please protect environmrnt and save wate -英语作文

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As we all know,having a good environment and fresh water is very important to man.We can't live without water and ari.

We live on the earth,under a great deal of harm.Nature's destruction, is the result of our humanity, we readily throw the garbage, air pollution emitted by factories, a serious impact on the environment.The air we absorb the air, is no longer the freshest air .It can no longer afford the damage we give it.We can not protect the envionment?As long as you like,all is not too.

The water we can drink is getting less and less.But some people don't seem to care about it.They waste a lot of water.They pour dirty water into rivers and lakes.Water pollution is getting more and more serious.So we must do something to stop the pollution.We can not only protect the water,but also san find wats to rescue it, Only in this way can we live happily.If we don't save water,the last drop of water will be a tear-drop.So,please savre water .

Your past behavior does not feel guilty it?Let's go to protect environment and save water.

With our love, using our hands, and action to protect our planet. Please everyone, protecting our environment, protect our planet and save water