National Day enlightenment-1200字作文

初中二年级作文 时间:2016-05-12 我要投稿
【 - 初中二年级作文】

  In 1949, Chinese finally experienced in the Eight Power Allied forces war of aggression against China, the Opium War, the second Opium War, the Sino Japanese War Jia Wu..., rise step by step, the final of the people's Republic of china!!

  Today, the people's Republic of China has founded 65 anniversary. Redflag, by the revolutionary martyrs once, predecessors -- blood dyed......

  Before Chinese no longer, stronger, 9 October 15, 2003 Beijing time, Yang Liwei by the Long March two F rocket carrying Shenzhou five spacecraft into space for the first time, Chinese became the third country to master manned space flight technology. Science and technology is in progress step by step, we are also in progress step by step, the people's Republic of China in a step by step progress.

  The year is 2014, Chinese to become the world's first goods trade power,this is the 100 years development in China for the first time to become the world champion China following trade in goods, also become the world's second largest economy. We firmly believe that China will such as the Tang Dynasty the same spirit, go down to posterity!