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  Many people have to work (1)______. Some people do not mind, others think it is terrible.


  One man thinks that working at the weekends can be (2)______. He is George Smith. Mr Smith works in an office, in Brighton, England.

  On Saturday, May 24, 1986, he went to the office to do some work. After he (3)_______ the lift, it stopped between floors. Mr Smith could not get out of the lift. He began to shout, but (4)______ heard him. Then Mr Smith remembered that it was a holiday in England. No one was going to come to work (5)______ Tuesday.

  There was (6)______ for Mr Smith to do. He had to wait until one of his workmates came to work and found him. With nothing to (7)______, Mr Smith was very hungry and had to sleep most of the time.

  Early on Tuesday morning, one of his workmates came into work and found the lift (8)____. When the lift was opened, Mr Smith came out cold, weak, and tired. He had been in the lift for (9)______ hours!

  Now Mr Smith says, "I only use the lift if they have (10)____ in them."

  ( )1. A. from Monday to FridayB. at the weekendsC. on weekdaysD. from morning till night

  ( )2. A. dangerous B. happy C. angry D. free

  ( )3. A. got off B. got into C. got out of D. got to

  ( )4. A. someone B. everyone C. no one D. either

  ( )5. A. on B. to C. from D. until

  ( )6. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything

  ( )7. A. read or write B. eat or drinkC. cook D. know the time

  ( )8. A. was not there B. was not closed C. was not working D. was working

  ( )9. A. nearly 24 B. about 40 C. over 60 D. over 94

  ( )10.A. pans B. beds C. exits D. telephones


  这是一篇记叙文,文章讲的是Mr Smith在周末加班时发生的一件另人感到遗憾的事情。



  3.B.由于是在去上班,所以Mr Smith应该是走进电梯。

  4.C.由于是在周末,其他人都没有上班,所以任凭Mr Smith怎么喊,也不会有人听到的。


  6.A.由于是被关在了电梯里,因此Mr Smith没有别的选择,只有等待。




  10.D. "吃一堑,长一智",Mr Smith由于这一次的教训--无法与外面联络,他以后在乘坐电梯时,肯定是乘带有电话的。


  One day John and Bill were fishing. John took his (1)_____ Black with him on the riverbank. When the dog saw a bird, he would run (2)_____ it and try to (3)_____ it. "All the fish are afraid and (4)_____ away," said Bill. "Be quiet, Black." John shouted at the dog, (5)_____ Black did not listen to him. "Shall we go now, Bill?" asked John, "Next time I shall not bring him here (6)______.

  "Wait," said Bill, "A fish is biting my line." "Be careful!" shouted John. But it was too (7)______. The boy fell into the water. "Help! Help!" Bill shouted. But John couldn't swim, either. (8)_______ Black came out. He jumped into the water and (9)_____ the boy onto the bank and (10)______ his life.

  ( )1. A. fish B. dog C. cat D. friend

  ( )2. A. into B. onto C. away D. after

  ( )3. A. smell B. play C. catch D. shout

  ( )4. A. walk B. swim C. fly D. run

  ( )5. A. and B. or C. but D. so

  ( )6. A. too B. either C. again D. also

  ( )7. A. late B. dangerous C. fast D. safe

  ( )8. A. Right now B. At times C. Since then D. Just then

  ( )9. A. saw B. tried to helpC. pulled D. swam together

  ( )10.A. gave B. made C. came to D. saved







  5.C.根据前面的"John shouted at the dog."和后面的"Black Did not listen to it."可知这里是一个转折含义的句子。因此应该填入but。




  9.C. Black肯定是把Bill拉上岸的。



  When dawn came, they realized that the boat was blocked in ice. The captain had 1_____ asleep but the rest of the crew hurriedly woke him. He took a small axe(斧), and 2_____great care, so as to 3_____ a hole in the ice on the deck(甲板), he began to knock. From time to time a wave burst over the boat and swept over him but he kept working for ten minutes 4_____ the others looked on 5_____. By this time he was 6______ cold that he could no longer trust what he was doing.

  Each member of the crew took it in 7_____ to cut the ice away as long as he could 8_____it.

  First, they had to knock off enough ice to get down on their 9_____. Standing on that rolling deck meant 10_____, because a man who had fallen into the sea could not have been rescued.

  Then the captain discovered that ice was forming inside the cabin(船舱). He called 11_____ one of the crew and together they managed to get the stove alight, hoping that it would 12 _____enough heat to warm the cabin above 13_____ point. Unless the ice in the bottom could be melted enough so that the 14_____ could be raised, they were in 15_____.

  It took an hour's 16_____ before the boat began to float better. But by this time they had succeeded in 17_____ most of the ice.

  Throughout the afternoon, the coating of ice began to build up again 18_____ their work. In the face of this danger, Captain Slater 19______ the crew to clear the ice so that the boat would 20_____ until the next morning. Then they settled down to wait for anther day.

  1.A.gone B. fallen C. become D. grown

  2.A.at B. for C. with D. by

  3.A.make B. drill C. dig D. fill

  4.A.until B. before C. after D. while

  5.A.excitedly B. anxiously C. happily D. strangely

  6.A.too B. so C. as D. very

  7.A.surprise B. time C. trouble D. turn

  8.A.support B. help C. bear D. put up

  9.A.knees B. legs C. feet D. arms

  10.A.life B. pain C. damage D. death

  11.A.to B. on C. up D. at

  12.A.get out B. give off C. get over D. give in

  13.A.boiling B. marking C. freezing D. melting

  14.A.boat B. deck C. sail D. back

  15.A.ruins B. excitement C. danger D. surprise

  16.A.delay B. work C. break D. play

  17.A.piling B. getting C. freezing D. removing

  18.A.whichever B. though C. as long as D. in spite of

  19.A.demanded B. made C. ordered D. agreed

  20.A.sink B. live C. float D. flow




  2、选C。with great care意为"细心地",系固定搭配,在此作状语。

  3、选A。make a hole"弄一个洞",意思较为笼统。drill暗指用钻去钻,dig暗指用锹去挖,而船长用的工具却是斧头,故B、C两个选项应该舍去。




  7、选D。由each member推知,众船员"依次"干了起来。

  8、选C。bear意为"忍受",表明大家在尽全力干,能干多长就干多长。put up后加上with ,也可作"忍受"讲。



  11、选A。call to sb大声叫某人,call on拜访(某人),call up打电话,call at拜访(某地),四个词组中只有call to合乎语境。






  17、选D。remove"去除",等于take away。

  18、选D。in spite of意为"不管、尽管",表示让步关系。

  19、选C。另三个词不能按sb to do。



  As she waited at the edge of the ice for her music to start,. Peggy took a quick look at her father standing nearby with a group of parents and teachers. He smiled at her. Then she 1._____ out at the audience, 2._____ to see her mother. These two, Alvert and Doris Flemint, had 3._____ all the way from California more than 2,000 miles away, to see their 4._____ compete in this sports meet in Cleveland, Ohio.

  The music 5._____ and Peggy moved onto the ice, letting the music 6._____ her along into her turns, and she began skating with much 7._____ in herself. The cold fear she always had in the 8._____ seconds before skating onto the ice was 9._____. She was feeling the movement of the 10._____ and letting it carry her. She skated easily, 11._____ did some jumps, a final turn and her performance was 12._____.

  The crowd loved it and cheered 13._____ she skated off the ice. "Nice job," said one of the other 14._____. It was the remark that 15._____ came after a free-skating performance. But what should the 16._____ say? Standing beside her father, Peggy 17. _____ for the scoring to be finished. On all sides were other young skaters, some waiting 18._____ alone, others with a parent. Shortly before 10 o'clock the results were 19._____. The new United States Women's Figure Skating Champion was Peggy Fleming of Passdena, 20._____.

  1. A. looked B. watched C. found D. stepped

  2. A. failing B. looking forward C. wanting D. hoping

  3. A. bicycled B. driven C. run D. walked

  4. A. friend B. children C. son D. daughter

  5. A. started B. played C. developed D. sang

  6. A. allow B. set out C. carry D. support

  7. A. thought B. belief C. success D. design

  8. A. following B. last C. recent D. past

  9. A. lost B. present C. strong D. gone

  10. A. music B. fear C. ice D. audiences

  11. A. so B. or C. before D. then

  12. A. satisfied B. unsatisfactory C. finished D. welcome

  13. A. because B. until C. before D. as

  14. A. skaters B. parents C. judges D. parents

  15. A. always B. seldom C. again D. hardly

  16. A . players B. audience C. judges D. parents

  17. A. waited B. looked C. wished D. asked

  18 .A. comfortably B. hurriedly C. happily D. anxiously

  19. A. cried out B. let out C. announced D. declared

  20. A. England B. Cleveland C. Ohio D. California




  1、选A。从后面的状语…to see her mother中可以得到启发。

  2、选D。四处张望的目的就是"希望"见到她母亲。want一般没有现在分词形式,look forward to中的to是介词,后面应接名词或动名词,故B、C不能选用。




  6、选C。下文中有and letting it carry her这样类似用法。








  14、选A。the other后总是接同类名词,故此处选skaters。