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Mainly revision 精选题库




  They will _______ ______ plays tomorrow.


  Jim, _______ _______ ______ some fruit.


  Miss Gao was ill for _______ ______ a week.


  ______you ______ ______school last year?


  _______ ______ us will bring some food.

  答案:1.put on 2. help yourself to 3. less than 4. Were, late for 5. Each of


  (1)What the fine weather it is !

  (2)I have a quite lot of work to do.

  (3)Your coat is dearer than my.

  (4)Walk after supper is good for your health.

  (5)Happy teacher's day.

  答案:(1)去the(2)a quite改为quite a (3)my改为mine(4)walk after supper改为walking after supper(5)teacher's 改为 teachers'


  (1)Can I take a message? ________________.

  (2)Happy New Year. ________________

  (3)What 's the date? ______________________.

  (4)What is the weather like? ______________________.

  (5)I was ill yesterday___________________.

  A: I'm sorry to hear that.

  B: The same to you

  C: It is windy.

  D: It is October 2nd


  答案:(1)E(2)B (3)D (4)C(5)A


  One night there was a heavy snowstorm, and in the morning Mr. smith's garden was full of deep snow. Mr. smith wanted to take his car out, so he paid a man to clean the path from hid garage to his gate, he said to this man: "don't throw any snow on that side, because it will damage the bushes in my garden; and don't throw any on the other side, because it will break m fence. And don't throw any into the street, or the police will be angry. "Then Mr. smith went out.

  When he came back, the path was clean and the snow from it was not on the bushes, or the fence, or the street. Mr. Smith was very pleased, until he opened the garage to get his cart out. The garage was full to the top with all the snow from the path, and his car was somewhere under it all.

  Answer the question:

  (1)Why did Mr.Smith pay a man to clean the path?

  (2)Why he didn't allow the man to throw any snow on that side?

  (3)What season was the day?

  (4)Was he very pleased with the work finally?


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