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  母亲节的英语作文 篇1

  Dear mother: Im your child . Today is Mothers day.I have a lot of saying to you. Thank you your love!Let me know how to be a good student.Thank you your love!Let me know how to make friend. Thank you your love!Let me so happy! I want to say you I love you ! yours xxx 亲爱的妈妈: 我是你的孩子,今天是母亲节,我有许多话要和你说 谢谢你的爱,让我知道怎样成为一个好学生。谢谢你的爱,让我知道怎样交朋友,谢谢你的爱,让我如此的幸福 我想对你说:“我爱你” 你的XXX 还有一篇:Mothers Day Introduction As a thank his mother for Mothers Day holiday, first appeared in ancient Greece, time is the annual January 8, while in the United States, Canada and some other countries, it is every year the second Sunday in May, a number of other countries dates were the same (see below "the world celebrate Mothers Day time is different"). On this day mothers often receive gifts. Overseas, the carnation flower is regarded as dedicated to his mother. In China, mother lily flower flower, also known as Wang Youcao. Liliaceae Hemerocallis Hemerocallis is a perennial herb, fleshy rhizome, leaves long, slender top out orange or orange flowers, very beautiful, it is not only for people watching, called the lily buds, but also as a vegetable for human consumption , in the widely cultivated in South and North.(母亲节介绍 母亲节作为一个感谢母亲的节日,最早出现在古希腊,时间是每年的一月八日,而在美国、加拿大和一些其他国家,则是每年5月的第二个星期天,其他一些国家的日期也并不一样(参见下面“世界各国庆祝母亲节的时间都不尽相同”)。母亲们在这一天通常会收到礼物。 在国外,康乃馨被视为献给母亲的花。 而我国的母亲花是萱草花,又叫忘忧草。 萱草 萱草是百合科多年生草本植物,根茎肉质,叶狭长,细长的枝顶端开出桔红或桔黄色的花,十分艳丽,它不仅供人观赏,花蕾叫金针,也可作蔬菜供人食用,在我国南北方广为栽植。)

  母亲节的英语作文 篇2

  It was Mother’s Day. Sun Zheng thought he should do something for his mother. He decided to help his mother do some housework. After school he went to a shop to buy some food on his way home.

  When he got home, he did his best to cook some nice food,though he couldn’t do the cooking well. Thenhe cleaned the room. He felt very tired, but he was very happy.

  When his father and his mother came back and saw the clean rooms and dishes which weren’t so nice, they were very happy.They had their supper together. His mother said, "Thank you,my child!"



  母亲节的英语作文 篇3

  Today is Mother’s Day. I know some of my classmates are going to help their mothers with the housework, others .are going to buy some flowers for their mothers. I want to say to her that I love her very much. But as a boy, it is a bit difficult for me to show my heart. I think only girls can do that.

  My mother is very kind. She takes care of me day and night.

  She spends little money, but buys anything for me that I need.

  This time I must show my love. I am going to give her a card and write like this, "I love you, mother!" I am going to put it under her pillow.




  母亲节的英语作文 篇4


  Tomorrow is mothers day. Whats the gift for mother?


  Think left and think right. I cant think of a gift for my mother. Thought: or send a card to my mother! I took advantage of my mothers absence when she went to the market to buy vegetables. I used colored pens, colored paper, scissors and other tools. Among the colored paper, I selected one by one, and finally chose a mothers favorite color... Big red for her. I first write the blessing words on the colored paper with the colored pen, then paint the color with the colored pen to draw. At this time, suddenly the doorbell rang and mother came back. When my mother saw me drawing on colored paper with a colored pen, she kept asking me, "Wen Wen, what are you drawing?" I said, "Mom, please do it! Its a secret. Ill let you know when Im done. " I finished the card, then made it into a beautiful envelope with colored paper, put it in, and happily sent it to my mother. My mother took the card and asked me, "what is this?" I said, "just open the envelope." When my mother opened the card, I said to her, "Mom, I wish you a happy holiday in advance!" My mother was very moved when she saw the greeting card. She praised me repeatedly. Wen Wen Wen is a good and sensible child.


  This is the most meaningful thing Ive done this week.

  母亲节的英语作文 篇5

  In the early morning, my sister went out and brought home a bunch of pretty flowers. Right after my mother got up out of bed, we said "Happy Mothers Day"! to her and gave her the flowers. My mother was very happy; she smiled and said, ‘How wonderful the flowers look! Thank you! Also, we told her we were going to do all the housework for our beloved mother, and she could take a rest for a day. In the beginning, we were excited about all the work we can do at home. Before long, we found that the housework seemed to be endless, There was cooking and washing, and cleaning to do, and there was shopping to do, too . During the dinner hour, the kitchen seemed so busy. My father was making a salad, my sister was baking a pie for dessert, and I was washing rice and vegetables, and there were many other things to do. Finally, the dinner was ready; it was two hours behind the usual schedule. The food was not as delicious as my mothers. Nevertheless, my mother and father enjoyed it, and felt very proud of their daughter and son.

  母亲节的英语作文 篇6


  I look forward to the stars, the moon and finally mothers day, because on Mothers day, we can return our mothers love for us.


  Ive heard for a long time that some people hold some programs related to mothers on Mothers day to get together and compete. So on this day, my mother did the same thing to hold a mothers Day Thanksgiving party in the form of a competition. According to your performance score, there are prizes for good performance.


  There are four items in our competition: first, write a poem to praise mother and recite it; second, talent performance; third, answer for knowledge on Mothers day; fourth, wash feet for mother. Finally, the first, second and third prizes and encouragement prizes are awarded.


  Moms first performance, Dads follow-up, brothers follow-up, I finally, we went through four hurdles in one breath, finally, I got the first, brothers second, moms third, Dads encouragement award of course. Ha ha! As soon as the results were made public, everyone gave me warm applause. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that I volunteered to be the host this time, and my parents also praised me for being a good host.


  Through todays mothers day, I learned a lot of truth. Mother not only gave us life, but also raised and educated us. For our healthy growth, they broke their hearts. We must pay attention to health, study hard, and repay our mother with good health and good grades.


  Through this mothers Day activity, I also know that mothers Day is the second Sunday of May every year, which originated in ancient Greece.


  How happy mothers Day is! Its unforgettable!

  母亲节的英语作文 篇7


  When my mother was a gentle, noble and beautiful princess. But the evil, than a witch and horror one hundred times, comparable with the tiger. At this time, my skin to tighten a little, dont bother her, just hide, lest suffer.


  She and her fathers age, two people are very similar. It is good to me, all the stars in the sky will be for me to pick, but evil, dont treat me as a baby son, almost no one.


  We all love to sing "my mothers eyes" this song, my mothers eyes like stars in the sky, but my mother look sharp knife is sharp, than, as long as she is with the eyes staring at me, I will.


  My mother speaks like boys, hoarse bass, although her face is very beautiful, if her voice is perfect, that is the whole universe have no particular mother.


  My mother do the housework very hard, but she has a fear of. The most afraid of mice, rats, whether it is slight, black rat, guinea pig, I fear, with Tinker Bell can be sworn. However, only a mouse she not afraid, you guess! "Mouse" "hamster", she played can be great, brave.


  My mother is very love me, will give me what I want, but often repeat, do not repeat the words, I would be more happy.


  Thank you for your! Dear mom! When your son really happy Oh!

  母亲节的英语作文 篇8

  Tomorrow is mothers day. I want to give my mother a surprise.

  I thought I wanted to make a breakfast for my mother. I got up early in the second day, bought a stick in the early market, and returned home to give my mother a few dishes and rice porridge. When my mother woke up, he said, "good smell, who is cooking today?" Its so fragrant. " "Happy mother mothers day," Mama laughed and said, "my daughter grows up and will be considerate of my parents." I laughed and I couldnt wait for my mother to taste the food I made.

  At the entrance of my mother, she frowned and then cried again. I was anxious to say, "Mom, is it hard to eat my food, mom, you dont cry, Im sorry," mother said, "its delicious, mom is moving, happy crying." I put my heart down and ate it. I just threw it out of my mouth and said, "this is what people eat. Some are too sweet, some too salty, "mother said," this dish is the most delicious meal I have ever eaten in my life. "I held my mother and said," Mom, no matter what happened, I still love you. "

  Mothers embrace is our harbor of refuge. There is a mothers place to have a family. I wish all mothers in the world happy holidays!





  母亲节的英语作文 篇9


  Today, I picked up a card and made a greeting card to surprise my mother. You must ask: what do you do with greeting cards? I tell you: today is mothers day.


  I thought about it. What shape should I make? Love? Rectangle? Square? No, its too common. I came up with an idea: make a "laptop" shape.


  I put the paper jam on the paper, unfold it again, draw a lot of buttons on one side, and then draw two magnets, so its not easy to open it. The hardest thing to do is "screen": you have to write and draw on it. It took nine cows and two tigers to finish. Thank you, mom, for giving me life. On this special day, may mom be healthy and happy! Mom cheerfully praised me for my understanding.


  In the future, I will do more for my mother to make her happy and healthy every day.

  母亲节的英语作文 篇10

  Tomorrow is the annual mothers day, every year the second week of may. Now think of the original is so selfless mother. She always have given us the best of things, she would rather have their hard bitter child, she is in the planning for the future of children, there is such a selfless man?

  Mother always help when I am in trouble, always bring comfort, when I sad always selfless dedication and you planned to. If I had to use one word to describe the mother that I would say: "the selfless dedication, you planned to." So later in dispute with my mother must be more considerate of mom, dont let them sad.

  A few times, I do not pay attention to health, only in a hurry. Later, mother behind have been help me to tidy up, when I think of it, always very grateful to her. Mom: thank you, is your selfless feeding me, thank you!

  Later I wish you smooth sailing, all the best!





  母亲节的英语作文 篇11

  My mother is very busy at work, but my mother is very concerned about me. My mother took me to my friends in my spare time to let me know many manners. When I was a child, my mother taught me how to manage money by visiting the bank with lucky money. Since I was a little girl, I have been developing my independence and doing things by myself, so now I have strong independence. My mother is trained so that I can lay a good foundation in the future. I want to thank my mother very much.

  Today is the two week of May, that is, mothers day. The weather is fine, but there is not a touch of hot sunshine. The cool wind is blowing on the face and feels a bit cold.

  In the morning, since mother didnt know that today is mothers day, then I would give her a surprise. I thought to the right, after a morning effort, I finally decided to send a beautiful flower and a beautiful greeting card. After I decided, I would "start". First, I put the beautiful flowers on the beautiful wrapping paper. Then, I picked up some blessings about mothers day in the book, and then I copied the card and then put it on the card. The cards and flowers were placed at the table. At night mother suddenly found a beautiful bunch of flowers and a beautiful card on the table. Mother knew it was I sent it. Mother was happy, and I said to my mother, "Happy Mothers day." Mother laughed happily.

  I also wish the mother of the world: "Happy Mothers Day!"



  早上,既然妈妈不知道今天是母亲节,那就瞒着她,我就给妈妈一个惊喜吧!我左思右想,我经过一个早上的努力终于决定了,就送一束美丽的花和一份精美的贺卡,决定后,我便“动工”了,首先,我把卖好的花包上了精美的包装纸,然后,我又在书上摘抄了一些关于母亲节的祝福语,抄贺卡上,再把贺卡和鲜花放在了桌边, 晚上妈妈突然发现桌子上有一束美丽的花和一份精美的贺卡,妈妈一看就知道是我送的,妈妈很高兴,我对妈妈说:“妈妈母亲节快乐。”妈妈开心地笑了。


  母亲节的英语作文 篇12

  The mother line, wandering clothing leaving thick seam, Italy to the fear of delay who grass-inch heart, reported in the apartments?" The famous Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiaos several lines, lively and vivid expression of the mothers deep affection and gratitude to their mother.


  Mother love is great, the love of my mother s meticulous mother not only in the everywhere in the life care, often inquire after sb.s life, still learning encouragement, be good at giving systematic guidance mother usually tells me, great and little famous scientists study hard story, teach me to want to be example with them, learn from them, to do a a diligent, civilized, polite good all-round development of children a mother to me like the spring sunshine brings me warmth as in reading daughter, I always warn myself to study hard, with excellent results to repay his mother.


  Today is mothers day, it is Sunday, I changed the previous Sunday the habit of sleep, make ones way noiselessly to ground up, took out two eggs from the refrigerator, and then imitate the grandmother usually boiled method, in the pot with water, lit the gas stove after the water is boiled in boiling water, to beat two eggs, not while the two white oval eggs in a pot in the formation of a I turn off the gas, from the cabinet took out two bowls, each bowl with each containing an egg, a bowl for the grandmother, a bowl to the mother.


  When my mother took me on the egg, excitedly asked me:" how do you think of this to my eggs?" I smiled and said to her mother:" your grandmother and prepare breakfast for me, today is mothers day, I think I made a breakfast as a mothers Day gift for you!" Listen to me, my mother hugged me and said: " you are a good boy!" My mother and I tightly hold together, my heart welled up in a warm heat flux.


  母亲节的英语作文 篇13


  In my memory, my mother is a busy person, busy all day long, these things include her love for the whole family.


  My mother always takes care of my family in an orderly way. Everyone who comes to my house will give her a thumbs up and say that she is hardworking and capable. Sometimes, when Dad encounters some problems, mom will help to solve them together. However, my mother put most of her energy on me. In study, she is very strict with me, but in life, she is a gentle mother.


  I remember that one winter, I had a cold and my head hurt a little. I didnt tell my mother that I still insisted on doing my homework. I thought it would be better later. When my mother finished my homework and asked me to eat, I found that I couldnt get up all over and my head hurt more. Then I told my mother. As soon as Mom heard this, she was in a hurry to put down her work and take my temperature. "Wow, 39 ° C, why didnt you tell me earlier?" My mother was so sad that she cried and hurried to the drugstore to buy medicine for me. I still remember how my mother looked when she came back. It was very cold, but there were layers of sweat on her head, her hands were red by the cold wind, but she didnt care about herself. Without a moments rest, she went straight to the kitchen to cook medicine for me.


  I looked at my mothers back, tears could not help but wet my eyes. In the decoction, my mother also did not forget to take care of me: come to see me later, bring hot boiled water later, and go to see how the medicine is fried later. After the medicine is fried, my mother pours it out and carefully brings it to me. She feeds me and says, "Im really in a hurry. Hurry up and get better!" The taste of traditional Chinese medicine is very strong, but I drink it sweet, just like the taste of my mother.


  My mothers sweat permeates my love for my family. My healthy growth is the result of my mothers sweat irrigation. This sweat is my favorite taste. It makes me feel happy and happy.