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  I live in a family of three. I was the baby at home, apart from the parents of my affection, friendship is valuable to me. From kindergarten to primary school, I was looking for friendship among my little companions, longing for friendship and friendship.


  To win friendship is not an easy task. First of all, we need to have tolerance and broad mind. We should be less careful and less strict with our partners, so that we can tolerate others and live in harmony with others. Secondly; to be modest and prudent, look at other people's strengths, learn the advantages of others, do unto you. Second, be eager to help people, when others have difficulties, as much as you can give help, in the midst of adversity to see the true feeling.


  And the companion of fate in life together, and their separation is the change of life, no matter how the myriads of changes, pay attention to their own learning and self-cultivation, but also a prerequisite for friendship, if I am a man can do nothing, is not a thought connotation, is a honest person, is a blind person. Do the companions still believe you? So they don't even want to be willing, of course, how does friendship talk about it?


  All the past and present say; life is a rare friend. We can see that friendship is as precious as gold. I cherish the friendship I have gained. I should constantly improve myself, seek more friendship and live happily in our big family today.



  There is a feeling in the world that can not be erased, always unforgettable, that is friendship.


  When you are angry, is a friend to accompany you, to make you happy. When you are sad, it is a friend to comfort you and be angry for you. When you feel boredom is, it is the pain and pain of a friend who is playing with you. When you don't have lunch in the spring trip, it's a friend who eats your lunch and is hungry. When you are not good at your homework, a friend helps you. When you are wronged, it is a friend who always stands on your side. When you have an umbrella with you in the present heavy rain, a friend lent you an umbrella, but you are caught in the rain.


  Some rich people will think, "what is a friend?" Money is the most important thing! " If you have a lot of money, but not a friend, what's the use of? A German philosopher once said: "money can not buy three things 1, baby's smile 2, green love 3, permanent youth." You're right! There is a lot of things that money can't buy, if you live only in the view of money. When you are poor, you first thought should be friends and you do not have a friend, then you will know the value of friendship!


  Friendship is not to buy, only you are considerate and generous, it is the greatest wealth! Friendship is more precious than anything, what is worth cherishing than anything, as long as it is to grasp, to pursue. Friendship is no pearl. Jewels are also precious treasures!



  What is the taste of friendship?


  Every time when I am disheartened and lost, it is the sound of a friend's voice and the encouragement of a sentence, which makes me reinvigorate and continue to work hard. The warm and warm words of the silk were introduced into the ears, and the nose was so sour that tears moved down. Oh, it turns out that friendship is sour!


  Every day the work of the study, there are always friends around me and make me smile, cannot stop hanging on the face. The laughter of everyone drove me out of my day, and my heart was as sweet as a drink of honey. Oh, it turns out that friendship is sweet!


  Between friends, inevitably some bumps. Hard to build up the solid friendship, nature will not be a hurdle to this little break, of course, this need is between friends of tolerance and humility. After the peace, the mood is naturally unparalleled. But good before, but I was worried at night. Oh, it turns out that friendship is bitter!


  A few good friends with no words and words can't help saying sarcastic sarcasm with a joke. Not to be "hit" when, laugh, but once "hit", it feels like eating a chili like, crying. Oh, it turns out that friendship is hot.


  Now, I understand that the taste of friendship is sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy. In fact, no matter what it is, it contains one ingredient - sincerity.



  My childhood is happy. I am still in a good time in my childhood. At least, there is a precious friendship there.


  In my first grade, I moved to Tianjin with my mom and dad and studied at an Guang primary school. I was surprised when I came to my class, "this is my class?" This is what I want to get along with every day? " A series of questions emerged in my mind. I am extremely nervous, so that even my hometown where I forgot, cause the students set the whole room roaring with laughter. But you don't have it. You helped me with the lunch box and told me to wash the oil with hot water. At that moment, I really felt how wonderful the friendship was.


  My father and mother are busy working too often to pick me up at school and let me go to your house. Eat at your house and play with your brother. Remember the time when we burn the house before you ant? That's really funny. When we first saw the ants, we were surprised, "how can there be so many ants here?" And then your father took out the lighter and burned the ants.


  With the passage of time, in the fourth grade when we go away, back to your home to school, then all cried, I cried, I'll never see the money, Yu, you have to remember in the light primary school you'll always have your friend, fate goodbye.



  Friendship is a glittering emotional aura of nouns, a people reading carefully, the heart will have a warm air rises, there will be a golden sunlight to the brow, it is a mountain clear brook, the forest is evergreen, is immortal wonderful music notes hit out, it is deep our hearts.


  Youth Friendship, like a green apple, sour and sweet, sweet and sour, whether it is delicious, or to swallow, are worth the extra value, because it is not the meaning of what is not in the The imprint is engraved on my heart., how difficult, but that it is the way to go love gives us the best gift. Only when youth is gone, can we recognize its value. No matter what it brings to you is bitter or sweet, it will become a good memory, so don't throw it away.


  The transfer of friendship is interactive, under the same eaves, there is no non - say, no non - complaint. There will be various misunderstandings in the process of our reunion, but it's just a small spray in the sea. We tried to cherish the friendship around us after many years. After years of thinking, we recall that we once smiled, argued, and still felt warm and moving.


  Without friendship life, not the allure of light, life without friendship, such as a pool of stagnant water, we would like to a sincere friendship collision sparks, let friendship flowers bloom forever in our warm and happy life.



  Zheng Anqi is a good friend of mine. We all have a strong interest in extracurricular reading, and we have made a deep friendship.


  Once I went to her house to play, I saw many extracurricular books on her bookcase, including Green's fairy tales, and the three day's bright, the little prince. It is emphasized on. I was fascinated by the book "give me three days of light" and ran to the living room. Zheng Anqi asked, "if you give me three days of bright light, lend it to me." Efira appeared to be uncertain what side. I feel very uncomfortable: "don't lend it without borrowing!" My words hurt her, and she couldn't help saying, "you don't lend me the books I borrowed from you before, why I want to lend it to you!" I went home with her in a bit of anger.


  On the way, my anger gradually subsided. She wouldn't lend me the book, and I don't have to worry too much about it. I used to make excuses to avoid the book several times before, and I was arguing with her for this little thing.


  The second day of school, I actively apologized to her: "sorry, yesterday is me wrong, I should not quarrel with you for this little thing, please forgive!" We laughed at each other for a moment.


  This thing makes me understand that friends should respect each other and talk with heart and gas to keep a permanent friendship.



  Friendship is like a fountain often through my heart, no matter in life is frustrated, or proud, I always used at leisure spoon in your mouth, the taste of friendship, a moist, that a chilly, that kind of sweet, in the heart the more roundabout, chewing, lingering charm.


  Often on the road, friendship is a ray of sunshine, often sprinkled on my way, although the road is rough, but the road is always beautiful and good. At every post, I have a nap. I don't forget to pick up some sunshine on my body. Every time I start again, there is a kind of warmth, there is a kind of warmth, there is a kind of inspiration, often does not come to name, it seems that all over the body has been injected into a strength.


  When it comes to harvest, friendship becomes a alarm. I was lucky enough to pick up a lot of fruits of labor, and I want to share a little with friendship. Friendship only accepts a little heart and tells us to earn conscience money forever. The alarm on the way, my heart is always kind, if not stop surging, so my heart is always peace and freedom.


  Friendship is a whip, often whip me, so I did not slack. Sometimes the ring whip in the body, no feelings, no scruples, heartache does not say, even the skin has been opened. But the pain that I ran faster, that runs the pain will be reduced or disappeared, a slight pause, then the pain. So, I was in pain, moving forward, and happy.


  What is friendship? Most of the time is inadvertently a word of encouragement, a faithful advice, a family care, a loving greeting, a friendly smile, a cup of tea to warm people. These friendships are I have piled up into the sea, has become the inexhaustible wealth. Thank you for friendship! You are a priceless, even can't abandon the punishment by hacking process, longitudinal.


  Accompanied by friendship, I learned to swim in the vast sea of human beings, learned how to fight, learned to live and live, know how to behave and do things. I know why I feel grateful and why I often feel touched in the dust.


  Unforgettable friendship, my heart has been suddenly.



  Do you believe in true friendship? In spite of this, I believe.


  Once, she and I were the best friends, I was her, and she was me. Follow like a shadow。


  Once, I was one of the first class students in the class. She had fallen with her, because she was my best friend, and I had no regrets.


  Once, I lost my hand. I misunderstood only because she was with her, because she was my best friend.


  But since my parents found my grades down, they began to oppose me and her, and I was rebellious, but it didn't help. She left me. I regret, why do I no longer do some effort, maybe, can save this temporary friendship.


  After that, I became the good student of the first class. First, it was all the first trouble. I lost her, and she didn't take care of me any more.


  The time of the hourglass, I can not crush it, a flash, we are not a pupil.


  It changed, and everything changed. Without the naive innocence of that time, everything went bad, and I began to become melancholy and began to lament the boredom of life.


  Once, a sunset in the evening, we met again, she gave me a piece of paper:


  You really are my best friend, in the days together, I am open, happy. I left you, because - I don't want to be tired of you...


  Who is silly, I always think so, but at the moment, my tears.


  Once, we were the happiest together! I have no regrets!