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Structure and Written Expression

1. Simple photographic lenses cannot ______sharp, undistorted images over a wide field.

(A) to form

(B) are formed

(C) forming

(D) form

2. Of all the factors affecting agricultural yields, weather is the one ______ the most.

(A) it influence farmers

(B) that influences farmers

(C) farmers that it influences

(D) why farmers influence it

3. Beverly Sills, ______, assumed directorship of the New York City Opera in 1979.

(A) be a star soprano

(B) was a star soprano

(C) a star soprano and

(D) a star soprano

4. ______ of tissues is known as histology.

(A) Studying scientific

(B) The scientific study

(C) To study scientifically

(D) That is scientific studying

5. With the exception of mercury, ______ at standard temperature and pressure.

(A) the metallic elements are solid

(B) which is a solid metallic element

(C) metallic elements being solid

(D) since the metallic elements are solid

6. Potential dehydration is_______ that a land animal faces.

(A) the often greatest hazard

(B) the greatest often hazard

(C) often the greatest hazard

(D) often the hazard greatest

7. By tracking the eye of a hurricane, forecasters can determine the speed at which ____.

(A) is a storm moving

(B) a storm is moving

(C) is moving a storm

(D) a moving storm

8. The Grapes of Wrath, a novel about the Depression years of the 1930 s, is one of John Steinbeck s ______ books .

(A) most famous

(B) the most famous

(C) are most famous

(D) and most famous

9. Technology will play a key role in _______future life-styles.

(A) to shape

(B) shaping

(C) shape of

(D) shaped

10. The computer has dramatically affected _____photographic lenses are constructed .

(A) is the way

(B) that the way

(C) which way