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  On Sunday, Bruce Lee and his parents go out to play.


  They were talking and laughing on the road. Suddenly, Bruce Lee saw a piece of banana skin lying on the ground, thinking: if you don't pick up the banana skin, someone will be hurt if you step on it. So Bruce Lee picked up the banana peel and threw it into the garbage can. Mom and dad saw it and praised Bruce Lee for doing well.


  Bruce Lee is really a good child who takes good care of the environment.



  Spring is coming, everything is reviving, ice and snow are melting, the scenery in the park is so beautiful, the tadpoles in the river are swimming happily, the willows on the bank have grown green leaves, the grass on the ground has sprouted, the swallows are flying back from the south, and the mountains in the distance are full of red flowers,


  Mingming comes to the Bank of the river to fly a kite. First, loosen a little rope. Let go of the string a little bit, then throw the kite into the sky with one hand, and then pull the kite string to run while flying. The kite flew higher and higher, as if it had passed through the atmosphere. It flies higher than a building.


  After flying kites all day, Mingming's heart blossomed with joy.



  On the way home from school, suddenly I saw an uncle pulling the goods full of cars, sweating, panting, and stopping to rest from time to time. When I saw this, I hurriedly ran up and tried my best to help my uncle with the cart. My uncle looked back and saw that I was helping him with the cart. He said, "thank you, you are such a loving child!" I said, "no thanks, this is what our young pioneers should do." The red scarf on the chest seemed to say, "you are such a helpful young pioneer."


  我的'妈妈做事很粗心,一家人似乎都是这样说她。昨天中午吃饭,随着她的一声吆”一大盆大黄鱼放在了 喝:“鱼来了星期天的早晨,我和爸爸一起晨跑,我们边唱着歌边聊天,快乐极了!刚跑没多远,忽然看见一位叔叔吃完了自己手上的零食,包装袋没有丢到垃圾桶里,随手就丢在了地上。

  On Sunday morning, my father and I ran together in the morning. We sang and chatted. We were very happy! Just after running, we saw an uncle eating his snacks. The packing bag didn't go into the garbage can, but was dropped on the ground.


  I thought to myself, "this uncle is too uncivilized. I must stop his behavior.". So I went to my uncle and said, "would you please don't litter?"?;

  叔叔听见了不好意思的把垃圾捡起来,丢进了垃圾桶里,对我微微一笑便离开了。 随后,我和爸爸继续我们的晨跑!

  Uncle heard embarrassed to pick up the garbage, threw it into the trash can, smiled at me and left. Then Dad and I continued our morning run!


  Although this is a small matter, I think everyone should take good care of the environment and everyone has a responsibility.



  Today, mom and Dad took us fishing. We came to the fishing place happily. I saw a lot of fish. There are red ones, yellow ones and colorful patterns.


  Seeing so many fish, I can't wait to take them home. The staff first gave a fishing rod, a bucket full of water, and a bait. First, I put a little bait on the hook and threw it into the fish pond. The little fish came happily to eat. In a short time, I caught a big and beautiful fish easily.


  I had a good time today.



  I'm Cai Zezhong from class 2, grade 5 of sanjiangtang primary school. Now let me introduce my school!


  There are many beautiful sceneries in my school, such as tall teaching building, wide playground, and beautiful garden All in all, it's very beautiful.


  Every morning, if you walk into our campus, you will hear the sound of Lang Lang's reading, which will make you feel happy. After class, you can hear the laughter of the students chatting.


  This is my school, I love my school!



  My family lives in a small courtyard in the countryside. There are people around. There are many neighbors, but I especially like Grandma Zhang who lives in my east courtyard.


  Granny Zhang is very good. She often gives snacks to our children and asks her granddaughter to help us with our lessons. He has a good character and temper. He never bothers us or scolds us.


  I like Grandma Zhang very much.



  One day, as soon as I finished my homework, I wanted to go to the living room to watch "big son and small father", but my father was also watching TV.


  I asked my father, "I want to watch TV. Can you lend it to me first?" my father said, "but I'm watching my favorite football match." I said to my father, "I just finished my homework. I want to watch TV and have a rest, OK?" my father said to me, "OK!" I sat on the sofa, picked up the remote control and watched TV.


  It turns out that as long as we learn to discuss everything, we can realize our wishes.



  This morning, my mother went out to work early and left my brother and I at home. My brother cleans and I wash clothes.


  I took half a basin of water first, then soaked my clothes in water, and gently put soap on my clothes. Hands repeatedly scrubbed, colorful bubbles appeared. Ah, it's amazing! The little bubble has swallowed all the germs on my hands and the filth on my clothes. I'm so happy! The clothes will be washed soon. I hang the colorful clothes on the balcony.


  Although a little tired, but I see clean clothes giggle!



  My hometown is Jianghan oil field, which is located in Jianghan Plain. It is a place where oil people struggle to live with beautiful and rich scenery.


  Especially in March of each year, when the rape flowers are blooming, the mountains and fields are full of golden rape flowers, like putting a golden dress on the earth. Looking at it, it's like a beautiful picture!


  There is also a large forest of Metasequoia called "living fossil" plants. It's a beautiful place. Tall and clear fir trees stand there like loyal sentinels, guarding the people of the oil city.


  This is my beautiful and lovely hometown Jianghan Oilfield.