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  The mid-autumn festival is coming,people are very happy.


  The mid-autumn festival is a very important chinese festival.at this time the moon is round and bright, home of people together to eat moon cakes, looking at the moon. the moon cake is a circular ,the symbolic reunion, so everybody like it.

  In this festival,i hope everyone in the world will stay with family,share love from the family forever,and i hope everybody‘s dream will come true.

  I think the middle-autumn festival is a very nice festival for chinese people.


  Mid-autumn is a traditional festival in China. It’s also called Autumn festive, August festival, daughters festival, or Reunion festival and so on. It’s often on August 15th in lunar calendar every year, but in some places, it’s on the 16th August, such as Ningbo, Lanzhou and Zhou Shan.

  Mid-autumn day is thought to be the best festival with human touch or interest and poetic sentiment and mood of a painting. It’s a reunion festival, on the day, people always miss close relatives and friends. Wherever they are, they always go home to see their parents and brothers and sisters, or their wife or husband and their children. The people who are in far away also give a call to the persons they are concerning with.

  On this day, people often eat moon cake, nuts and some special food. And in some places, the days before Mid-autumn day, they do the rabbits with wheat, which stand of peace and reunion .

  On the evening, family members or friends always stay together to watch the moon as eating moon cake and nuts, or as talking each other happily.


  chinese mid-autumn festival is one of the four major traditional festivals.中秋节是中国四大传统节日之一。

  there are evening meal, people who work outside the home have to come back happy. after dinner, people lit lanterns, usually red lanterns round. the children will happily play their toy lanterns.


  you yuanyou the moon in the evening, people eating at the same time to celebrate the mid-autumn festival special foods - cakes. people with the past, look to the future. it is said that there are dragon in the sky, it is necessary to swallow the moon. in order to protect the moon, the children have to come up with a large ring of the dragons away.



  The Mid-Autumn Day

  August 15th in Chinese Lunar Calendar is the Mid-Autumn Day.It is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.

  On that day people usually go back home to have family reunion.Each family will have the members get together to have a big dinner.The most popular food is moon cakes.They are round and look like the moon.

  The moon is the brightest this night.People eat the delicious food while they are enjoying a beautiful full moon in their yard.At this time,some old people would like to tell many past events and tell the children a story about the rabbit on the moon .The children really believe that there is a rabbit on the moon.They hope to go to the moon and have a look one day.

  What a great festival!




  中秋节晚上的月亮特别地圆.人们都在自家的院子里一边赏月一边吃着可口的月饼.这个时候 ,一些老人会讲述许多古老的故事,如月亮上的玉兔,孩子们信以为真,他们真想有一天登上月球看个究竟.



  I am very happy because the Mid-autumn Festival is coming.During the daysthere are many moon cakes.I love eating moon cake very much.There are various tastessuch as sweetsalt and so on.I like the sweet onesespecially the fruit-filled moon cakes.

  My parents always buy many for mebecause they know I like moon cakes.Besidesmoon cake has good moral.It symbolizes reunion.When I eat the moon cakeI often think of my big family and my relatives.










  Mid-Autumn Day, all the country is celebrating. The streets are full of people; the loves are holding each other tightly. Everyone has his day.However, I am lonely. No one to hold, no one to kiss, no not to talk!

  I was walking around the street without purpose, seeing the lovers kissing, watching the fireworks alone, walking backed room whist. Suddenly, I think I must be good to myself. So I decide to blue a present to myself. I know I will be good soon, and will find my Mr. Right. So tonight, a little teddy bear will sleep with me. And I know: I will have another teddy bear as a present that not bought from me!!!


  Mid-autumn Day is a Chinese festival。 It usually es in September or October 。On that day we usually eat a big dinner and mooncakes。 It is said "Hou Yi" missed his wife,so he made mooncakes。 It looks like the moon。

  There are many kinds of mooncakes。 They are small round cakes with meat, nuts or something sweet inside 。 eating mooncakes has been our custom。 Families stay outside in the open air eat a big dinner and mooncakes。 The most important thing is looking at the moon, On that day, the moon kooks brighter and rounder。 We call this moon the full moon。

  On that day, families get together, so we call this day getting together。 This is Mid-autumn Day。 I love it very much。 Because on that day I can eat mooncakes。 And my brother es back home。 He works outside all year。 Only that day and the Spring Festival。 He es back。 So that day I am especially happy。 On that day my family gets together。


  Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China. It used to be as important as Spring Festival .It is usually celebrated in September or October. This festival is to celebrate the harvest and to enjoy the beautiful moon light. To some extent, it is like Thanks Giving day in western countries. On this day, people usually get together with their families and have a nice meal. After that, people always eat delicious moon cakes, and watch the moon. The moon is always very round on that day, and makes people think of their relatives and friends. It is a day of pleasure and happiness. Hope you have a wonderful Mid Autumn festival!



  The Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival is one rich in poetic(诗意的) significance. Ancient legends(古代的传说) that became interwoven with this festival‘s celebration further contribute to the warm regard in which it has always been held by the Chinese people. According to the lunar calendar(农历), the seventh, eighth, and ninth months constitute the autumn season. Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, precisely in the middle of this season, when the heat of the summer has given way to cool autumn weather, marked by blue skies and gentle breezes. On this day the moon is at its greatest distance from the earth; at no other time is it so luminous. Then, as the Chinese say, “The moon is perfectly round.” In the villages the heavy work involved in the summer harvest has already been completed but the autumn harvest has not yet arrived.

  The actual origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival are still very unclear. The earliest records are from the time of the great Han dynasty emperor Wu Di (156-87 B.C.), who initiated celebrations lasting three days, including banquets and “Viewing the Moon” evenings on the Toad Terrace. We know that people during the Jin dynasty (265-420 A.D.) continued the custom of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, and similar accounts have come down to us from the time of the Tang dynasty. During the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) houses and gardens were decorated with numerous lanterns and the sound of gongs and drums filled the air.

  Moon cakes came on sale shortly before festival time. In the past, one could get some cakes shaped like pagodas, others like a horse and rider, fish or animals. Still others were decorated with the images of rabbits, flowers, or goddesses. There were a myriad of different fillings available: sugar, melon seeds, almonds, orange peel, sweetened cassia blossom, or bits of ham and preserved beef. The cakes are of the northern and southern styyles, but the latter (also called Guangdong-style) are the most popular and are available throughout the country.

  The round shape of cakes just symbolizes not only the moon but also the unity of the family. Therefore the Mid-Autumn Festival is actually a day for family reunion.