Jack light优秀作文

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Jack light优秀作文

  It is hit by in the children eye , Halloween is a festival being full of the mysterious color. The veil of night comes , colourful putting on makeup of the children field put on just too impatient to wait is accustomed to , puts on the exceedingly strange mask, mention previous "Jack light " running go out to play. And then "Jack light " appearance is very lovable , method of work is that Spanish gourd is hollowed out, outside engrave be all smiles the eye and big mouths, having ed a candle , it is ignited in melon, people just can see this charmingly naive smiling face in very distant place.

Jack light优秀作文

  The portable child "Jack light " punishing the ready queen , disguising self as all sorts of evil-doers group, runs before the neighbour door of a house , intimidates as the field is shouting: "Ask a practical joke to still be to being entertained " ", given money to still being eaten".

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