How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Tr

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How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic?(怎样解决交通拥挤问题)

            How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic?

       Nowadays, people in many big cities are complaining about the heavy traffic. It has seriously influenced people's daily life and economic development. To solve the problem, some pieces of advice are put forward. Some people suggest that more streets and roads should be built. In this way,

the traffic density can be redncedi hence speeding up the flow of buses and cars.But the new roads and streets will be filled with many cars and buses soon.

     Some people advise to limit the number of bikes and cars. This can decrease the traffic flow. But on the other haad, this will affect the consumption and make buses more crowded.

     In my opinion, the number of private cars should be put under control. And at the same time, buses should have their own special routes which cannot be used by other vehicles.  Besides, underground train and city train should be developed quickly. ( 151 words)






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