teacher carefully.

  (5)The ice is very thick.



  (6)This is a nice watch.

  (7)They are beautiful flowers.

  (8)It’s a windy day today.

  (9)He is a strong man.

  (10)That is an old book.


  本句型为What a (an)+形容词+主语+谓语!构成的感叹句。主、谓部分可以省去。


  1. When the sun is __(shine), it is __ (sun).

  2. He __(bring)it to school yesterday.

  3. Don’t do like that. Please be __(friend).

  4. The wind is blowing __(strong).

  5. He always does everything__(care).

  6. It’s very __ (cloud) today.

  7. It snowed __(heavy)yesterday.

  8. The children are playing __(happy)in the park.

  9. July and August are the __(hot)months in a year.

  10. Look! It’s __(rain)heavily.



  __is the__ __in Beijing?


  I__ __ winter __ it is__ __.


  In __ of China,____very__ .


  In winter you need__ ____ __ warm__ .


  The weather in Beijing is not very good ____ __.



  1、real 2、quick 3、strong 4、bright 5、heavy 6、happy




  1、rain 2、wind 3、cloud 4、sun


  A: Did you hear the weather 1 this morning?

  B: Yes, I 2 .

  A: 3 is the weather today?

  B: It's windy and rainy.

  A: 4 bad weather! I don’t like it at 5 .

  B: Yes, it's too bad.

  A: Will it 6 long?

  B: No, it 7 . I think it will get better soon.

  A: I hope 8 . What does the radio 9 ?

  B: It says the rain will stop later on.

  A: That's great. We can go out to 10 basketball.

答案:1.report 2.did 3.How 4.What 5.all 6.last 7.won’t 8.so 9.say 10.play


  1. What bad weather!

  How ____________________!(同义句转换)

  2. The snow will be very heavy tonight. (同义句转换)

  ______ will be very heavy ______ tonight.

  3. It’s windy today. (对划线部分提问)

  ______ the ______ ______ today?

  4. We clean our classroom every day. (用tomorrow 改写)

  We ________ ________ our classroom tomorrow.

  5. The farmers are working hard. (改感叹句)

  ________ _________ the farmers are working!

  6. The TV says the sun will come out soon. (同义句)

  The TV says it’ll _______ _______ soon.

答案:1.bad the weather is 2. It, snowy 3.What’s, weather, like 4.will / shall, clean 5.How, hard 6.be fine / sunny

七、Fast Reading

The weather in England

  In England people can experience (经历)four seasons in one day. So they often talk about the weather. In the morning the weather is warm like in spring. After an hour black clouds come and then it rains heavily. The weather gets a little cold. In the afternoon it will be sunny, the sun will begin to shine, and it will be summer at this time of a day.

  In England, people can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter they can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes they need to wear warm clothes.

  When you go to England, you will see that some English people usually take an umbrella or a raincoat with them in the sunny morning, but you should not laugh at them. If you don’t take an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret later in the day.


  1. In England people often talk about the ______.

   A. weather B. seasons C. spring D. summer

  2. In English ______ in winter.

   A. it is always very cold    B. people always wear warm clothes

   C. people can swim sometimes  D. the weather is very hot

  3. English people usually take an umbrella or a raincoat with them ______.

   A. in a rainy morning  B. in a sunny morning

   C. in a snowy morning  D. A, B and C

  4. In England, which is not true?

   A. People can have four seasons in a day.

  B. The weather is warm in the morning and soon it will be cold in the day.

   C. People take an umbrella in the rainy morning.

   D. If you don’t take an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret later in the day.

  5. From the story we know that when ______ come, there is a heavy rain.

   A. sun and snow    B. black clouds

   C. spring and autumn  D. summer and winter

答案:1-5 A C D B B

The Weather

  Many people think they can tell what the weather will be like. But they don't think in the same way(方式). One man may say, "Do you see how cloudy it is in the east? It's going to rain tomorrow." Another man will say, "Yes, it's cloudy in the east. We shall have rainy weather tomorrow."

  People look for the weather they want. When a farmer needs water, he looks for something to tell him it will rain. He won't believe(相信)anything(任何事)else(别的). When friends have a picnic(野餐), They are so sure the weather will be fine very quickly that they sit eating their lunch when it rains. (so…that…如此…以致于…)


   1、Lots of people think they can tell what the weather is going to be like

   2、They think in the different ways.

   3、People look for the weather they don't want.

   4、When a farmer needs water, he looks for something to tell him it is going to rain. He will believe something else.

   5、When friends have a picnic, they hope the weather is fine.


  The wind was ___1___ ___2____ outside. Li Mei got ready to ___3___ after she finished her homework. Suddenly (突然) she ___4___ that the windows of her __5___ were open. She ___6__ on her clothes as __7___ as she could. She ran against(迎着) the wind ___8__ the school. __9___ the way she __10___ ___11___ a few times. When she __12___ there, she ___13____ the windows. Then she ___14____ the classroom _____15___ a smile on her face.

  答案:1.blowing 2.strongly / hard 3.sleep 4.remembered 5.classroom 6.put 7.quickly / fast 8.to 9.On 10.fell 11.down 12.got / reached / arrived 13.closed 14.left 15.with

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