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Questions 1-10

???Alice Walker makes her living by writing, and her poems short stories, and novels

have won many awards and fellowships for her. She was born in Eatonton, Georgia. She

went to public schools there, and then to Spelman College in Atlanta before coming to

New York to attend Sarah Lawrence College, from which she graduated in 1966. For a

time she lived in Jackson, Mississippi with her lawyer husband and small daughter.

About Langston Hughes, American Poet, her first book for children, she says ,"After my

first meeting with Langston Hughes I vowed I would write a boot about him for

children someday. Why? Became I, at twenty-two, knew next to nothing of his work,

and he didn't scold me; he just gave me a stack of his book. And he was kind to me; I

will always be grateful that in his absolute warmth and generosity he fulfilled my

deepest dream (and need) of what a poet should be.

?? "To me he is not dead at all. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of him or speak

of him. Once, just before he died, when he was sick with the flu, I took him a sack full

of oranges. The joy I felt in giving that simple gift is undiminished by time. He said he

liked oranges, too."

1. What is the main topic of the passage?

(A) Alice Walker's reflections on Langston Hughes

(B) The influence of Alice Walker on the writing of Langston Hughes

(C) Langston Hughes' book about Alice Walker

(D) A comparison of the childhoods of Alice Walker and Langston Hughes

2. In the passage, Alice Walker is described as

(A) a research fellow at Spelman College

(B) a professor at Sarah Lawrence College

(C) a prize-winning writer of?prose and poetry

(D) an author of?plays for children

3. Before attending college, Alice Walker went to school in

(A) Atlanta, Georgia

(B) Eatonton, Georgia

(C) Jackson,